Why Does Cheating Happen in a Marriage?

Cheating Happen in a Marriage

Can you see a husband and know if they are unhappy, and they might be a cheater? According to a study, 56% of men that have affairs often are in marriages where they are happy. They are happy and they aren’t wanting to get out of the relationship, but they still seem to want to cheat and be with other women. Here are some myths that people say about cheating:

Men Cheat but Still Love Their Wives

When a man cheats on his wife, they haven’t necessarily fallen out of love, they just are not happy in their relationship. A man that cheats will normally cheat after they have had children and already built a life together. Sometimes they feel that there is no romance anymore and instead of saying anything or talking to their spouse, they avoid this, and they go out and have sex with someone else. In order to fix this, make sure that you take time as a couple to talk and to have sex, not just on holidays or days off.

Men Cheat with People they Know

Cheaters most of the time will not cheat with a stranger. They normally will cheat with someone that they know and someone that they have gotten close to. Sometimes women think that when their husbands are cheating that they are cheating with a prostitute or a whore, but the truth is, most of the affairs that men have will start at their workplace. This happens because they get close to these people.

Men Cheat to Make Their Marriage Better

Men will love their wives even if they are cheating but when there is a problem in the relationship, they sometimes don’t know how to fix it. When a man sees a problem and the woman doesn’t try to fix it, the men will go and find someone to sleep with so that they don’t have to face the problems.

Men Hate Themselves When They Cheat

You might think that a man that cheats has no values or morals but this is not true. When a guy cheats, he will often hate himself after he cheats and once, he does this, he feels bad about who he is. He doesn’t want to betray his wife or hurt her.

Cheaters Want More Sex with their Wife After the Affair

When a guy becomes touchy with his wife, it doesn’t mean that his marriage is good. When a man is cheating, he will have a bigger sex drive. His wife is going to be the person that he is the most comfortable with and so sometimes if he has a high sex drive that wasn’t there before, this can mean he is having an affair.

Women Cheat as Much

Women do cheat just like men, but the reasons are different. Women will treat because they need someone that cares about their emotions. Some women will have online affairs because they are getting their emotions taken care of and they are making attachments outside of the marriage.

Wives Know When Their Husbands Cheat

Most of the time a wife will know when their husband is cheating but they will often deny it. They will keep denying it until they have real proof.

Relationships Will Never Work Out During an Affair

When a guy is cheating and he is in the midst of a great affair, his wife will not be able to do anything to get him out of the affair. He will only come back to his wife when he decides that he is done with the other woman. Women those men are sleeping with will often start nagging and acting like the mans wife and he will not like that, and he will go back to his wife when that happens.

Affairs Can Fix Marriages

Sometimes an affair will fix a marriage because it brings a new spark into the relationship. Men will realize that they want to be with their wife and that they can work through their problems after they have an affair.

Sometimes sleeping with someone else will show them that they have little self-control, and they will do what they can to make it up in their marriage.

Husbands Sometimes Miss Their Affairs

Even though a man will cheat and get back with his wife, he will still never forget about the affair. As a matter of fact, he might even miss the affair because he had someone that he had fun with. The sex and the chase were a game and even if he is trying to fix his marriage, he might think of the affair here and there.

He Knows He is Hurting His Wife When He Cheats

A man will know that he will be sacrificing his marriage when he has an affair. He will know that he is a cheater, but he will think that he is being more valued in his affair than at home.

It Is Not the Wife’s Fault He Cheats

When you know that your husband is being unfaithful, it doesn’t mean it is your fault. He is cheating because he chooses to be a cheater. It is not the fault of the wife that the husband is cheating, and this means that there is a disconnect in the relationship.