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Getting Rid of Negativity

Getting Rid of Negativity to Improve Your Magic

People often believe that it is important to not have negative emotions or thinking. Even though it makes sense that you would want people to be positive in their thoughts, getting rid of negativity completely can put you in a trap that you cannot get out of. Sometimes negative thinking can seem to feel good and having angry or negative emotions can manifest in your life and can cause you to feel stronger.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one reason that people say that you need to avoid negative thinking. Since the Law of Attraction says that whatever you put into the universe will come back to you, many believe that if you are living a life with negative thinking that this negativity will come back to you.

If you focus on never having enough money, you will have more financial problems than you started with, according to the Law of Attraction and so it is only feasible that people would try to not be negative in their thinking. Even though getting people to stop thinking negatively can work in some ways, it can also lead to other problems and cause people to become victim blaming and to blame others and the world around them for what goes wrong.

A person that does magic will see that sometimes bad things happen o them. They will have sympathy that they have to face and even though people will talk about them and say that they caused their own heartache. People often suffer from toxic relationships, a cheating spouse, sicknesses, or other kinds of troubles and so it is easy for people to blame them for the problems that they have because they are attracting this kind of negativity in their life. Even if this is true, acting like you are better than someone or blaming them for what goes wrong in their life is a bad thing. Healing can come when people work together in a community to support others and to not make them feel alone. Spiritual communities are not meant to hurt you and not support you but the complete opposite.

When there is negativity in your life, it is not as powerful as emotions and even though it is possible to attract negative things in your life, doing this takes even more focus than bringing positive things in your life. Negative thoughts are not what cause all of your situations that are bad but the fact that you are aware of your negative thoughts can help you to change your mind and your thinking.

Ignoring Problems

People often ignore the fact that communities have problems and the patterns that they have of doing opposite of what they need to do is something that is often seen. When you resist something, it gives that thing energy and so if you are resisting negative thoughts or trying to get rid of them, you can see that this negativity gives the emotions power, but you give it more power when you are trying not to do it. You can add things to the negativity when you are trying to never be negative.

If you are always focusing on not being negative, then you are going to be more negative because this is what is always in your thoughts. You cannot get rid of negative thinking even if you are battling against it. Even if you pretend that the negativity is not there, it is.

Good Things About Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts can make you know how to control your emotions better. This can help you to get rid of things in your energy that is blocking you and it can help you to get what you want.

The negative thoughts that you have can cause your subconscious mind to communicate with your life and try to get you to get rid of things. This means that you are checking yourself and that you are trying to get rid of the problem that will cause you to go down the wrong path if you don’t handle it. The things that happen that cause negative thinking can nag at you until you self-destruct if you choose to ignore it instead of handle it.

You have to think of your negative thinking as a way to work on your inner self. You can journal the things in your life that are negative, and this can help to protect you from going down a worse path. You need to have these thoughts for a reason, and they are there to protect you and to help you to know when you are in danger.

Holding On to Negative Thoughts

When you have negative thoughts, you are able to love who you really are. You can look at what is going on in your life and be more real about who you are and what you feel. You are no longer hiding behind something, but you are taking the things that are negative in your life and accepting them and learning how to turn things around.

If you want to reach your higher self, you have to embrace these negative things in your life that you don’t like and learn to work through them. Use them to help you.

Map of Life

Negative thinking will lead you down the path of becoming a better person. They will help you to work through things that are hard and even thought it can be painful, working through them will actually make your life better. You will be able to see the things in your life that are causing you to feel a certain way and you can get control of your life this way. You want to have a life that means that you are improving, and negative thoughts can give you the right path in front of you and help you to move forward.

Dealing with Negativity

Getting rid of all of your negative thinking is never the right idea. But it is also wrong to think that you can let your negative thinking control your life.

Negative thoughts can come to people, and they can be so strong that they cause people to not be able to be happy. They can lead to depression or mental health issues. This can happen when you ignore your negative thinking, and you never face what the real problem is. Learn to embrace your thoughts and move forward so that you can grow.

Know Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are not who you are. You have to give yourself time to work through things that you are thinking. Learn to pay attention to what is going on in your mind and separate your life from your thoughts and see if it can make you feel better.

Be mindful about what you are thinking. Use mindful thinking and meditation to help you to see when you are dealing with negative things in your life. You need to find somewhere that you can go and be quiet and think about your life and what your mindset is. Whatever thoughts come to you, embrace them, and find out what is causing the thoughts to come.

You don’t have to force the thoughts to come, just focus on what you are feeling while you are being quiet and breathing and when you start, you can do small sessions. Start with just a few minutes each day and the more you do it, you will want to spend more time. As you are able to focus on your thoughts, you can learn to practice letting things go. If you don’t feel that you are good at this practice, keep trying and do it even in small steps.

Know Your Feelings

Even though you have negative thinking, it doesn’t mean that your feelings are true. Your feelings are of course valid because they are yours, but even though they are valid, it doesn’t mean that they are real. No matter what the thoughts are, you need to learn to know that some thoughts are not true, and you need to not give them control over your life.

You might realize that your mind is trying to keep you safe from something by making you anxious but that doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of what is in front of you. Take time to find out what the feeling is and where it is coming from. If you are fearful, figure out why. Once you realize why you feel this way, know that your negative thinking is just trying to keep you safe.

Find Out Your Subconscious Thoughts

Negative thoughts come from your subconscious mind to show you what you are feeling. If you are feeling negative about who you are, your mind will try to help you fix the things that you do not like about yourself so that you don’t have to fear rejection. This shows you that you are threatened by rejection and that you are doing what you can to stop yourself from being in that situation.

Look at things in your life that have made you feel rejected and find out why you are unhappy with these things in your life. Did your parents or your friends reject you? Were you rejected by love?  Look at how you are treated and see if this has something to do with your negative thinking.

Negative thinking will be something that you can use to help you to gain control over your life and to be more confident in who you are. You need to work on yourself and find out what is holding you back as a person.

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