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Real Spells

Finding Real Spells that Work

It can be difficult to find spells that really work and even though there is a lot of information that you can find online, sometimes being a beginner spellcaster can have a hard time deciding if a spell is real or fake. This can be a problem with new witches and finding a good spell in the world today can be hard. If you are new at spellcasting, you will see that there can be many different fake spells to each one that is real. You can learn to tell the difference as you practice and learn but it can be frustrating to search and search to find a spell.

Some people will not know how to tell if a spell is a good one or not, but you can learn to tell the difference between a real and a fake spell.

Why It is Hard to Tell a Good from a Bad Spell

There are many reasons why it is hard to tell a real spell from a fake spell and this is because there is so much information and books that it is hard to know which ones to believe. There are more websites on the subject than you could ever ready.

Some people have accessed things such as spell books, but the information might not have ever really been written down because people did not want others to know that they are a witch. So, they had spells that worked, and they would teach other witches how to make the spells work but this was normally just other witches in their families.

Most of the spells were changed from generation to generation to make them stronger and more effective and so they always changed as they were passed down.

People now are not able to find this kind of information because it is something that was from long ago and instead, they hope to find something online or in books that is not so confusing and can help them to be good at casting spells.

If you know any witches, you might realize that there is too much information, and it is hard to learn from another witch because they have so much to tell you.

There are a lot of things that a witch will need to learn about witchcraft, but it is not always easy to teach. Some people will teach about herbs, but they don’t remember to teach on what to do if they cannot access that herb or if they cannot reach that energy that they need. They teach you about magic, but they don’t teach you about the ways to take action to make the magic work.

Some will teach you to cat spells, but they don’t teach you to find out if the spell is real or not. It is hard to find out if the spells you are using are real spells if you have never learned how to know the difference between a good and bad spell.

Knowing if the Spell Works

There are different reasons that a spell can and cannot work and it can be something simple to something huge. When you are trying to find a spell that will work, you have to look at all the different things. You have to be able to know the spell and identify things about it in order to know more about it.

You will get the skills of being able to know a good spell and you will not even have to work hard to think it through. You can take steps to evaluate each spell and find out which ones will really work for you.

Setting a Spell Goal

There are boundaries that you need to set when you are doing witchcraft. Witchcraft needs to have a goal with the spell in order to make it work and without the goal, no matter how good you are, it will never work. Magic cannot break the rules of physics, for example. It has to follow the laws of the physical world and you cannot change that.

You cannot change who you are in the physical to something else and you cannot change your eye color because the colors of your eyes has to do with light and you cannot change light.

You can also know that any spell that seems impossible, probably is. Giving a spell to win the lottery is not going to work because the odds are too high against what numbers can be picked.  So, when you choose to do these kinds of spells then you are going to miss it.

You need to find spells that have goals that can really happen. Do you need to have better finances? Find a spell about getting a better job or a raise. Do you want someone to fall in love with you? Find a spell that will bring people into your life.

Do not focus on spells that are impossible and work on ones that have a good goal.

Methods and Techniques

You need to realize that there is a theory behind magic. This is a complex study and not every witch wants to have to deal with this. If you want to just do spells, you may not be interested in this study, but you should stick with spells that have good techniques and methods.

This means that when there is an action for your spell, such as using a candle, then the magic will probably work. A spell that uses glitter does not have a big tradition because glitter is something that is not found in old witch books. A spell that uses herbs on the other hand will probably work because herbs go back for years and years.

There are new forms of casting, but they are not always going to work. If you want a spell that will most likely work, use a method that has been proven by other witches. Find out if the spell that you are using is something that is part of magic. For example, if the spell requires you to burn a picture of someone that you love and you want the relationship to get better, use your intuition to tell you if this makes sense or not. Why would a spell tell you to burn something that you want to be closer to? If the spell doesn’t make sense such as putting the paper in the freezer, then use your logic to find out if the method seems to make sense or not. If it doesn’t, it is probably a fake spell. Look for spells that have a way to connect with a good method.

Fitting Your Style

One thing that most witches do is to find a spell that fits their abilities and the style that they are used to doing. You can be a great spell caster but if you are doing a spell that is against what you are used to doing, chances are it might not work.

A big part of being a witch is that you need to learn what you are good at and what you aren’t good at when you use your energy. People forget that they have their own energy and just like other objects, you have to find the energies that work well with what you are doing. Each person has their own energy, and you need to use this energy to make sure that your energy is working with the ingredients of your spell.

Notice the things that work together when you do a spell that work and the things that don’t work. If you find that some things you use in a spell always fail, do not use that item in any of your spells. You will see as time goes on and you practice that you will know the difference between something that works for you and something that doesn’t.

Most potions have things such as hyssop and if you fail when you use hyssop, know that this is not a spell that is good for you.

When a spell works great for you, find ones that use the same common items and collect as many of the spells that have those items that you can. Each time you do a spell, pull from those that you chose and see them work.

Ingredients and Goals

You need to make sure that your goals align with the spell and what you want. The ingredients should also align with your goal. Figure out what you are wanting your goal to be and then what ingredient you need for the spell.

Sometimes the biggest red flag that you can pay attention to is a spell that doesn’t make sense. A banishing spell that uses lemon for example might make you confused. Often a lemon will symbolize things such as happiness and goodness and if you are banishing someone and you feel good energy, chances are that your spell will not work.

You need to find out what personally associate with you in your life and what you can reference to know if the spell will work for you. You will find that things that do not seem to fit, probably don’t. Always look at a list of things that have worked for you. What ingredients have you used before that worked with your spell? What are magic and non-magic ingredients that you feel work for you?

You also need to know that some ingredients are used for different things. You might find that something like rosemary is used to improve your life and bring peace, but it can also be called for in a spell to help you have an affair with someone. This will not fit together and therefore the ingredient probably doesn’t belong which makes the spell fake.

Make sure that you research each of the ingredients in the spell before you even start so that you can see if the ingredients belong or not.

Reliable Sources

The best way to find a good spell is to find someone that you rely on and trust to give you a spell. You should find a witch that you trust first before you ever go online or look for a spell on your own. Finding reliable sources can save you a lot of time and energy and heartbreak when doing spells.

Someone that is a good witch will teach you what you want to know, and they will tell you where they get their information from. You will know that someone is a real spellcaster by what they are doing. If someone is trying to charge you for spells, know this is probably something fake. There will always be people that are more knowledgeable than you are, and you need to find someone that can help you to be the best you can be.

Make sure that you look at the spells that you want to cast and make sure that you have the right experience to make it happen. If you find that you are not able to make a spell work, do not give up because everyone fails at this sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad witch but that you are still just learning new skills. Spellcasting is a learning process, and it takes time. Learn to be patient with yourself through your journey.

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