Looking through 2017


future    If you can remember,  Just a week before Christmas 2016, was the third continuous year that syndicated newspaper columnist Dorothy Jasko sat in with Chicago Psychic Medium Charles Devine. 2017 will be the first time that Devine’s New Year predictions will be published in her syndicated newspaper column.

The two previous years Ms. Jasko sat in on his sessions and recorded Devine’s predictions that he made while scrying with the Black Mirror. That is the tool that he uses for divination to see into the future for worldly predictions.

Ms. Jasko wanted first to be convinced of Charles Devine’s abilities. She knows her integrity is what she has become known for with the readers of her syndicated column and is the reason why she only has observed the prediction sessions the past two years without writing about them.

The room was set, a Black Mirror sat on a thin table against the one of the long walls in the 12 x 12 foot room, a room where time seemed to stand still. Next, as always, the placement of three chairs with the center chair being directly across from the mirror. Each chair was about three feet from the table that the Black Mirror was standing upright on, seemingly waiting to be used by Charles Devine. Behind the chairs, stood another thin table that the candle sat on and would be to the right of and behind Charles Devine.

Ms. Jasko thought the predictions for the year 2017 should be interesting, with a whole new set of political promises that have been issued just recently by those who won the recent political elections. This is one of the reasons that these 2017 psychic predictions are going to be published. The other reason is that Charles Divine has impressed Ms. Jasko in the past with his results using the black mirror divination tool for looking into the future.

“Ms. Jasko, is there anything else that I can bring you before the session starts?” Steven asked upon entering the room used for the prediction sessions. “No I’m fine, thanks. And please call me Dorothy,” was her only request.

Laughing briefly, Steven responded. “Ms. Jasko, we have had this discussion before. Charles asks that his assistants be formal when addressing his guests, as there are times that he can be spiritually intense and can either sting or charm with his responses, so he figures we need to be nice all the time.”

She planned on including in the article, that Steven has for over twenty-five years been a long time trusted friend of Charles and is about seven years younger than the fifty-eight year old blonde and silver haired Charles. Steven took his spot in the third seat, leaving just the center seat in front of the mirror, unoccupied.

Looking calmly at Ms. Jasko, Steven made the suggestion “Ms. Jasko, would you like for the record, to start your recorder? This way all of what I say is not forgotten and you can if needed, use it for reference on what I said pertaining to what will be going on during the session?”

tranceShe nodded, as Steven has made the same request in the past sessions. She turned on the miniature recording device. “I am here to assist Charles. He starts out with a basic relaxation that he does. He then follows that up with a deep relaxation. Then with the flame reflection on the black mirror, he will go into a self hypnoses type of trance. I will then start asking him questions. The other main reason he has an assistant during these sessions, is that he needs someone to bring him out of his trance do to the fact he goes deep, also to be there for any emergency situations.”

“Would you elaborate on what an emergency situation may be?” Ms. Jasko asked. “I have experienced it once with him, if it happens you will know.”

No sooner were those words said by Steven, Charles Devine walked into the room, stopping at the side of Ms. Jasko, with a happy to see her pleasant smile on his face. Charles put his hand out in an offer to shake her hand, “I am happy you were able to make it Dorothy.”

She stood up to shake his hand. “I wouldn’t miss this session, considering what the new year may bring us.” As she sat back down, she smiled as the look on his face turned to one of concern, now she was sure that this session of New Year predictions would be interesting.

Charles closed the door to the room and then walked behind Ms. Jasko, lit the candle and moved to stand at the side of his middle chair. Steven from his sitting position looked up at Charles and Charles looked down at Steven, as both men knew that this session was not one that they had any interested in seeing what the future was going to bring.

Charles sat down between the two others. He turned his head to the right, looked at Steven and nodded. Knowing what was next, Steven reached out to the light switch on the wall next to him and shut off the overhead light. The only light now in the room, was the strong dancing flame from the candle, that actually did set a nice mood for the session.

