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Increasing Energy Boundaries

Increasing Energy Boundaries

Spirts have endless energies and they can be an invisible force that surrounds you. You are also surrounded by your own energy force, your aura, and it is there to protect you from the energies that you come in contact with.

As a human, we can learn to become aware of the energies that enter our lives and the field of energy from another person. When we feel the energies of others, we can pick up what they are feeling, what kind of things that they wear such as perfume or cologne and even learn to read their thoughts.

People are everywhere and chances are that the spaces around you are usually full of other people and so when you pick up a lot of energies, it is hard to hide from these feelings.

The aura of someone else can make you have strong feelings, and this can happen even when people are not close to each other or if they are just emotionally tied to each other.

Energy is something that is often shared by people and this happens in certain relationships. This can be in friendships, lover relationships, family relationships and more. These are people that we learn to create bonds with, and these energies help us to build new relationships.

Even though we are able to feel the energy of others, having this energy is important if you want to bond with someone. We all have these energies and we are born with these feelings. If you want to know about your soul color or what your aura looks like, you can figure this out once you learn to read your energies.

The energy field that surrounds you is filled with a rainbow of colors. These are all different depending on whose aura you are surrounded by and what kind of energies that you have.

When you need energy healing, this is going to be different. If someone has a full aura or their aura is full of negative things, this can be full of energy that does not belong to them but the energies of others.

The energy that other people live can merge with them and stay with them throughout their day. Sometimes this can happen when you just pass someone and their energy sticks to you.

Most people are able to know when their energy is changing, and this can mean that your boundaries are no longer there.

When someone has too much of someone else’s energy in their aura, this can happen:

  • Their will feel hair on their clothes and will not be comfortable until it is gone.
  • They begin to act like the energies that they picked up, which is generally different than how they normally act.

Everyone needs to have boundaries and when you pick up the natural energy around you, you need to learn to go throughout your day and learn to feel better and to have positive energy.

This will help you to feel better and will let your body and soul relax more. Creating spiritual boundaries is important and when you do this, it can bring you happiness and help you to have a better life.

You deserve to be the best person that you can be, and you can do this when you learn how to handle relationships and understand their meaning and the energy behind them.

There are ways that you can boost your energies and set spiritual boundaries that will help you exist and be happy.

Electronic Time

Spending too much time on electronics can mess up your energy flow. This can cause you to not be able to feel good and drain you.

The energies that you pick up can cause you to lose your own energy and take over your aura field.

When you put boundaries on the time that you are spending on your computer, it will let your energy recharge and will allow yourself to cleanse and to feel better.

Computers and phones need to be turned off at least an hour a day, maybe even a couple times a day if possible. Doing this can let your energy refill and can take away anything negative that has crossed your aura.


When you get a message such as an email or text, do not open it until you have a chance to reply. Do not let the energy of your messages link on to you. Doing this can cause you not to have a chance to recharge.

Take times throughout the day to reply to people and once you close down the messages, do not get back on them until your set time again.

When you open messages and do not reply to them, it can cause your energy to be in this space and to stay. If you have messages that you cannot respond to right away, do not open them.

Take yourself off of mailing lists and groups that cause you to have too many messages to look through. Doing this can help you to set more boundaries and to feel healthier.

Golden Energy

Light is something that can help to heal you, especially golden light. When you feel that you are hurting, learn to meditate and seal your energy field with this light.

Doing this can help to keep negative things at bay and can keep you safe. Imagine a flame that grows brighter each time you breath in. Let the flame wrap around your body and go from your feet to your head.

Once you can imagine this, allow the light to heal you. Do this when you are walking or when you are sitting at home in your own private area.

Your spiritual being will help you to get rid of negative energy if you will let it. When you do this, you will not be affected by what is going on around you and you can stay strong.

Focus on You

You have to take time to focus on yourself. You cannot control what everyone is doing around you and when you focus too much of your time and energy on everyone else, you lose sight of what you need.

Learn to focus your energy on you and to channel your own energy to your spirit. Everyone has their own spirit guides and they can connect to them just the same way that you can.

Even though you have come to the earth to help others, you also have to help yourself and keep yourself healthy or you will not be able to make it through life.

If someone is suffering, try to help them but in the meantime, set your boundaries and do not let their energies destroy you. Sometimes you have to step into the steps of others, but you have to remember that you can always leave their energy just like you go in it.

If you channel their energy, learn to figure out a solution and find a way that you can feel better about yourself and your spirit.

Make changes to better who you are. If you are in the energy of someone else, learn to think on the situation and ask your spirit to keep you safe and to stay with you.

Doing this over time can protect you and help you to communicate with your spirit guides on a regular basis.


Learn to do these things:

  • Spend less time on electronics.
  • Do not open emails until you can answer them.
  • Get golden energy.
  • Focus on your energy field.

If you have lost your energy to others, chances are that you will feel bad and wake up in a bad mood. When this happens, you will take your anger out on people that do not deserve it.

If you said something that does not seem like something that you would say, this could mean you are channeling energies that are not yours and you need to get your own energies back.

These are signs that you are unbalanced and that the energies that you are using are not yours. This happens to all of us and when it does, you have to get this energy out of your space.

When you gather the energies of others, it is not something that can give you energy and it can cause your feelings to become dull and dirty.

When you have boundaries in place, you will feel these things:

  • Happier.
  • Satisfied.
  • Refreshed.
  • Free.
  • Having a good sense of humor.
  • Enjoy activities.
  • Friendly.
  • Happy
  • Compassionate
  • Loving.
  • Feel like your higher being.

When you do these things, you will feel like yourself and you will feel closer to those around you. This is where you can reach your highest self and when you can find your real purpose.

Make sure that you have spiritual boundaries and that you reinforce them, boost them, and use them. They will work and they are there for a reason.

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