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Who Will You Marry?

Who Will You Marry?Women are fast to go to a psychic to ask answers for their heart.  This shows that people want to love, and they want their readings based on this.

Love is one of the things that helps to meet a person needs.  They want to be loved and want to love in return.  This is the reason why people seek it.

When people go on dates, sometimes, the dates don’t work.  Some people need to know that they are being loved and they want a psychic that can read their future.

Romance is one of the hardest things to predict when doing a psychic reading because it involves more than one person.

If you ask them if your boyfriend will ask you to marry them then they will not know because they cannot read your boyfriends energies.  Some psychics will get a sense of someone else’s energies in a distance, but this can still be hard.

Psychics can sense positive energies along with negative energies and can sometimes feel if happiness is in the future.  They can feel harmony, love and peace.

Just like other readings, psychics can feel energies that are good and bad, and they believe that reincarnation is part of the spiritual world.

They also feel that souls remain in the world from reincarnated bodies and move from one generation to the next.  They believe that some souls were meant to connect, and this is where soulmates come from.

Most people believe that there is one soulmate for each person, and they should spend the rest of their lives with that one person, but not psychics, they don’t believe this.  They believe that some people are meant to meet up but not stay together.

If you use the concept of reincarnation, some spirits have been brothers and sisters or fathers or daughters and this means that they are meant to meet but not be romantic.  If they did marry, this would be disastrous.

Exact Dates

Predicting times and dates when a person will get married is hard for psychics.  There is not a time frame in the spirit world and sometimes it is hard to communicate exact dates.

We need to consider that our world and the spirit world are not on the same dates and this means calendars do not exist in that world.

Free Will

We also have to remember that there is free will and even if you are meant to be with someone, they have the free will to dictate the relationship and how it will go.


Psychics are useful in love because they can identify if there are blockers in your life that are preventing you from finding love.  They can guide you on how to remove the blockers and become more perceptive.

If you are in a relationship and you have doubts, psychics can help you to figure out what is wrong.  They can help you to understand your boyfriend and see if they are possessive or controlling.

They will not give you exact answers because there might be spirits that are better for you.  They can see a spark in a relationship and can reassure you of something deep inside of you.

Psychics can read your thoughts and what you are sensing and give you reassurance that you need to move forward in a new relationship or if you should leave a marriage or stay in it.

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