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Have You Lived a Past Life?

Have You Lived a Past Life?People will disagree that you have lived a past life and many people don’t believe in reincarnation.  This has to do with different religious beliefs, but it is also part of history.

There are different symbols in your dreams that can be signs that you have lived a past life before and you should pay attention to these dreams.

There are other signs that can help signify that you have lived a past life.


If you have dreams that keep coming back or the dreams take the same form, chances are that your soul has lived that life at one point or another.

This can be your mind telling you that you have lived a past life.

Déjà vu

Your soul will take you places that are familiar to you and when you are someplace that you have never been but you feel that you have been there or done that, chances are it is your mind bringing back a memory that you have had.

People that have lived in a past life might live an identical life through déjà vu.

Remember Strange Events

One of the easiest ways to know if you have lived in a past life is by memories.  If you have memories of things that you never did, chances are that you are experiencing a past life memory.


People that have lived a past life are in tune with the future.  If you find that you are able to predict the future, chances are you have a strong foresight.

Foresight can come when you have strong feelings.  You can use your foresight to tell the future and you may be able to recognize things that are about to happen.


Are you afraid of spiders or snakes and you don’t know why?  This can be because of fear from your past life.

Maybe you experienced something traumatic in the past like gotten bit by a snake or died from a spider bite.


Do you get aches and pains for no reason?  Do you have phantom pains that come and then go away?

Maybe in your past life, you had some kind of injury and this injury reoccurs to prove that you have lived in your past life.


When you want to be involved with someone, you might come across your soulmate.  The soulmate is a person that is connected to you and the connection can be from a past life.

If you find your soulmate and you feel that they are different than a stranger, you might have been soulmates in a past life.

A soulmate is a beautiful thing and the universe will bring you together when the time is right.

Old Soul

An old soul is a person that feels wise beyond how old they are.  They feel different than others and they are very mature.  If you were older in your past life, you might be an old soul.  This can be a hard way to connect with people in your time.

Out of Place

If you have ever felt like you didn’t fit in or that you were in the wrong place, chances are its because you are dreaming of being in your past life again.

This doesn’t mean that all lonely people wish to be in their past life but being lonely is a good sign that you have been in a past life and you miss it.


Pay attention to signs to see if you have lived a past life or not.

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