A Lightworker’s Revelation About Psychic Intuitive


Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing and mantra, and by various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing.

bigstock-Shout-7566387“The one who screams the loudest is always heard.”

This is an unfortunate truth because what they are screaming is often unfounded and untrue. It is similar to what they say about opinions–just like a-holes–everyone has one. Opinions are fine. They make the world go round. But when entire groups are attacked with unfounded speculations based on one’s unpleasant experiences and unfavorable interactions, that is quite unfair. In fact, that behavior seems unenlightened, judgmental, and down right ignorant if you really think about the implications.

It seems as though everybody has a particularly negative opinion when it comes to psychics.

Let me ask you:

Have you ever met a psychic?

Have you paid a psychic for a reading?

Was any part of your reading correct or did you feel it was all smoke and mirrors?

You may be familiar with the celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne. Sylvia predicted to Larry King that she would die when she was 88. Sylvia died at the age of 77. She was off by 11 years. On the Montel Williams show in 2004, Sylvia Browne told Louwana Miller (the mother of Amanda Berry) that her kidnapped daughter was dead. In 2013, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were rescued from the home of their captor, Ariel Castro, in Cleveland, Ohio. Their escape came after 10 years of captivity. Unfortunately Louwana Miller died in 2006 and never heard the good news concerning her daughter Amanda and the fact that Sylvia Browne’s prediction was wrong.

Because Sylvia was such a high profile psychic, her mistakes added to the propaganda that all psychics are fake and not to be trusted. But how many of Sylvia’s predictions were spot on? We will never know because it seems that all anyone really cared about was focusing on her colossal mistakes.

Let’s say you are ambivalent with your views toward psychics, intuitives and mediums.

The annual psychic fair has come to town. You have been feeling a cloud of negativity looming overhead. You sense that a reading could possibly bring some needed clarity. You attend the expo and search through the 30 or so available psychics at your disposal. You ultimately decide to book a session with an intuitive you have heard a lot of buzz about for years. The line to their booth is quite lengthy. You think that this particular intuitive must be the real deal. You consider the four hour wait will be worth your while.

download (10)You finally receive your turn with this psychic who informs you to hold on and have faith. If you can be patient until your birthday rolls around in eight months, everything in your life will get better. Your health will improve, your relationship with your spouse will shift, and you will come into a significant fortune. They see you traveling by ship. They ask you, “How does that sound?” You respond with, “GREAT!”

The only problem with this scenario is that four months before your birthday, you were diagnosed with cancer. You had a surgery. Developed a life-threatening bacteria. Found out in your time of need that you had no true friends. Not one member of your family lifted a finger to help you in any capacity. Everyone you thought cared about you, that you believed you could count on when the chips were down, suddenly disappeared to parts unknown. Your supposed “support system” went M.I.A. along with your hope.

Would it be reasonable to assume that this chosen psychic got it wrong? Sure that would be a fair statement.

But does that translate to all intuitives are carny sideshow fakes out for the dollar and the hustle? Emphatically NO! It does not.

I have found that the term “psychic” or “intuitive” carries a negative connotation right out of the gate. If you carry this title, you are received with reduced respect, vast amounts of skepticism or you are given absolutely no credibility at all. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been utilizing your gift. There is little consideration given to your accuracy rating. And no one seems to give a flip to the countless number of people you have sincerely helped. All these facts are looked upon as follies of your job description. These diddies are strung together with the endless array of preconceived notions and nouns such as fraud, fakester, liar, carnie, scam artist, hoodooer, and bullshitter.

It seems such a misrepresentation to the long-standing tradition of mystical seeing, hearing and sensing.

It is a very sad reality that many people have deemed themselves something they are not. They portray themselves in carefully constructed packaging with the plan to siphon your pockets. They present false credentials or pad their resumes with incorrect or inflated details. An extremely popular method I have noticed is that these individuals like to associate themselves with the tried and true professionals. They will name drop and connect by association. I trained/studied with/under teacher/guru you-know-who. A two-week vacation to India gets turned into I am an expert in whatever because I absorbed the teaching of master whoever for two years while at the ashram. If I had a nickel for every One bad appletime I heard these fabrications, I would be a wealthy woman.

So, am I acutely aware of how certain individuals have dishonestly crafted an exaggerated or fictitious title in the pursuit of a profession that they see as a way to cushion their bank accounts? Sure I am and so are you.

Unfortunately there has been more than one bad apple to spoil this bunch.

But despite the actions of these fractured souls, you absolutely CANNOT judge an entire group by the misdeeds of one or a few.

And doing so says something about our society. It relays that when something is not of a favorable nature, it is okay to go on a mass witch hunt. It is not acceptable to segregate an entire populous into a proverbial box coined with an unflattering description based on a clouded, pervasive mentality or one’s isolated experience.

Some examples of this judgmental mindset:

Your boyfriend cheats on you with an attractive blonde. Your hurt is transferred to ALL BLONDES. In your mind, all who possess blonde hair are backstabbing, big-boobed barbies with no brains. They should ALL be burned at the stake.

Let’s say you have been considerably unwell for quite awhile. You have seen numerous doctors and had multiple tests. It is determined that you require a surgery. You have the operation. Unfortunately you incur serious complications due to the fact that your surgeon neglectfully forgot to retrieve all his instruments. You were stitched back together with a clamp still remaining within your body. This is confirmed upon x-ray. Are you going to shout it from the rooftops that ALL SURGEONS SUCK? Probably so. But is that an accurate statement? Certainly NOT!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. You decide to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. You are strolling down the street when suddenly your neighbor’s Rottweiler charges at you and takes a couple of bites out of your gluteus maximus. He then retreats back under his fence while you stand there in shock. You attempt to make your way home leaving a blood trail from Rosewood Lane to your doorstep. You call the police and report the attack. You campaign to other neighbors that the beast should be put down. You write letters to your newspaper and contact your local governmental representatives that ALL ROTTWEILERS are an aggressive menace to society. You even go to the lengths of begging congress for legislation claiming that the breed should be banned.

So when you feel that one particular person, place or thing has done you wrong, don’t generalize and throw them into a category. This brings us back to the saying,

“The one who screams the loudest is always heard.”

Even when what they are screaming is unfounded and/or untrue.

They have no research, data or surveys. There is no unequivocal proof to back up their ideology, yet they continue with their absurdities.

I find it a real shame because there are many trustworthy blondes, competent surgeons, friendly rottweilers and extremely gifted psychic intuitives in the world.

images (19)There are lightworkers who have made it their life’s mission to raise the universal vibration, bring awareness to the collective consciousness of mankind, be a shining source for those souls who have lost their way and who help to heal all of God’s creations.

If you are one who is truly passionate about your purpose, like myself, you would be keenly cognizant to the fact that you have given away (gifted) much more than you have collected monetarily. It’s about the message, not the money!!!

It is more than a tad bit disconcerting to know this about yourself and still be confronted daily by the doubting Thomas’ and negative Nancies with their relentless poking questions and requests to prove there is a God.

For me, this is not a deterrent. I will keep doing what I know feels right. I honor my authentic self. I express gratitude for my blessings. I will continue to put it out to the universe that I am here to serve in the highest capacity with the gifts that have been bestowed upon me to help and heal all those I cross paths with, those who seek me out and are in need.