Horrifying death predictions by psychics

Horrifying death predictions by psychics

Readers usually contact me and give me very upsetting information or predictions given to them by a psychic reader or counselor. They think they are going to die and this worries them.  I am here to console them and ease their fears.

We are all going to die and leave the world, I, therefore, don’t believe in curses. Dying is not a great revelation. Nevertheless, what if the psychic reader informs you during a reading that you or someone you love is likely to die in the next 5 years? How will you deal with the information? I would accept that, but I will not be interested to know more about it. I would like to ask a psychic why he feels that it’s fine to predict somebody’s death, I feel it’s very unethical.

Can a psychic predict someone’s death?

It is very unethical to answer this question as I can’t give credit to someone who predicts death.  Hence to answer this question, it would be accurate to predict a terminal illness or a possibility of death occurring. The reader is likely to be 50% right.  Do not believe the predictions easily, regardless of whether they are good or bad. When rejecting or accepting intuitive information, better use discernment. Do not also look for more psychics for confirmation of what you had been told.

Why should you stay away from other psychics?

This is because, during a reading, several intuitive read your energies and vibrations. How you feel during that time. That’s why some readers are professionals at what they do. If you give them ideas, they will use them to predict what’s going on in your life.

How to release fear

I recommend clear visualizations and also EFT which might be a healing approach. My advice to any psychic reading this is, if you see any possible death threat, find a kind way or sharing the information with your client. You can assist your client with kinder ways such as; if you see their health deteriorating, suggest a better diet or let them quit smoking.

Everything intuited should be shared. A sensitive will comprehends well how to reveal something to someone. At times, the only option is to leave things unsaid because you are likely to be wrong.