Charles turned his head to his left, Dorothy was already looking at him. His blue eyes locked in on her light brown eyes. He asked in a serious tone. “Remember when I ask you this, that your eyes are the pathway to your soul! Are you ready for this session and all that it could reveal?” Looking directly in his eyes, she nodded and said also in a serious tone. “Yes, I am ready and looking forward to it.” With a slight side tilt of his head and just a smirk of a smile, Charles nodded and turned his head to the direction of the black mirror that has been waiting for him.

Steven and Dorothy Jasko were both looking at Charles, as he was going into the stage of deep relaxation. Ms. Jasko was always amazed that one could have such self control. Steven always sat as the trusted guardian during the black mirror prediction sessions. Charles would always tell Steven, “I know for sure when I am in that state, that you are the only one at that moment who I know is mentally sane.”

Charles worked his way through the two stages of his planned relaxation, to get him to the self hypnoses stage. Both Steven and Dorothy Jasko watched Charles’s face, as it is the tell all of where he is at going from the hypnoses into the trance. His eyes tell the story, as his bedroom eyes start changing to eyes wide open intense stare at the black mirror that is reflecting the dancing flame of light. The wide open intense stare is what both individuals where now seeing on Charles face.

Charles leaned forward in his chair as he went deeper in his trance. Steven said with a tone of authority. “Charles you are going deeper and deeper. You soon will be viewing the future by way of your sight in your mind and spirit messages.”

Steven watched the calmness and breathing state that Charles slipped into. We will now start with the questions Charles. Steven leaned back in his chair to look over Charles forward leaning body, to catch Ms. Jasko’s attention. She leaned back and turned her head and smiled as she knew that now it was to begin.

“My voice is the only one you know, trust and will listen to at this moment Charles,” Steven softly commanded. “I will now ask you the questions seeking your predictions based on what you are seeing.”

With a grin that could be heard in Steven’s voice. “What does the future hold for Ms. Dorothy Jasko?” There was a slight movement Steven could hear and then came the clearing of Ms. Jasko’s throat to get Steven’s attention. He leaned back in his chair to look across at her with a smile on his face. “What the hell?” Was the whisper directed at Steven from Ms. Jasko, all he did was smile and went back to looking at Charles.

Charles spoke calmly. “Dorothy, will be given promised ongoing payments to investigate and put in a book form, what is called the ‘Supernatural’. She must be very careful and only trust a few individuals, as she come across those seeking to end the investigation.”

Ms. Jasko raised both of her hands in a silent gesture to show she does not know anything about such a thing. Charles went on. “Ms. Jasko will also travel to uncover what she must be careful of, as it does not want to be made known.” She just stared at Charles, not knowing what to think about what he just predicted.

fieldSteven went on with the questions. “What about the paranormal field?” A few moments of silence went by before a response came from Charles. “There will be headlines about a home burglary ring covering a few states. It will be a small group of white male and female investigators, mostly couples that came together with an idea of being able to get in to both historical building and private homes as paranormal investigators. This allows them all the time they need in both daylight and by night, to record the layout of the buildings and where items of worth are located. They then pass it on to burglars for a fee.” He went on. “This will hurt the paranormal field as a whole.”

A few moments passed. “Our state of Illinois will demand in the near future, that all paranormal investigation team must be registered in the state as one. All members must have a background check done, if the teams investigations will consist of being done in public or private buildings.”

More silent seconds go past and then Charles went on. “Psychics, Mediums, Tarot Readers, Spiritualists and any other person involved in doing Readings or foretelling the future, will have to have a State Police background check done. Does not matter if they do not charge or do charge. Also they will be required to use their legal names when working in the field.”

A deep breath taken by Charles during the silence of a break, then he follows up. “A body of a known person in the paranormal field, will allegedly be found by paranormal investigators in a famous Chicago area cemetery. Unknown as it is not seen, is why it was there or the condition upon finding.”

Steven left a bit of time pass, as the next area of questioning is one that both me do not like doing, as it can be either great or extremely bad.

“Charles, what do you see for our Country?” Upon hearing the question from Steven, Charles looked away in a spit second from the mirror, as trying to avoid what he was seeing, then snapped right back to it, as if it was a magnet that had control of him.

“A Military Draft. Great numbers of military people are being spoken of. Only way to get those numbers is by way of a draft. The change will be with age, as it will start at 18 and go to 54, both men and women.”

