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Do Dreams Tell Us About Our Future?

Do Dreams Tell Us About Our Future?

To understand which dreams can help us see our future, we must first separate precognition and physiological content.  Studies have pinpointed how at time dreams may give us an overarching sense of what might occurring in the future, but certain details will change.  Spiritually-minded people believe this is because the future is not concrete, but malleable due to personal free will.

Dreams reveal deep seeded hopes, anxieties, opportunities and roadblocks that may soon appear in your life.  Once you understand your inner world, you can use this knowledge and your free will to chart your course forward.  Be aware that certain long-held beliefs can generate a ‘psychic dream,’ but these dreams are founded on longstanding fears or desires that a certain situation will transpire.  Be able to take a step back, observe and analyze the situation and attitudes that occurred in the dream.  Know that not everything you experience is a prophecy.

Ways to tell if your dream is showing you the future

Trust your gut.  If you rouse from the dream and know this dream pertains to your future, then honor this sensation.  These dreams although feel strange, are seldom frightening or worrisome.  Even a major disaster will be viewed gently or even with a degree of disassociation.

Questions should you ask about a dream

  • How vivid was your dream?
  • Which aspects of the dream require deeper exploration or understanding?
  • Did it include components that have never occurred before?
  • Did you meet a person or a group for the first time?
  • Where there situations you have never previously encountered?
  • Did it contain emotions that were exclusive to your own inner experience?

Example of a Future Dream

Dreams can include odd signs that the sleeping mind registers as a prediction for the future.  William Cavendish-Bentick, the sixth Duke of Portland had a dream that involved aspects of the 1901 coronations of King Edward VII.  In this dream, the Duke saw the royal coach getting stuck in the arch of the Horse Guards.  He awoke disturbed and decreed the arch to be measured.  He recalled being stunned that the arch was almost two feet too low for the coach to clear.  In the years since the last time the royal coach passed through, the road had been raised due to resurfacing work.  Because of his dream, the Duke had the road lowered and the coronation procession went off without a hitch.

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