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Wounded Healer

Are You a Wounded Healer?

A wounded healer, as described by Carl Jung, is someone that goes out to help others so that they will feel helped as well. This can include people that seek careers in teaching, writing, in the medical field and more. When you are someone that wants to help others because they are suffering from things in their past, chances are that you have problems in your past that you need healed from.

Here are some of the ways that you might know you are a wounded healer:

  • Giving Advice

When you go to others to give them advice, you might feel that you might feel that you are giving the advice to yourself, allowing yourself to heal along with them.

  • Wanting to Give Help

Chances are that you are someone that has known since you were little that you wanted to help others, and this makes you happy.

  • Fear and Excitement of Work

When you work and do a project, you are fearful people will hate it but at the same time, you are excited by what it means to you.

  • Struggle and Truth

You think that you have to struggle because if you don’t struggle how can you be happy? You feel that suffering makes your mind clearer.

  • Your Work, Your Life

You work hard and sometimes it becomes your life. You know that you have to put up boundaries so that you don’t work constantly.

  • Helping Too Much

You are someone that is always helping others. You will never want someone to work things out for themselves because you want to help them.

  • Criticism Hurts

Maybe you are someone that feels hurt when they are criticized. This can hurt even more than you expect that it should.

  • Thankfulness

You know that the things that you went through are hard, but you are thankful for the lessons that they taught you along the way. You wouldn’t be who you are without the lessons.

  • Working on You

You never stop working on who you are. You want to love others more and be aware of what they need. You want to keep growing and being the best, you can be.

  • Fixing All Things

Chances are that you are someone that wants to fix anything and everything. You are someone that is over-dedicated, and you work too hard. Having a personal life is hard.

  • Working Towards Goals

You are someone that works toward their goals, when you aren’t fixing others. You love others more than yourself, but you still want to be successful in what you do.

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