11 Traits of Soul Contracts

Traits of Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are agreements you enter into prior to being born.  They help guide your journey on Earth to promote your quest for enlightenment.  Soul contracts are meant for you alone and compromise your experiences on Earth including events and circumstances to promote your self-growth.  However, it is important to note that your spirit always retains the gift of freewill to help you refine your soul’s purpose and path.

  1. You Selected Your Name and Birthdate

The circumstances of your birth are not coincidental.  Prior to reentering Earth, you worked with your Spirit Guides to select the time, place, and date of your birth, as well as your name.  Your name and birth date convey a unique energy signature that helps governs your life course as well as your strengths, personality and opportunities.  You can invest this energy signature more through a personal numerology or natal chart reading.

  1. You Picked Your Family

You might wonder why you feel different than your parents.  However, you worked with your Spirit Guides to identify the family that could best provide you the key lessons you need to take the next steps in your self-growth.  Even abusive or extreme dynamics in a relationship can help to benefit our purpose on the planet.  In previous lives, you may have been a part of the same family, just in a different role.  For example, in a previous life your husband might have been your daughter.  Shifting of relationship dynamics helping to resolve issues in your karma.

  1. Your Soul Family Aids Your Growth

People are a part of your life for a major reason, typical to heal a lingering pain from either this or a previous lifetime.  Your soul family and you agree to your shared experiences in the name of personal growth.  By working together in a lifetime, you all are able to cultivate compassion, forgiveness and positivity.

  1. Events During Your Life Help You Grow

It doesn’t matter if it’s perceived as positive or negative, each event during your life happens in the name of self-growth.  Work to perceive things you endure without judgment such they occur to teach you valuable lessons.

  1. You Have Free Will

Although you enter Earth at a specific time and place with a soul purpose, the Divine gives you gift of free will and choice.  That means while on Earth you have a degree of control on how you want your life to unfold, although your destiny will still be set to promote your quest for enlightenment.

  1. You Choose Your Death

Before you enter Earth, you will have determined the moment and manner of which you die.  You will also have several other opportunities to leave this lifetime that are considered “exit points.”  These moments present you the chance to either stay or leave.  However, once you fully accept the deal you made with the Divine on how you leave Earth, it will give you peace from the anxiety of crossing states of being.  By knowing how you will die, you will have the power to marvel at how your life events reveal themselves to advance your journey towards oneness with the Divine.

  1. You are a Part of a Universal Community

You entered the Earth with the blessings and insights of your spirit guides, angels and other divine forces.  Even during this lifetime, you have access to these celestial beings to help you be successful with your soul contract and life purpose.  As you grow in self-awareness the stronger your ties to your psychic abilities and your divine helpers will be.  You may notice signs more readily, which will make you feel more confident that you are on the best path forward.

  1. You Notice “Coincidences”

As you begin to understand your soul’s purpose you will notice that signs and symbols are sent to you to help you along your journey.  Spirit will send you the best helpers both on Earth and from above at the moments you need them most.  These beings are gifted to you to provide you vital information, aid and encouragement during times of doubt or when you seek greater insight into an issue.

  1. You Can Choose to End a Soul Contract

When your bond no longer is benefiting your quest for enlightenment, you can opt out!  In some case, it is the act of breaking the agreement that helps produce the biggest opportunity for growth.  By leaving the contract the person is able to better understand their place in the world and may help elevate the overall planetary consciousness.

  1. Forgiving Yourself Benefits Your Karma

If you need to cleanse your karma, begin by forgiving yourself.  Repeat the following:

“I forgive anyone who I perceive to have cause me harm in any lifetime, anywhere or on any dimension.  I forgive all debts and release all karma.  I choose to surround myself and all those I encounter in light and love.”

If you are successful in your attempt, you should experience a sense of profound gratitude.  However, be patient if the experience is less than you would imagine.  Forgiveness is a process that is layers and may require more attempts before you feel true peace.

  1. You Can Purge Ancestral Ties

If you are suffering from baggage from your ancestors find a quiet space to contemplate.  State the following out loud:

“I hereby reject any and all binds that I accepted prior to this birth.  As a guardian of my genetic lineage, I release these vows of separation from the Divine for myself and all my ancestors in all our incarnations and across time, space and dimensions.  I request us to be free from negativity, limiting thoughts or actions, genetic limitations, misguided pictures of reality and the illusion of death.  I release all blockages and toxicity now.  I am free.  We are free.  I am divine.  We are one with the Source of light and love.”

Afterward, ask your inner wisdom to fill any lingering voids with love, joy, harmony, prosperity, growth and peace on all levels.  Close b thanking the Divine for allowing you this opportunity to continue your spiritual growth.