Free Will Vs Psychic Predictions


predictions 1Psychic forecasts are significantly affected by our unrestrained choice. Let us discuss some fascinating stuff like predetermination, why a few expectations work out (and others don’t), and why you don’t have to stress over missing a meeting with your perfect partner!

What is Free Will?

Many people think that the future can be predicted with pinpoint precision.  The truth is, it can’t.  The main reason for this is:  We have free will.

Free will is the birthright of every human being on this planet and is defined by as:

“The doctrine that the conduct of human beings expresses personal choice and is not simply determined by physical or divine forces.”

Simply put:  We have choices and all aspects of our lives are not predetermined.  The decisions that we make can affect the outcome of any given situation.

We are all here to have human experiences and evolve our souls.  If we didn’t have free will, we’d all be walking around like puppets on a string with every moment of our lives mapped out for us.  Not only would that be incredibly boring, it would also hamper our ability to experience and learn from all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that life has to offer.

This means that our actions can alter psychic predictions (i.e. change the outcome of what was predicted).

But What About Destiny?

Most people believe in fate.

Many people also believe that we – with the help of our spirit guides – predetermine some aspects of our lives and certain experiences we want to have prior to our incarnation for the reasons of soul growth and karma.  (Not everything is predetermined, but some of the “biggies” – like who we will marry – seem to be).

For instance, we are not born to random people.  We stay within the same soul group for many, many lifetimes and select the parents we are born to.  In fact, our parents agree to be our parents, too!  It’s a soul contract that’s all worked out prior to our incarnation.  This is why when my kids complain that I’m too strict I say, “Well, you picked me!”  🙂

So even when psychic predictions tell you specifics (like how many children you’ll have), free will can determine how and when these predestined events show up in our lives.

predictions 3For example, it’s probably not predetermined that you’re going to meet your soul mate at 3pm on April 15 while waiting in line at The Gap.  That’s really specific.  Plus, what if you get stuck in traffic and never make it to The Gap?

If it’s in your destiny to meet a certain person, rest assured, you will… the universe will make sure of it.  It’s just that it’s not necessarily predetermined how that meeting will occur.


Here’s the most important part to remember about psychic predictions and destiny:

Our free will allows us to choose not to go to The Gap that day, even if our Higher Self and Spirit Guides are nudging us (in the form of intuition) that we should get our butt over to The Gap asap! 

In other words, because we have free will, we might choose to ignore our intuition and not go to The Gap.  We might even choose to ignore Mr. Wonderful if he’s standing right in front of us in line.  Make sense?

Then Why do Some Psychic Predictions Come True?

There are times when things that are foreseen in psychic predictions do come true.

I remember once telling a client that she would get pregnant on her honeymoon and she did.  (Interesting to note that this client hadn’t come to me to inquire about pregnancy.  The information was a “surprise” message during a mediumship reading from her loved one in heaven and I tend to think that there was something predetermined with this situation.)

So how come some psychic predictions come true, while others don’t?  It basically works like this:

An intuitive reader (this includes tarot card readers) can sense what is in your energy fields right now.

They can see where you are heading if you stay on the path you are on.  But remember, you can change that path at any moment.  A friend of mine who used to give prediction readings would tell her clients, “If you don’t like something that you hear, you can change it.

Also keep in mind that other people who are involved in your situation also have free will and their actions can change the outcome, too.

For example, you may ask an intuitive reader if you and your spouse will be getting divorced.  Right now, the reader might be picking up that yes, it feels like a divorce is imminent.

But you or your spouse might decide that you’ve put too much into this marriage to quit – so, the two of you decide to give counseling a shot and end up living happily ever after.

The reading is “valid” (for lack of a better word) right now.

The Best Psychics in the World Got It Wrong

predictions 2While I was a student of mediumship, I had the opportunity to be given readings by some of the most respected and well known intuitive readers in the world.  And I started to notice something interesting:

Almost none of the psychic predictions I was given came true.

In all honesty, the only thing that has come to fruition is that I have become a professional intuitive reader and medium.

Many of these readers were my mentors and I mean no disrespect by saying this.  In fact, I admire these readers and know how gifted they are.  These are the people who gave me readings that were so enlightening, that I was inspired to conduct myself as a professional reader in the same way.

All of my mentors were all able to read my energy with amazing accuracy.   With this, they were able to point out the best paths for me to take in my life that would allow me to stay true to myself.  They helped me explore all of my options, and I gained valuable insight as to why things were happening in my life and how to change things for the better.