Make Your Ex Want You Back

Ex Want You Back

It can be hard to go through a breakup but when you breakup and then want to be back together again or think you made a mistake, this can be one of the worst things ever. Breaking up with someone that you care about feels wrong and when you breakup, chances are that you will want them back.

The breakup can be fixed, and you can sometimes manage to get that person back in your life, but this doesn’t always work that way. About 50% of couples that breakup get back together.


You need to start by making sure that you have a strong ego and that you are able to love yourself. If you break up with your partner, you might feel that you aren’t good enough and you might not be able to handle the rejection well.

You might wonder if you are the reason that it ended and if you are even good enough. Your self-esteem might lack, and you might feel that you do everything wrong. This can cause there to be a shield up that causes you not to ever be able to get your ex to come back to you.

This situation can make you doubt your own value and your own importance. You have to make sure that you are healed and that your ego is strong before you even decide to get back with your ex.

This means that you take the thoughts that are negative about who you are, and you make yourself feel good. You learn to love yourself and you get your life back in order. Before you move on, you need to recover your self-esteem.

Don’t Be Desperate

Breakups can make you feel desperate. You might feel that you aren’t in control of anything in your life. You feel that you lost everything, and you don’t know how to be strong.

Losing yourself in a broken relationship can make you feel desperate. You might be desperate to get back with this person and desperate to make them love you again. You have to be strong before you ever decide to get back with someone that you broke up with.

You have to feel secure in yourself and to be more self-confident. Take charge of what is going on and don’t let your emotions be in charge of you. Don’t let your desperation make you choose bad things. Know that this is a game, and you are playing it with your ex.

If you want them back, you can’t let them keep winning and you have to learn to be in control of your life.

They Still Want You

Your ex still wants you. They are showing you that they still care and there is still a chemistry between the two of you. You are attached to them and even if they try to deny it, it is still there.

Maybe they aren’t emotionally available for you, and they are someone that has a hard time expressing their feelings. He might even act like the breakup wasn’t that bad for him or that he doesn’t care if you are with him or not.

This is just an act and even if they are acting distant, this can be a power thing. You have to be in control of what you want and know that they still want you because everyone gets attached. You can’t just care for someone today and not tomorrow.

If your ex wanted you when you were together, they probably want you now, still. You don’t need to make them want you again because they never stopped.

Have Boundaries

If you start back talking to your ex it is important that you set boundaries. You need to make sure that you don’t let your heart get broken again. Take time to get to know each other again and make sure that you set boundaries that make you feel good.

Even if you miss him, that is normal. Don’t give into sex just because you miss him. Make him show you care and love before you ever go back to bed with him. Make him text you and make him have respect for who you are.

Don’t let him cross your boundaries no matter what. You have to respect yourself and if your ex wants you back, he will choose to chase you again. This can be best for you so that you can feel the love he has for you.

Get Them to Come After You

Getting your ex back is easier than it sounds. He is probably already trying to figure out how to get back with you. If he texts you, don’t text him back right away but make him wait.

Know why you broke up in the first place and see if he is going to be willing to invest more in the relationship and give you what you were lacking. If the issues were his, then you need to know what you want and what you don’t want.

Get rid of the things that were stopping you from being together in the first place. Fix the issues that are at hand and find out how to keep him so that you never break up again.

Getting Your Ex Back By Text

Most people that break up end up still talking to each other but just not as much. Most of the time, your ex won’t completely cut you out of their life. Texting is how some keep their connection together and keeps the relationship still there.

If you aren’t coming from a good place when you talk to your ex though, you will see that you will cause them to be more distant from you. Here are some mistakes that people make when trying to get their ex back by text:

They Are Too Pushy

They start being too pushy and they interact with their ex like they are still dating. They send pictures and cute emojis and they use cute nicknames that they call each other. It can be hard to remember that you are broken up when you are always texting your ex, but if your ex isn’t doing it back then you need to back off.

If your ex is giving you the silent treatment when you text them those things, then you are being too much and you are texting too much. Stop acting like you are together through text.

No Contact

Another mistake that people make when they want to get their ex back is not responding to them at all. If your ex-texts you and you don’t respond to them because you feel that you need some space, then this can cause the connection to not be there anymore. It will make your ex feel that you are uninterested in them.

Don’t wait for them to make another move, just interact, and try and be normal and see where things go.

Making Your Ex Want You Back

If you are texting and you want to make your ex want you back, you need to just talk and be flirty, a little. You might want to tell them the things that you have been doing and you might want to see what they have been in to.

At the same time, here and there you can throw in a flirty comment and then you will give them the courage to maybe show you that they still care about you. If the breakup was your fault, then you might need to eventually talk about this, but for now, just let that slide until you see if they are going to want to make things work again.