2019 Predictions

2019 Predictions

*Wild Stock Market fluctuations are in store.

2019 Predictions*Continued drilling for oil on Sacred Lands in the United States will continue, causing sinkholes and increased activity from volcanoes.  This could be a sign from Mother Earth to stop destroying her resources.

  • Anger and violence will break out at the Mexican/Us Border as a result of over sixty million people fleeing violence in their home countries. These refugees will deplete stores of emergency supplies designated for these purposes. Unfortunately this will affect the most vulnerable, the elderly and children, many of whom are in poor health due to the journey.
  • Work will be done on reducing the National Debt
  • There will be major shifts in the Earth Magnetic Field causing the forces in the magnetic North Pole to shift.
  • There will be a major oil disaster at sea, possibly caused by irresponsible drilling.
  • Snow storms will chill from January to March. There will be an abrupt shift as spring approaches. Wild temperature changes will adversely affect the planet and people.
  • Hurricanes will hit the East and West coasts of the United States due to the warmer ocean temperatures.
  • There will be a big change to Russia and the Ukraine causing the US to intervene. This is linked to the tapping of resources. This disaster will cause a rift in US/Russia relations.
  • A major earthquake is in store for the West Coast from Northern California to Vancouver. This will affect the millions of people along this coastline.
  • Bitcoin value will shift wildly, causing panic.
  • Tesla Motors stock will lose value.
  • There will be rioting in major cities all over the planet as people resist tyranny, the only way they know how, by revolting.
  • Sonic Booms will be heard all over the world as there is a shift in earth’s movement.
  • A Flu Pandemic is predicted for this flu season
  • There will be major UFO activity reported over major cities.
  • There will be major flooding in most of the US coastal cities
  • This coming winter will brink major snowfall all over the world; even in the deserts of the Middle East.
  • Medical discoveries such as the gene that causes MS and the ability to see the nerves in the brain will emerge
  • Chaos will reign when a total Solar Eclipse appears in July of this year.
  • Mass Shootings will continue as people continue to devalue the lives of others.
  • Changes are in store for as people rebuild their homes to be round in structure as response to extreme weathe