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Heal Energy Blocks

Ways to Heal Energy Blocks and Find Success

Energy blocks require healing in order to create success and positivity in our lives. Energy blocks in our body keep us from being as great as we can be in life. Though the civilizations of old understood the importance of energy, frequency, and vibrations, we have largely forgotten them. They were never fully abandoned, for good reason, and they are just now coming slowly back into focus so the ideas are much more common knowledge. When you can understand that everything is made up of energy, you can then understand that everything is able to be manipulated. This is all focused on positive and negative ions, at least scientifically speaking.

Energy can be neither created or destroyed, but it is continuously transferred from one place to another. Our goal is to intercept as much energy as possible so it can be directed toward your goal. Most people label energy as feeling tired or not. This is one definition, but not the only one. Energy powers much more than our get up and go. It drives creativity, happiness, and even ambition. Energy flows to every aspect of our Self and powers the ability to think, act, and feel. When we encounter a problem like low physical energy, lack, or depression, it is happening because we have an energy block that needs cleared so energy can freely flow again.

Many people choose to use the chakra system for energy healing. This is a system that runs throughout your body in whirlpools as it glows throughout. When a chakra is blocked, physical and mental ailments can manifest. There are a total of 114 chakras in the body, but for the sake of simplicity, we will focus on the seven most widely known. These include:

  • Muladhara – the root chakra – associated with instincts and survival at the base of the spine
  • Svadisthana – the sacral chakra – associated with creativity and emotion located in the lower abdomen
  • Manupura – solar plexus – associated with self-worth and confidence located in the upper stomach
  • Anahata – heart chakra – associated with love and happiness located at the heart
  • Visuddha – throat chakra – associated with truth and self-expression located in the throat
  • Anja – third eye – associated with wisdom, intuition, and imagination located in the center of the forehead
  • Sahasrara – crown chakra – associated with spirituality located at the top of the head

If you have an energy block in one of these chakras, then there are several options for healing them. A few of these are shared below.

  • Cleanse/Detox – The world is highly toxic today with harmful chemicals on almost every surface. A cleanse or detox can help with almost any type of blockage, though they work best with nutritional or digestive issues. Then can also help with colds, general illness, and mental blocks. Since the things we contact each day can bring in toxins, we all need the occasional detox to keep things flowing properly.
  • Reiki – This healing technique is utilized by reiki masters to channel healing energy through the body to restore flow. This is wonderful for physical and mental blocks, as well as energy blockages.
  • Meditation – Meditating on your blocks can clear them naturally, as the body was meant to. Focus on one chakra at a time and visualize swirling pools of light that are moving smoothly. Do this with each chakra moving from one to the next. Hold your right hand over each as you meditate and move it in a circular motion to get the energy moving. This helps to keep your actions and thoughts clear for overall health. You can also meditate on a specific ailment that needs cleared in the same way. Meditation can take time, so be patient and practice often.
  • Eat Correctly – Eating correctly is not about following any one specific diet because different things affect different people. Eat healthily and efficiently and figure out what works best for you. Try removing one food group for a week and note how you feel, then add it back and try another to see what is best to limit or avoid. Your perfect diet will be unique to you.
  • Sunlight – Sunlight is a natural healer that clears blocks and recharges energy. Everyone needs sunlight every day. Let in as much natural light as possible if it is too cold to be outdoors.
  • Feng Shui – Feng Shui is the ancient art that arranges things in specific orders and patterns to allow for optimal flow. This is very detailed and intricate and deals with the five elements: water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. Start small with its use and work in a small area that you spend lots of time in while at home.
  • Yoga – Yoga works the muscles and ligaments to help the energy flow. As you strengthen channels through which energy can flow, it will move more efficiently.
  • Unplug – Always being around electronics can mess with natural energy. This can cause disruptions in our body. If we are always plugged in, it can cause constant problems. Take 30 minutes or more each day to get away from technology to help restore your flow. The longer you take, the more benefits you will find.
  • Breathe – Use breathing techniques to take in the energy of the universe and allow it to heal. Deep breathing is simple and can be done anywhere.
  • Mindset – The way we think, act, and speak is related to our energy and what we put into the world. Put out positive into the world and you will receive positive back.
  • Odds and Ends – Use lemon essential oil to improve yourself physically as far as energy, take vitamin C, and burn sage to clear out the negative.

Now you can clear your energy and move forward.

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