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Tarot Predict Death

Can Tarot Predict Death?

Tarot has been around since the 15th century, mostly for fortune telling. Tarot divination has also been a popular choice for predicting the future for everything from world events to romantic meetings and career changes. Some people believe it can also predict things like death and divorce. The question is, can Tarot really predict death?

The simple answer is yes, Tarot can predict many events, including death, but you must remember that a reading is based on interactions of energy and intuition in the current circumstances. This means that future action taken as a response to the reading can change the outcome, including that of death. There are times that death may turn up spontaneously in a Tarot reading, but that does not mean death will happen right away. Keep reading to know what to do and how death related cards can be interpreted if you receive one.

While it is true Tarot cards are able to predict death or other future events, the full truth is more complicated. Indicators of a physical death may show up in a reading, but it does not mean you or someone close to you will die. The cards used to interpret physical death in a reading also have other interpretations depending on the spread being utilized and the skill of the reader. The death card is a card in the Major Arcana deck, but turning the death card rarely has anything to do with a physical death.

The death card is one of the most often misinterpreted and feared cards in a Tarot deck, but this does not have good reasoning behind it. The death card can actually be one of the most positive cards that arises. Usually, the death card symbolically represents transformation or abrupt change. It may also symbolize a need to detach from old actions and beliefs that are no longer serving the greater good. For the most part, the death card has nothing to do with a physical death, but more toward internal changes in the outlook on one’s life and how you respond to the changes that need to be made in bettering yourself.

Cards That Predict Physical Death

Since the death card rarely predicts a physical death, which one does? The 10 of swords is the one Tarot card that is often an indicator of coming physical death, especially when it appears with the tower card. These two cards pulled together tend to be an omen of disaster coming down on the person it is drawn for during a reading. The 10 of swords speaks of tragic loss, painful endings, and deep wounds, but can also be interpreted as betrayal. The tower card is also often associated with physical death, but can also be interpreted differently, even in a positive manner. The tower card can mean a revelation or if drawn inverted, averting disaster.

Not Fixed

It is imperative that when you receive a reading with these cards that even a death, loss, or sudden accident are not fixed. For example, if a plane crash is predicted and a plane trip is avoided, then the prediction will not come to truth. The prediction of death is just a possibility of outcomes based on your future actions. There are many combinations of Tarot cards that can predict death with the right spread and the right person, but those combinations can also be interpreted differently. If you do a reading and receive this combination of cards, look closely to the cards and your life situation they are interpreting to see if there are any other meanings that could be more applicable. There is no combination of Tarot cards is going to cause someone to die, even if physical death is in the cards. There is nothing to say that the events in the cards will come to pass because the future is not set in stone.

Overall, it is best not to look for death predictors in a Tarot spread because it is based on your current state of mind. If you are drawn to worry and death then these cards are more likely to turn up, even if death is no where near. Also remember that a certain combination of cards are not always indicators of physical death because this can cause hysteria. The Tarot’s meaning is flexible and dependent on context and other cards in the spread. Furthermore, it is not advisable to try to predict a death with Tarot since we attract what we seek. If you seek death, it stands to reason you will attract it. The point of Tarot is not to make us fear the future, but be aware of our present circumstances so we can change things if needed. Also keep in mind that death is inevitable and can show up at any time in a reading, especially if it is on the mind of the reader at the time.

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