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How to Receive Angelic Assistance Through Prayer

How to Receive Angelic Assistance Through Prayer

To receive the aid of angels, you need to be okay with not expecting instant miracles.  Angels, just like other spiritual beings work on “divine time,” a complicated process that ensure the best possible outcome arrives to us.  As a result, these requests and assistance take considerable and unpredictable time to arrive.  Before you consider making an angelic request, consider if the request is reasonable and pure of heart.  Are you asking for help to be led to the answer or are you looking to get saved?  Are you doing it for your own good, or trying to manipulate the will of another person?  Angels want to help us, but not do all the hard work!

Angels often bring us opportunities, but it’s up to us to use our resources properly to achieve our goal.  They can find us an ideal mate, but we need to be secure enough as individuals to be a healthy partner.  Angel assistances has limits and we are well served to first see what they are able to provide before we directly ask for aid.  When you do ask, be as specific in the request as possible so the angels can use the best possible tools.

Impact of prayer

Prayer is helpful since it resonates on a unique divine vibration.  Through prayer we gain the attention of angels and the Divine source.  When said in a pure manner, our request can garner all types of benefits.  You may pray during times of immense joy, sadness, confusion or to help others.  When you work as an intermediary for another it curries greater power.  This power can be profoundly healing.  Consider using prayer to help improve the global community, ending aspects like war, disease and injustice, as well as for the people you love.  It can be helpful to adapt the motto: “Let God’s will, not mine, be done.”

Requesting healing or cleansing

During illness, talk to your angels to discover the optimal physician for your needs.  Angels can also help you heal at a spiritual level, and often are already providing that service without you even knowing it!  However, a direct request can produce added benefit from the times they are already at work like when we are sleeping.

Angels are also critical with improving one’s mental and psychological well-being.  Simply asking them about a pressing problem can help generate a lead to a significant answer.  This includes discovering a path forward through something we observe in a book, tv show, movie, song, or “random” interaction.  If you look for the signs, you will discover them almost everywhere!  You may notice a pattern of what you are asking of your angels or spirit guides.  These conversations can help provide peace and clarity.  Assign a period of time during your day for meditation where you can ask them to ease your daily concerns and balance your chakras.  Your God Squad is standing by and ready to assist you at any time.

Almost any need you have can be helped by your angels.  One helpful practice is to request a cord cutting.  This method has angels helping to cut spiritual cords the bind us to other beings.  Angels are multidimensional beings that exist in a vast and higher dimension than ours.  When we need something, they can be the instrument to create that change.  Be open to working on divine time and your opportunities for growth and blessings are limitless!

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