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2019 World Predictions and what the Future Holds!

2019 World Predictions

Natural Disasters of 2019: Italy: It seems to be a lot of energy in Italy. This can be seen obviously not only with the financial crisis that is going on there, but there are also volcanoes that are stirring and starting to happen now, which we did talk about in …

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Believe it or not: Psychics can predict your marriage!

Those who haven’t already found their soul mates wonder when will they meet the right one. Psychics get asked from clients about love and marriage and about their future soul mates. There are many ways a psychic can predict your romantic relationships and marriage. Psychic readers can describe your future …

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A Psychic Intuitive Predicts the Future

Hello! I’m Valeria Jamison. I’m an author and professional intuitive. I give private psychic readings and offer tools to help everyone develop their own innate psychic abilities. I am a gifted tarot card reader, a gifted intuitive, and I bring my own unique intellectual and academic perspective to intuition training …

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Prediction For 2018 To 2023: Be Prepared

        The year 2017 was marked by a series of seemingly quivering shifts, a lot of which disrupted the status quo. Robert Mugabe’s 37 year (mis)rule of Zimbabwe ended; sexual harassment made headlines globally, and American tax policies were reformed. The war on corruption accelerated, with notable …

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What Has Been Predicted For 2018?

It’s now 2018 and while we have some very cool tech that we take for granted, we’re still waiting on some things that has been predicted. But what did the people of yesteryear imagine 2018 would be like? People of 20th century had a lot of ideas about what the …

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When Destiny Works To Your Advantage

 A lot of us craves for someone who will not just bring us a mere companionship but will encourage us to reach our full potential possible and understand us like no one else. We have faith that our life will become richer and more complete once we find the person who …

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Do You Believe In Timeslips?

      We have this special love & hate relationship when it comes to limits but we love to compartmentalize everything so as to make better sense of it all. Scientists claimed that time is unmovable, yet so many people are still open to the idea that time could be …

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Shocking Prediction For 2017

     As the world goes through a lot of  adjustments and changes, and as we get further into 2017, we are going to see many changes. Here are my latest psychic predictions for June 2017.  Some of the events will be interesting, some will be odd, some will be upsetting, …

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One Dream That Changes Their Lives

   Some of the famous figures have quite literally followed their dreams and changed their lives and affect the world. Whether it was Abraham Lincoln seeing his assassination in a dream or Niels Bohr who first conceived the configuration of an atom in his dream, there have been many examples …

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What Should You Do When Somebody Predicts Your Future?

   All throughout these years, I’ve received a lot of questions from people who wanted to get my thoughts on predictions they’ve been given by different psychics. Some of the common questions are: What do you do if you get a negative prediction? Are predictions absolute or can you change them? …

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