Who Are Your Ancestor Guides?

Ancestor Guides

Knowing where you’ve come from is very important for your life. As you go through your life, through school and into your future, you will lose people that you love. This could be an aunt, uncle, or a grandparent.

As you connect with these people in your life, losing them can be hurtful but the truth is that when they pass on, you can connect with their spirit. This means that you are able to work on your spiritual self and you can make deeper connections with your ancestral guides. You might not know how to really reach out to these guides but as you use your intuition to guide you, you will see that these guides are there for a purpose and that they will help you to find out who you really are.

Working on yourself and allowing yourself to reach your highest goals might work better if you have your ancestor guides with you. They can help you to face things that you have inside of you such as fear or shame.

No matter what generation you fall into, you can start connecting with your ancestors. Some of you might have people that have immigrated to the United States which allowed you to have an American culture, but others might be from different countries and have these ancestral lines.

Honoring your past and the culture that you are from is important and when you trace your roots and find out where you come from, you can honor the places and people that you are part of who you are. You can start by finding out your DNA and your family tree.

Ask your family members or do a DNA test. Ask people in your life to tell you stories of your past and find out what they know.

Talking to Your Ancestral Guides

If you want to connect with your ancestral guides, the best thing that you can do is to talk to them. Don’t be afraid to talk to those that have passed and don’t think that this is crazy because it isn’t. You might be worried that people will call you crazy or that they will think that you have a mental health issue, but the truth is that you can talk to the dead whenever you want.

Talking to the dead is part of feminine energy and it allows you to open up you intuition and to be in control of what you want to do. Those that have passed on aren’t going to hurt you as long as you set boundaries. Connect to those spirits that you know and ask them to guide you and protect you. Talking to guides that are on a high vibration are ones that are your protecting guides such as your spirit guides, angel guide, animal guides and more.

As you connect with your ancestors, you will see that they are there to help you to be strong. Pay attention to your cultural traditions and bring these up when you are reaching out to your guides. Try to practice different traditions that your ancestors practices and this will make your connection stronger.

Ask your family that is alive if there are any rituals that were done or any recipes that they had that their ancestors might have done. Figure out how to complete these things and see if they can fill you with something new.

Try to put yourself in the place of your ancestors and remember where your roots come from. Do new traditions with yourself and with your family to honor them and to show them that you’re thankful for them.

Figure out the places where your ancestors lived and the way that they lived and see if you can use these thing to make your life better.

Living Family

Don’t wait until your family is dead to try and connect with them but talk to those that are living. Find those that are the oldest living members in your family and see what you can find out about their past. This can help you to have a stronger bond with them when they pass on.

Your ancestors might have never met you but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come to you in the spiritual world to see you and speak to you. You didn’t have to have a direct relationship with your ancestor for them to connect with you in the spiritual world but the people that you’ve bonded with on earth can get to know you better.

Ask your family to tell you about their past and about their culture and traditions. Find out the good and the bad and let them help you to understand where you came from and where they came from.

Talking to Your Ancestral Spirit Guides

Talk to your ancestor spirit guides and ask them to come to you. Welcome them into your home by giving them gifts. You can leave their favorite food or quotes that they liked. You can even put these things on an altar. What kind of things did they love? Did they have a special flower or a special stone that they loved? Leave these things out for them.

Meditate before you start talking to your ancestors and then talk to them. Tell them things about you such as your favorite foods, your favorite colors, your favorite television shows, and anything about you that lets you stand out to them. Celebrate their birthdays and special dates that they had.

Ask your intuition to guide you and to help you to speak to those that have been part of your ancestral line. Go to their graves and connect with them in different ways. Set your intentions on what you want to know about them so that they can have an easy way to connect with you.