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5 Easy Methods to Cleanse Your Aura

5 Easy Methods to Cleanse Your Aura

Does it seem like you are constantly getting sick, feeling irritated or anxious?  Perhaps you are struggling to get restful sleep and you are constantly lethargic during the day.  If this sounds like you, it might be time to clean your aura.

What is an aura

Around every physical body, is a field of energy that serves as a magnet for a person’s emotions, health, energic exchanges.  Because auras pick up all that you experience through a day, let alone longer, it is important to periodic cleanse yourself spiritually.

Impacts on a weakened or stressed aura

Since your aura is drastically influenced by the people and situations you encounter it can easily become negatively impacted.  Consider how much psychic debris can be glommed onto you inadvertently due to other people negative energies or overstimulated locations.  A stressed aura can translate into physical or mental stress, thus causing a person to feel anxious, tired, frustrated or pessimistic.  You also become at greater risk for contracting a cold or other health ailment.  Thankfully, with a bit of patience and training you can clean your aura at home at any time. Having a cleansed aura will bring a more balanced mindset, healthy body and peaceful spirit.

Using a shower or bath to cleansing agent

Notice how much better your spirit can feel after a shower or bath.  Aura cleansing is a more ritualistic practice that involves, salts, essential oils, and sacred herbs to detoxify your energy field.  If you choose to take a bath, after filling the tub, add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood, sage or rose, and add a cup of natural salts.  Feel free to experiment with the mixture of oils you select.  Soak in the tub for at least ten minutes.  Visualize your aura repairing and healing itself.  Allow the negativity to release from your body.  If you chose to take a shower place the oils and salts in a bowl where the water and heat can mix with the ingredients.  After feeling clean.  Let the water release the lingering toxicity from your aura down the drain.  Dry off and rub some coconut oil on your body visualizing a protecting white cone of light enveloping you.  Discard the used herbs and flowers and drain any remaining water mixture.


A quick way to cleanse your aura is by smudge with dried white sage.  This technique uses the smoke from a burning bundle of concentrated herbs and pass it along the outline of your body.  Start with either the head or the feet and work in the reverse direction, ensuring to cover all your limbs, front, sides and back of your body.  You can also choose to use a bundle of thyme or cedar if you prefer.

Get out in the rain

Step outside during a gentle rain.  Close your eyes and let yourself become completely soaks by the water droplets.  Picture all the negativity and toxicity being purge by nature’s moving water.  Avoid any rain that might occur during a thunderstorm.  But you can also choose to go from a swim in a lake, river or ocean for a similar benefit.


Make your wash and dry your hands before performing this cleansing ritual.  Find a quiet private space and picture your aura.  Close your eyes and begin to make comb like motions with your hands around the exterior of your body.  Begin with the top of head and work down to your toes.  Ensure that your aura remains in the forefront of your mind as your comb the entirety of your body.  End by washing and drying your hands to fully rid yourself of the negativity.

Recite mantras and positive affirmations

Find a quiet, private space and envision a white bubble of light surrounding yourself.  Close your eyes and select a chant, mantra or positive affirmation to recite.  Let the message reverbate throughout your body and repeat as many times as you will.  Make a point to do this daily and watch the vast improvements to your energy field and life.

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