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6 Universal Ways that Block You from Receiving What You Want

6 Universal Ways that Block You from Receiving What You Want

The Rolling Stones sung about how ‘you can’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need.’  For people with a spiritual mindset to religion we must pay heed to this advice.  Often what we think we want is not always beneficial to our soul’s growth.  Therefore, it might take more energy for s to gain these perceived treasures.  Think about your desires objectively.  If you still feel pulled to attain these lofty wants, read the following six tips to help lift energetic blocks that might be preventing you from achieving your heart’s desires.

  1. Your Want is Not Meant for You

If you find yourself routinely being blocked from receiving your desire, you need to consider this is only a wish and not your destiny.  Perhaps this was meant for someone else, and you kept the energy going with only your belief of a favorable outcome.  Consider a dream of a particular job.  You might desire this role, but your spirit knows that assuming this position would prevent you from spending more time with a family member that is about to become ill.  By missing out on this job, you actually are being blessed with more time to create meaningful memories with someone you hold dear.

Sometimes our deepest desires do not in fact benefit our journey for self-growth.

  1. Understanding the Root of your Want

Why do you want something?  Do you understand the purpose that this desire holds?  Often, we do not attend dreams that spring from selfish motivations.  Our desires typically arise from either our “lower” self, (the ego) or our “higher” self (the spirit).

When we are led by our ego, we crave something that we perceive will increase our social status or self-pride.  The ego manipulates us to thinking we are more worthy than someone else or by being seen a certain way will allows us to have more life-satisfaction.

When we are led by our spirit, then the desire is meant to drive our self-empowerment and spiritual growth.  We must be aware that our subconscious mind can create illusions to encourages us to chase a dream as a means to distraction from a more trying opportunity that requires hard work for a longer-lasting bounty.

  1. It’s Not About YOUR Timeline!

You might not be receiving what you want, because energy works on the Universe’s timeline.  For example, if you are waiting to meet your next great love, they might be slow to arrive because they aren’t quite ready for you.  When you both do the hard work, you will meet and enjoy fulfilling love.

As long as you feel guided that your desire stems from you higher self, keep advance your dream.  Although you might need to practice patience the outcome will be worth the wait, and the hard work you are doing in the meantime will benefit your spirit in this lifetime and the next ones.

  1. What Do you Need to Learn?

Perhaps you are not getting what you want, because you still need to master a lesson or two.  Life can be seen as participating in Earth School.  Just like in a classroom, our soul needs to face various tests and lessons to help further us along the path to enlightenment.  Even if we think we are ready for our dream, we still might need to gain additional skills or qualifications.   Take a moment to contemplate what lessons related to your goal you might be omitting or what additional steps you might need to accomplish prior to attain this desire.

  1. Evolution of Self

You might not be at the right phase in your life to manifest your want.  For example, someone who has dreamed their whole life of being a father needs ask themselves what needs to transpire for them to be in the optimal space to provide for a child.  They might need to wait decades before they have the financial resources, a loving partner and stable home for a child to thrive.  Even then waiting might happen because the child’s soul needs to be ready and able to enter the world.

Even you face obstacles, you need to be able to see that even these hardships could be helping you.  Each no, brings you in closer alignment with an ultimate yes.  Being in spiritual alignment helps maintain your energetical vibrations and allows you to be receptive to the best possible opportunity for your spiritual growth.  This big longing might demand you to substantial inner healing.  You might be asked to trust more fully in the universe and its timing.  As you do so, you will shift your frequency for the better and feel more in tune with your physical, mental and spiritual self.

  1. Perseverance

If you aren’t attaining what you crave quickly, your higher self is teaching you the gifts of patience and perseverance.  When you get things quickly, you don’t learn the lesson of hard work and how failure can shape future success.  Being successful after a period of waiting also teaches us to appreciate the gained blessing more.

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