How to Protect Your Spiritual Energy

Protect Your Spiritual Energy

When someone is very sensitive, chances are they are an empath.  This means that they will be highly affected by other people’s emotions and the environment that they live in.  Do you have a friend or someone in your family that when they leave it makes you feel tired and you feel drained?  When you are at work and the workday has been stressful, do you feel that you are dragging and stressed?

The great thing is that you can learn to protect your energies.  There are different techniques that you can use to cleanse your energies and to protect yourself from negative energies attaching to you.


When you are around negative energy, you will feel sensitive or tired.  You can protect your energies by telling yourself to love.  Let your mind go to a place where you are focusing on loving other people and you will find that your energy brings about a bright light.

The word love is important and needs to be on your mind and you need to talk about love often.

You can talk about how much love your heart has and how much you love the universe.  When you talk about these things, you will automatically connect with the energies of the universe and you will see that your light is overcoming the darkness inside of yourself.


When you are around people that drain your energies and are always negative, it is easy to feel tired and to feel that you are losing your sense of self.  You need to be balanced and you need to learn to breathe in order to make sure that you are pushing away negative energies.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Breathe deeply and let the air go inside of your mouth and out your nose.
  • Inhale and imagine light filling your body.
  • When you exhale, imagine the negative energies leaving.
  • See the golden light surrounding your whole body.
  • Breathe until you feel that your chakras are centered.

Seal Your Spirit

You must create an imaginary energy field around you so that you can be protected.  This energy field will be like a bubble that is strong and flexible.  This bubble will protect you from negative energies.  You can imagine that the bubble is connected to the universe and that it is filled with white light.  You can change the color of the bubble to pink if you need to feel love or blue if you need to be healed.  If you need energy, fill the bubble with red light.  Be creative in your bubble and imagine anything inside that you need.

Clothing of Protection

Imagine that when you are shopping or wherever you have to go that needs protection that you put on a cloak of protection around your body. This cloak should have a hood that will protect your mind and your body.  Imagine that it is yellow or that it is pink.  It can even be decorated with different colors.


Nature is a vital part of protecting our energies.  Go out into nature when you need to fill your energies.  Connect to the environment and notice that the negative energies are leaving.  Walk outside in the grass barefoot or sit under a tree.

Salt Bath

If you want to get rid of negative energy fast, you can do a salt bath.  Fill the tub with warm water and fill it with Epsom salt.  Sit down and relax into the bath and as you breathe out, imagine the negative energies leaving with the steam of the bath.  This will help to cleanse you and ground you.

Smoky Quartz

Using a smoky quartz crystal will help to get rid of negative energies.  The stone takes the negative energies and removes them and changes them into positive energy.

Not only is the smoky quartz great for getting rid of negative energy, it also can bring you more positive energy and shield you from negative emotions.  You can carry this crystal in your pocket or keep it in a room that you sleep in or go in regularly.  If you need to cleanse the crystal, soak it in salt overnight and let it cleanse it.


You can call on the angel such as Michael to help protect you.  This will give you protection and courage and you can just ask them to protect you.  Ask the spirit guides to shield you and guard you from anything negative that comes your way.

Positive and Negative

Light and darkness are used as part of your energy field and you can learn to energize your area so that it can be positive and bring you strong and happy emotions.  When you are around positive people and environments, you will have more energy and it will allow you to be balanced and to work well to make sure that you are happy in your life.

People use all kinds of different tools and ideas in order to boost their energies and to get rid of stressful situations.  Learn to manage your conflict and to have positive energy so you will be safe and protected from all harm.