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2019 World Predictions and what the Future Holds!

Natural Disasters of 2019:


2019 World PredictionsIt seems to be a lot of energy in Italy. This can be seen obviously not only with the financial crisis that is going on there, but there are also volcanoes that are stirring and starting to happen now, which we did talk about in 2018 predictions. Also, eruptions fires and floods will happen widely in Italy.


In USA, there is going to be another type of Hurricane Katrina, so blessing to everybody over there!

Also, a huge earthquake can be seen going off in Los Angeles, California. So, it will be shake up a fair bit and it hasn’t a big one happened for a long time, so, we will see.


China is also a big one to see this year on all levels! Earthquakes! Landslides! Lots and lots of flooding typhoon. The biggest one is going to be a very long river that goes in China which is going to flood and break the banks taking little communities on sides, so that’s a huge one there!

New Zealand, New Guinea, Japan, and Turkey. All are going to get hit by massive earthquakes in 2019.

World Events:

Russia & Ukraine

There revolution will start up again in Ukraine. There are deficits that still haven’t been paid and Putin is trying to push is way in there and a part of the land will be cut off from Ukraine and be added into Russia.

The Reason that Putin s doing this, is because he wants to make his country bigger physically and financially. He is also worried that Ukraine will join the EU, and anyway, he just wants to have more control.


China is going to have a huge focus in 2019 and 2020. Technology is China is starting to go through the roof and they will grow in strength and particularly it looks like that they will be like technology’s real world leaders.


It looks like that Britain is divorced from EU after Brexit. There will be a kind of political protests and possible riots with the fear of the brexit. Britain is going to become a sub-branch to the EU but without being a part of it!

Politics in Britain are going to sign agreement with the countries of EU without going out completely.


If you are planning to travel to Paris, be aware because a lot of terrorism is going to happen in 2019.

USA & China

USA is going to suffer a little bit, and there is going to be a kind of trade war between China and USA only for this stage, and then eventually they will come back and the situation will be more peaceful again.



Apple is a big one to watch this year! It is going to go through two big areas. They have been doing great and now it’s time to go into digital technology and gaming to a certain degree, but it’s like going to really ramp it up! They are trying to buy Sony or merge with it. So, they can take that the next step forward and go further with their experience.

The second thing for Apple which is huge, is that they are going to be automated cars and their project Titan and they are going up against Google and all that people that are involved in these automated cars projects. This is going to be their next big race.


We know that Zuckerberg is being in a bit of trouble in the courts all over the years. Facebook era is coming o an end, and the reason for that is MOOCs had too many problems, so there will be sever charges against Zuckerberg this May!

However, he is trying to create a new social media project about memories. It’s a kind of new way to share store or access memories. He wants to merge with a big tech giant to get that done. He wants to do that as a back-up plan in case of Facebook went down after the scandal stuff!


The Queen of Britain will get very sick this year and Price Charles will be crowned before she passes away and he will be only a king for a few months because, when she passes it, it will go to Wills.

The princess Megan will have a boy this 2019. We all know that she was pregnant when she was married, so she is going to have a baby early this year!

Jennifer Lopez

She will get married this year and she will be very happy and possibly, she will have another child, and her mom is going to get quite sick, and there is going to be a rush to the wedding.


Beyonce wants to start doing more humanitarian work. She wants to step out of the shadow Jay -z and she wants to be known for a queen on her own merits and not through music.

The last one is going to be a famous singer that will be found passed away in a bathroom and possibly in a motel!

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