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Getting in Touch with Your Dreams

You getting many spiritual insights while you sleep, including visits and messages from deceased love ones.  Sometimes these messages are direct and other times they are more abstract.  During these dreams you might be seeing images so vivid, you feel as if you were actually awake.

When you see this treasured figure standing before you, it is naturally to feel scared or concerned.  Thankfully, this anxiety fades as you realize this spirit is just as vibrant now as they were during their time on Earth, and is sharing love and vital insight with you.

Heed their feedback

Frequently, spirits will visit us in our dreams during times of extreme strife.  Their loving guidance and reassurance can provide much need clarity and context.  A recently passed loved one could be appearing to show you that they are at peace or to comfort you during this time of transition.  Other times, the spirit may be asking you to focus on your inner wisdom to pay attention to something they believe you have overlooked, or to give you additional insight into a problem you are facing.  In dream state, our subconscious is able to take over from the external stimuli we face every day.  This allows spirits to reach us more easily and appear clearer than they would during our day.  Because it requires a lot of energy from spirit, these visits most frequently occur during times of turmoil.

Look for the signs

Dreams give us signs because we are able to more clearly tap into our intuition.  This is especially true during lucid dreams or moments when you find yourself consciously aware of your dreams.  During these times, pay close attention to your surroundings and make mental note to recall these details when you wake-up to ascertain the significance.  You may also notice you can look down upon yourself as you are sleeping, which may feel scary.  Yet, out of body experiences shouldn’t instill fear, and instead regarded as a means to give you new perspective of a situation and opportunity to understand what this may mean.


If you are looking to build connection with your subconscious, journaling is important.  Consider keeping a dream diary next to you bed to jot down as many recollections for a dream as possible so you can reflect on its meaning as needed.  By attention to emerging patterns or themes that can provide insight into your personal life, or situations that are troubling.  Your higher self or your deceased loved one may be urging you to take decisive action!

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