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Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flame Connection

People will always have many reasons for wanting to contact their twin flame.  If you are separated form them or you haven’t met them yet, learning how to call your twin flame can help bring them to you.

You will have so much fun contacting each other and using your twin flame connection to connect.  Learning to connect with them will be easy in your mind and you have to unlock your natural power to do this.

The First Time

When you want to connect with someone using your mind or through telepathy, it can be hard since you are not intimate with them yet.  You have to be able to feel their energy to call up on it.

For other connections, this attempt might end but with the twin flame, things are different.  They will share the same energy that you have because they are the other half of your soul.

Contacting Your Separate Twin Flame

When you are separated from your twin flame, you have to practice calling them.  You might be tempted to contact them during separation, but you shouldn’t because this is a time where you and they need to work on yourselves.

Some will contact their twin flame when there is about to be a reunion.


When you want to call your twin flame, you have to prepare yourself mentally.

  1. Prepare the space for your twin flame.  Always make sure you have a comfortable and quiet place to go so that you can burn incense and have crystals laying in the area.
  2. Clear the negative energies.
  3. Enter a state where you can achieve meditation. Sit in a clear area, relax and deep breath.  Wash all of your troubles and negative energies away.
  4. Clear your mind and focus your heart on your twin flame.
  5. Feel their energies.
  6. Send them a message by using your thought and mind. Send them short words and phrases.  Speak your message.
  7. Wait for them to reply to you. Once you have contacted them, all you have to do is wait for them.  The reply might not come right away and your thoughts and actions might seem different than you thought you would feel.

You need to allow your emotions to make you heard by your twin flame.  Do not hide how you are feeling and allow these thoughts and emotions to reach your twin flame.

Give them an opportunity to receive your message and wait for them to come back to you.  Once you have heard from your twin flame, you have made a connection with them that can help you and them to be able to connect in a deeper way.

Remember that your twin flame is the other part of your soul so spill your emotions when you are sending them telepathic messages.

If your twin flame does not answer you right away, be patient and give them time to respond to you.  You will see that it is worth the wait in the end.

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