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Developing Intuition

Developing IntuitionIf you have knowledge that seems like an impression or an instinct, this can be intuition.  This is when you feel that you have guidance or something leading you without using your senses of seeing or hearing something.

In the past, people have fought off the idea of having hidden knowledge but now, some believe this is a real gift for them.  Intuition is something that people sometimes shun and feel that it is from the enemy.  Some feel that this is mysterious and strange.

Some assume that God has given special insight to people such as King Solomon who was the wisest king of all the earth.  Some believe that God gave him this special insight to help him to be wiser.

Developing Insight

Some believe that meditation can help to develop insight by giving you a chance to reach deep in your soul and to take time to really focus on what the heart has to say and the wisdom within.

Taking time out of your day to meditate can be a challenge but it can help to calm your mind and to help you be quiet when times are hard.  Sometimes when you are fighting or talking too much then you do not have time to set aside things that have frustrated you or to focus on things that are good like forgiving and positive things.

You need to ask yourself questions and see what step you can take in your free will to increase your insight gift and to figure out what warnings and signs you can feel and have knowledge of.

Always be aware of what is around you and watch the situations that you are in.  This can help you to know how to direct them elsewhere if they are negative or if they are less than truth.

Be gracious and thankful for your gift and always go to sleep thankful and with peace.  Commit to yourself to take time to meditate and to retain what you have learned and what you have learned about yourself.

Benefits of Insight

Insight can help you to be able to get rid of stress by directing your mind to a different direction.  It can help you to be healthy in all aspects of your life including your mind and your body.  This can also help you to get rid of negative emotions and to have more positive thoughts and feelings.

Developing your insight can help you to be stronger and to be pure.  This is a way that we can lean on something besides negative thoughts and be happy with what we have.

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