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Aura Readers

Aura Readers

Each and every person has a light that comes out from their bodies and these lights are different colors but only very few people can see these lights.  The lights are called your aura and there are people that are psychics that are aura readers and they can see the lights when no one else can.

Aura is an energy field that gives off colors around a person.  These colors come in layers and they are similar to infrared lights which is heat that comes from the body.

All of the colors in the aura represent something interesting and different.  It can show how someone is feeling and even if they are physically sick.  There is an explanation of each of the colors and they can show a deeper meaning of what is going on in your life.

Each of the colors of the aura have a different meaning behind them and they are not specific for everyone, but they are different for each and every person.


The colors are all representative of different things in their life.  They can mean enlightenment, forgiveness, battle and more.


The color brown shows someone that has a strong opinion about things and someone that is protected from love.


The white color can show harmony and balance in the spirit.


Gray is a color that means neutral and simple.


The red color can mean someone that is unforgiving or romantic.


People that have a blue aura hide their emotions and they are generous people.


Someone that has a purple or violet aura color is someone that is an educator and is gentle.


Someone that has an orange aura is brave and sociable.


A yellow aura means joy and caution.


Someone that has a pink aura is selfless and warm.


A green aura is honest or can mean jealous.


The color of the aura is what makes a person who they are.  This is something that is popular with psychics and many of them will do aura drawings and paintings and they are beautiful when seen through the eyes of others.

The aura reading is something that anyone can get done and this is a way to provide a way to know what you are going through in life.  Just like psychic readings, an aura reading can show if you have intuition and if you are ESP.  They allow you to see things differently from a new perspective.

This can be confused with sensory auras which are people who hallucinate and suffer from headaches but the aura around you is an energy field and is something that is important and can be a gift that is seen through many psychics.  The color of your aura will be an experience that will help you to understand and know what is going on in your life.

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