Dealing with Psychic Predictions


free_choiceMost everyone who has gone to a psychic has had situations where a prediction is given that doesn’t unfold in the time-frame predicted. Why is that? Well, the answer is two fold. First, there is something called FREE CHOICE. A psychic can only see a window into the future from the day they do the reading. Anywhere along the way you may make a choice that changes your path; therefore that changes the outcome. You may think the psychic SHOULD know if you are going to change your mind and go in a different direction but that would fall under ‘destiny’ rather than ‘free choice’. That being said, I, for one, can generally pick up when someone is at a crossroads or is indecisive about something or if a change of heart is coming, but free choice is just that – FREE CHOICE. IF a psychic predicts it, then can it be considered free choice?

Psychic predictions are extremely beneficial if they help you to make decisions or give you more confidence in your abilities. A good reader will be able to read your present situation and reassure you by recounting facts from your past that only you could know, gaining your trust in the accuracy of her predictions.

Pick the Right Psychic for You

Check with the reader beforehand what kind of reading he offers. Simply tell him you need to know what to expect in the reading when you book. Most psychics have a website where you can read their bio and learn about their style.


For example, if you are looking for a reading to guide you through a relationship break-up, then you don’t particularly want to contact the spirit of someone who has passed as often the reading tends to be more about that person. You can usually tell simply by reading the psychic’s blurb whether you are going to resonate with him or her.

You might be the kind of person who likes their facts presented straight, or you might prefer a gentler approach. Try to pick a reader who works in your preferred way.

yTkeBkkLcAsking the Right Questions

During your reading, try to interact. Ask questions that will give you good information that you can work with. If the psychic informs you that you will be marrying within the year, for example, but you haven’t even met the man of your dreams yet, ask her to give you some pointers about where you are likely to meet him. If she talks about your career, ask her who is most able to help you progress.

You don’t want to leave the reading with your head full of questions you think you should have asked. It will help if you scribble down your most pressing questions before you meet the psychic. It’s all too easy for them to fly right out of your head during a reading.

Dealing with Catastrophe

We are all bound to face some major life-changing event during our lives. A good psychic will help you deal with the fall-out by giving you a way forward when you are too close to the situation to see it.


All you can see is the Huge Problem, whereas he can show you where to look for the solution. He may also be able to guide you around or away from future trauma. Readings like this can unleash your hidden strength. If the psychic predicts that you will get through this, then by heck, you will get through it.

images (14)Psychic Healing

A good psychic session can heal in many ways. Your psychic can show you that you are a strong, capable person who has temporarily lost self-confidence. They can explain that the decision you think was a bad one will prove to be the best thing you ever did. Many people make the choice to end a toxic relationship after visiting with a psychic. Instead of enduring years of misery, they can take action sooner rather than later.

We often walk around carrying huge burdens of guilt about the past. Maybe we should have been a better parent, or helped someone more, or simply been nicer to a friend. Psychics can often relieve you of guilt by letting you know you did your best at the time. That the other person doesn’t see things the way you do or hold you responsible. That glorious feeling of relief is often the best part of a reading. It gives you freedom from guilt, which is one of the most debilitating emotions.


A psychic can enable physical healing too. She might pick up that you have a health issue you had no idea you had. Early intervention saves so many lives, and if your psychic recommends you see your doctor, then do so. You have nothing to lose.

Embracing Your Talents

A reading can unleash your creativity. When a psychic predicts that you will write a book, sell a painting or triumph in some other creative endeavor, it could give you the impetus to begin treading that path.

Perhaps you had a niggling at the back of your mind for years that you’d like to learn to play a musical instrument? The right word from a psychic could be all you need to take those first faltering steps to realizing your dream of playing before a large audience.


What Will You Do With Those Psychic Predictions?

images (15)Facing down challenges and determining our future is life-enhancing and fulfilling. Using psychic predictions to help make good choices can be extremely empowering. The main thing to know is that you are in charge; you can change your path anytime you want to.

A good psychic will be able to point to your options, reveal your strengths and tell you things about yourself you might have pushed aside. How much you get from the reading is up to you. Are you going to sit around waiting for those happy predictions to materialize? In which case, sometimes they will, but very often they won’t.

Are you willing to take an active role in shaping and creating your future? If your psychic recommended a health check, then go get one. If she talks to you about your soul-mate, you have to be out there to meet him half-way. If she foretells great riches, don’t forget to buy that lottery ticket, because now and then Fate needs a helping hand to bring you your heart’s desire.