Saturday , June 9 2018
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Do You Believe In Timeslips?

      We have this special love & hate relationship when it comes to limits but we love to compartmentalize everything so as to make better sense of it all. Scientists claimed that time is unmovable, yet so many people are still open to the idea that time could be …

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One Dream That Changes Their Lives

   Some of the famous figures have quite literally followed their dreams and changed their lives and affect the world. Whether it was Abraham Lincoln seeing his assassination in a dream or Niels Bohr who first conceived the configuration of an atom in his dream, there have been many examples …

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Your Birth Month Can Identify Your Personality

       You may not know it yet but your birth month can give you so much insight into your life and personality. Each birth month has implications for everything from your love life to your job prospects to potential health issues. By learning more about your birth month, you …

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