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Finding the One as a Lightworker

Finding the One as a Lightworker

The lightworker, a term commonly used in spiritual circles, has always been around. Though often going by different names, the lightworker exists, often as an empath or star seed.

Lightworker Specialty

Lightworkers are people who are gifted with a highly sensitive soul and often, much better cognitive reasoning than most. They are not here for the same everyday reasons as most. While they may appear in the drudgery of life, their true purpose is serving others, helping them to heal. Lightworkers are endowed with healing abilities. These are shared with others in a selfless attitude. This makes them ideal lovers who will give much more than they receive.

Unfortunately, there has been a growing trend with lightworkers. They are increasingly dissatisfied with their romantic partners, leaving them to seek those with higher abilities. The running theme is that current lightworker partners are spiritually asleep, lacking compassion, like most of humanity. While some will choose to stay, hoping they can help their partner reach enlightenment, others are more often choosing to leave current partners and search for another lightworker.


For those lightworkers that are seeking other lightworkers, there is a story that deserves to be remembered. As the story goes about soulmates, Zeus divided man’s body which then had two heads and eight limbs. This body was two halves of a whole. If this other half is what is needed to complete your jigsaw puzzle then that makes sense. However, we must consider who we are with is that other half. The other half would have grown up differently, learned different ways to love and much more. Though they are not like us, they could still be the other half.


So, the advice is pretty straightforward, learn how to grow together in a relationship. This means learning to appreciate each difference as much as or more than each similarity you share with your partner. Maybe, at the surface level, it does not seem that this person fits with you, but in love, it does not have to be a perfect match as over time the fit will be better. Each relationship is different and unique. People wake up to enlightenment in different ways, circumstances, and at various times. Take the time to allow this to happen and your current partner may be your perfect match.

No relationship is perfect, but lightworkers often feel the imperfections at higher levels. This is normal, but is not a reason to give up on someone you love. Remember, just because you are a lightworker does not mean you are better than others, just different from many. Allow time to help your partner be enlightened. This is a lightworker’s purpose anyway. It may take your partner time, but if you love them, keep at it. If, over time, your partner does not take any steps to enlightenment, then you may walk away, but this is never a decision to take lightly. Relationships are worth working at, especially if the only issue is a lack of higher levels of enlightenment. So, step back and assess before making a decision.

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