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Past Life Traumatic Stress Disorder

Past Life Traumatic Stress DisorderMost understand that emotional trauma that remains unhealed can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many experience this disorder. Fewer realize that unhealed trauma from past lives can also affect us through present day fears, panic attacks, and phobias. This is known as past life traumatic stress disorder.

This may sound confusing, but let me explain. Although we can live numerous lives and incarnate as a variety of characters, the same soul remains. Even though we may remember nothing, or very little, the soul does. It stores up unfinished business as you move through lives. Each time someone reincarnates, everything follows. This means if someone dies with emotional wounds, the same will reincarnate into the new life.

Past Life Trauma

Most people will have absolutely no memory of events, especially traumatic ones from past lives. However, this does not prevent the trauma from causing issues in our current lives. This tends to manifest in a way that is related to the original event and triggers past life traumatic stress disorder. This can lead to issues that cause irrational fears, anxiety, or even phobias.

This can show up in different ways for different people, but some examples are shared below:

  • An irrational fear of authority due to severe punishment in a past life.
  • A fear of freedom loss because of being enslaved
  • Public speaking phobia because of being excommunicated in a past life.

If the same trauma type has happened in more than one life, it can be amplified and intensify the disorder. Until we can understand the root cause of the fears, we cannot take control of the triggers.

Traumatic Deaths

Many times, past life traumatic stress disorder is related to how you died traumatically in a past life. Something like being afraid of closed spaced can be related to being crushed or being burned at the stake for being a witch can cause a fear of sharing current gifts with others.

Reenacting Past Life Wounds

When past trauma manifests in the current life, it is not karma related. This is carried through lifetimes to support spiritual evolution and survival. We respond to past wounds by building survival mechanisms, learning to stay away from risks that could lead to similar traumas.

When emotional wounds from the past are healed, we master those virtues and the soul holds to these small victories. This means that every trauma carried through lifetimes serves as a purpose and opportunity to grow.

If we do not heal from these wounds, especially the emotional ones, they will reoccur each lifetime until we obtain that virtue. We have free will to ignore these wounds, but the longer they are ignored, the more intense they may become. This could lead to a crisis in which they must be dealt with in the current life. There is no need to wait for this breaking point.


When thinking about healing past wounds, some prefer to use past life regression under hypnosis to remember the specific trauma. Sometimes, remembering is enough to heal, but often this is just the beginning of the journey. So, if you use a regression therapist, find one who is well trained and can work through multiple issues.

You do not necessarily need to remember your past lives to heal the wounds. Since all the lives are connected through our souls, then healing can occur in the present lifetime and be carried through all lifetimes.

We must start by identifying the wound and addressing the root cause. We must also remember that emotional wounds are not caused by trauma, but by emotional reactions. Emotional wounds are based solely in disempowering beliefs, not the actual trauma. This means there is no quick fix. We must learn to release the negative beliefs.

Live Life

Even if your past life ended traumatically, you are here today which means you have made it through again. The real you has survived to show your power and eternal being that continues on. We are all willing dreamers and in the dream that is life we face challenges, adventure, and triumphs throughout multiple lives. When we do awaken in the afterlife, we are unharmed. This means that the ultimate destination is always successful.

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