Empathy and Self-Care

Empathy and Self-Care

An empath is someone that feels the energies of those around them including rooms or places that they visit. They can even feel sickness or depression if someone close to them has these emotions.

Empaths often are neglected and do not take care of their own needs because they are always so giving to others.

Empaths are very sensitive, and they have strong gifts, and they have to learn to care for themselves as much as they are caring for others. This is necessary or the person will become overwhelmed and might even experience their own sicknesses.

The energies of the world around are very strong and an empath can pick up even small changes. Their emotions and the emotions of those around them help them to know what the world is feeling and the people in it.

Being an empath means that the energies often will filter through you and this can cause there to be noise and chaos in the empath’s life.

If someone is arguing or fighting around you or in a crowd and you are an empath, you will feel this pain and dissention. If someone is sick and you are in the same room as they are, you might even get the sick feelings that they experience.

These emotions and feelings can cause an empath to want to withdraw from the world and to hide and be their own person. When you think about energy, you realize that when an empath picks up this energy around them that they are constantly feeling the activity of these energies and they help to shape who that person is.

The thing about an empath though is that they are always dealing with the emotions of others rather they are happy or sad and an empath has to learn to calm their mind chatter. Some of the incoming things that an empath might feel often includes:

  • Lights flashing.
  • Music playing.
  • Flickering visions.
  • Quiet noise.
  • Voices.
  • Whispers.

An empath has to take time to shut the noise down and to care for themselves so that they do not become overwhelmed or upset.

An empath has to use self-care and they can do this by going out in nature for walks, by resting, hiking, doing yoga or meditation or even by talking to a friend.

Empaths often own pets and this is good because a pet can help to ground them and to keep them in line and connected. It is important that an empath connect with the energy of the universe to stay grounded as well.

An empath will need their own space so that they can be strong. They can do things to keep their home in order such as smudging and cleansing and color therapy. There are ways that you can cleanse your home and your body, and this is important to be strong.

One of the most important thing for an empath to do is to set boundaries. If you are vulnerable to the emotions of others, then you have to set boundaries so that you can take care of yourself more than you take care of others.

You will never be able to take care of other people if you are sick or weak. Being strong, grounded, and healthy is a must if you want to use your gift to help you through your journey.