Are You Getting Monkey Branched?

Monkey Branched

Being in a relationship is important but when someone is monkey branching you, what do you do? The definition of monkey branching is when someone is trying to meet someone new before they break off your relationship.

Here are some signs this is going to happen to you, and you need to get out now:

They Are Being Distant

When you feel that your partner is no longer opening up to you in an emotional way, this can be a problem. Even if you are still being intimate with this person, they will show you that something is wrong when they are talking to you less and less and when they are not being as affectionate as they used to be. They might be looking for someone new.

They Never Have Time

Not having time is a sign that your partner might be cheating on you. They used to spend time taking you out and now it seems like they never want to make time for you. This can be a sign that they are cheating.

The Relationship is Fairly New

When you are in a newer relationship, there is a bigger chances that you are not going to stay in a committed relationship with that person if they are acting strange. Monkey branching normally doesn’t happen when there is a strong bond between partners so if you are in a new relationship, this can happen.

They Dated Many Women

A man that has cheated often or one that is always switching women might be one that will end up hurting you. Pay attention to what they are doing and how they are treating you. See what kind of interest they are showing other people.

They Keep Secrets

If you feel that you are with someone that is always keeping secrets, they might break up with you. They might be having another relationship while they are with you. When they aren’t able to talk to you or to tell you things, they are probably playing with your emotions.

Begin to Change

Men that are ready to break up with their partner often will go and change their looks. They will do a self-improvement of getting a new do or starting to dress differently. They might do this because they are thinking of dating someone else.

They Flirt with Others

You might have a partner that is always flirting with women around you without thinking of your feelings. If they become overly talkative or they are crossing boundaries when they flirt, this can be a problem.


Making new friends is a good thing but not when the friends that your partner has seems to be more intimate than he is with you. If he keeps going for new friends, he might be looking for a new romance. See if he is always making friends with the opposite sex.

They Say They Will Break Up with You

One of the signs that you should never ignore is when your partner threatens to breakup with you. Monkey branching is when they are already thinking of breaking up with you and so they are looking at other people that will fill your place.

Notice the signs so that you can be prepared if this is happening to you. This can help you to avoid feeling used or to avoid being lonely after the breakup. When people monkey branch others, they are people that are fearful and insecure and so they never stay with one partner for long.

Even if they think you deserve better, they will probably hurt you in the process of what they are doing. Let them go before they can hurt you.