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A Psychic Intuitive Predicts the Future

Hello! I’m Valeria Jamison. I’m an author and professional intuitive. I give private psychic readings and offer tools to help everyone develop their own innate psychic abilities. I am a gifted tarot card reader, a gifted intuitive, and I bring my own unique intellectual and academic perspective to intuition training and psychic readings.

I sense that an era of accelerated and profound change is upon the world. I urge people to develop and hone the intuitive gifts they were born with so we can better navigate the coming changes.

To help clients find inner guidance, I teach classes in positive psychology, prophecy, tarot, and mindfulness. I’ve worked as a writer, a policy analyst, and a research consultant. I’ve written books on mindfulness and am currently working on a new book on tarot and intuition.

Here are some of the predictions for the future that I made in 2015. Some of them have already come true.

For 2016, I saw lightning over the Capitol in Washington D.C. Divisiveness in the country did, in fact, reach new highs. I saw a dove of peace and a symbol of Venus, which meant women rising. The year ended with a positive feeling.

In 2017, I predicted that an epic storm would blow palm trees sideways and leave many people dead. A series of hurricanes hit the Caribbean that year. Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria that September.

I saw a frog, a symbol associated with the alt-right and the white nationalist movements.

I predicted extreme volatility in the stock market, and I was right—the markets hit new highs. I predicted that gun control and mass shootings would still be an issue. The year saw the largest gun massacre in the history of the U.S. in Las Vegas; there was also a mass shooting at a rural church in Texas.

I predicted rising water in New York City and major flooding at a U.S. airport. I saw rockets fired into the sky. (I thought this signified attempts to stop climate change, but instead it signified increasing conflict in the relationship between North Korea and the United States.

For 2018, I predicted major volatility in the stock market, that it would be like a roller coaster.

I only saw the top half of the Statue of Liberty; it’s not so tall. Lightning struck Europe, a signal of thoughts of war.

I saw handshakes and deals made, with the Capitol in distance. I saw that the Pope was involved, which felt ominous to me. I also saw carbon raining into the oceans.

I sensed a growing political and cultural upheaval around the world as the old way of life fades away and a new way begins emerging like fresh shoots out of the ground.

For 2019-2020, I predict continued volatility in world markets and they’ll spiral downward. I sense trees in trouble. I see the Statue of Liberty as small and distant.

There’s considerable volatility and stress in the financial markets. Spain is in for a major surprise regarding a Bull Fight. There will be new technological discoveries in the field of quantum physics. There will be a tragedy involving a lighthouse in Scotland.

Peace in Middle East will spread, and the United States will be safe from attacks. Everyone is talking about Texas in a negative way. People know that the world will not be able survive if current habits don’t change. New ideas must begin to take shape.

I see people living on the streets. People join stray dogs looking for food in landfills. People are repeating history as they fail to learn from past mistakes. The western part of the United States will be under significant stress due to continuing drought. Beloved exotic animals, such as elephants, continue disappearing. Women are called upon to lead the world out of trouble.

Spring of 2019 will bring bad storms.

For the 2020s, I see Americans increasingly viewing their government as out of touch, decadent, and unresponsive to the struggles of the average American people. It may appear that they already feel like this, but the attitude will grow and reach new heights as the need for government interventions increases, but the response doesn’t come.

In 2021, I see war, like a movie scene. Thousands of soldiers are jammed together. There are hordes of people at borders scrambling to get through. 2022 will bring stress in the Capitol. Politicians are out of touch. There’s widespread drinking, parties, and decadence Tears will be shed everywhere.

Markets will slowly move up in 2023, but not enough as they’d hit bottom. For 2024 I see head-scarved sheikhs unclear about what’s going on. And in 2025, I see crowds of Muslim men, chieftains, and sheikhs concerned and gathering together,  praying, taking a stand, possibly attempting to preserve their right to religion. Meanwhile, the markets have morphed into capitalism’s nervous system.

Europe will be upended in 2026. I see France tilted sideways. A donkey is crying in 2027, signifying a loss of power by the Democratic Party. A scaled fish is hanging upside-down, symbolizing depletion and the end of abundance.

The United States Capitol is tiny in 2028. It’s out-of-touch and has become irrelevant to most Americans. There’s a shift in attention away from the Middle East and Europe and towards the Heartland and Western United States, where the land is parched. Rockets stand at the ready to seed clouds.

People are filling roads, migrating, waiting in line, desperate for food. 2029 brings a concern for animals. Cows need water.

During the 2030s, the sea levels will rise and begin to overwhelm low-lying coastal areas, including New York City. People will have to let go of the old way of life, which emphasized market growth and financial success.

A donkey is sweating bullets, a sign that the Democratic Party is under significant stress by 2030. There are panels of white men talking, but nobody’s listening; they’re irrelevant. Whole forests of trees are dying due to drought and a lack of water.

By 2032, the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol Building, and the donkey (the Democratic Party, of course) have all shrunk. They’ve lost power because nobody cares about them. The Capitol is censored in 2033, possibly signifying a type of quiet revolution.

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is under water in 2034. Stress is coming forth from the land. 2035 brings the presence of bands of young green-dressed men, like Robin Hood, with bows and arrows, and guns raised. By 2037, the Statue of Liberty is under water nearly to her waist.

Fish are swimming past New York City airport signs, which are under water in 2037. Large fish are swimming past submerged cars. 2040 brings drought and floods; a mountain range is revealed at one of the poles. There’s widespread death of the oceans’ fish.

Bands of people and ragged animals are hungry and wandering in 2040, and 2045 will bring massive bird and fish migrations.

In 2060, a raging man with a beard, wearing robes, looms over the Capitol. He brings fire and brimstone down on it. The Capitol burns. Bow hunting has become a necessity for many. And by 2070, the United States Atlantic coast is flooded 25 to 30 miles inland. The Mid Atlantic coast of the United States appears tropical. Palm trees line the coasts far north. Old-fashioned windmills are in widespread use.

By 2100, I project a global average sea level rise of 25 feet, and a 75-foot rise on the East Coast of the United States. Much of Florida will be underwater by then. Miami, Baltimore, Boston, and New York City will be flooded.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Like fresh shoots poking up from the decay, a new green movement will take shape. Life will become more rural, and the race to get ahead financially will finally slow down.

The Great Lakes region will experience an influx of migration. The Democratic Party will finally fade away. A significant number of people will choose to live completely off the grid.

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