Charles started to breathe a little deeper, to go deeper in the trance. “The young ones will be the ones to travel to different countries and be trained to battle. The older generation will stay state side to do what is required to maintain the military on a daily working basis. The National Guard will also consist of a draft, a different type, as gun registrations, gun permits and conceal carry licenses will be the governments source of drafting for the National Guard. The simple excuse that will be used, is – American’s desire to have guns to protect their family and country, we will exercise your desire to do so. Besides the small pay to work the National Guard, the forgiveness of all collage loans will also be made.”

destructCharles started to slowly state his next visions. “I do not like what I see coming, areas of National Parks will be leased out to big oil companies, for drilling and fracking. The excuse stated will be to make America great again, the lands will be leased for big money that will go back to the government to help offset other expenses, along with the promise that nothing will happen to these lands. Gas prices will again raise to above four dollars a gallon. The thought pushed will be, make these big American oil companies even greater, you are making America great again! This is being done at the general public’s expense.”

Ms. Jasko and Steven just stared at Charles as he continued. “Big corporations will come back to our country, with the understanding they will be exempt from paying the minimum wage.  The excuse will be that the corporations value is based on low labor costs. They also will be allowed to bring in immigrants by way of work visas to do the low pay labor. The corporations will build small studio apartments to house the workers. These corporations will be allowed to also build these working compounds on leased Nation Parks lands. Corporations will hold on to their money as much as possible, and not invest it in creating new higher paying jobs.”

Charles seemed to start getting agitated. “Generation X, will not like the fact that the country will not be run as they think it should be. Times have changed with new ways of doing things and Millennials are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences to handling situations will cause changes to the way things used to be. The joke was on the Generation X crowd who thought they were electing those who thought as them. Business people are in charge, they do not hold any compassion for those not known to them on a personal level.”

Charles sat there looking tired. Time passed and Steven took Charles pulse while he stared at the black mirror. All seemed OK. Charles started again. “Medicare is going to change and will be limited on how much a month they will pay to for each individuals, thus hurting those who need it, as the medical field will be able to check on the status of what one has left in Medicare for the month, and will have the option at that time to refuse the patient any service. Americans will be told, this is the way it has to be.”

Charles went on. “Again people will be paying high insurance prices under a Medical Saving Plan. Individuals will have to put six hundred dollars a month in to it. Individuals will have to pay out of either their pocket or combined with the Medical Savings Plan, the first six thousand dollars in medical costs before any medical insurance kicks in. This is what the insurance companies want and the American people will be told, if the insurance companies can bring their costs down, and this will do it, it will help to make America great again.”

battle“Charles what do you see for yourself?” Steven asked. Minutes passed without a movement from anyone in the room. Then Charles spoke loudly. “It walks the earth, it will gather those and the indecent ones will seem to grow larger than the decent people. I will be again attempting to bring people closer to a spiritual side. The discussion of Spiritual Armor will no longer be just talk. Remember the more one names the evil one, the more powerful it becomes. The battle has begun, people will feel it taking them down, under the cover of another source. Way am I the one selected? I am not one who is sacred? God help us!”

Charles reached out to Steven and tightly grabbed his wrist. Charles closed his eyes and his head went down as he slumped back in his chair.

“He is OK. It is his minds way of getting him out of the trance, to cut out the message being received, as he had enough and it pertained to him at the end.” Steven stated looking at Ms. Jasko. He then reached over to the wall on his right side, and switched the overhead light back on.

“Is he really OK?” She asked while leaning down to look at Charles face. “He will be fine, I will let him sleep it off right here. It is possible he will wake up with dream messages.”

“Damn I wish it lasted longer, as the readers will want more,” she stated with a wondering look on her face. She wondered what was going through his mind right now in his sleep state.

Steven stood and waited for Ms. Jasko to also stand before saying anything more. She did stand and Steven reached his hand out to shake hers. “That will be all for today. He gave you predictions about you and also what was coming his way. That will be your choice if you want to print it. Thank You Ms. Jasko for coming out. I’m sure it will be sooner than later that we will see you again.” She smiled. “I believe it will be sooner Steven.”

Steven smiled and nodded, without anymore words being spoken, he led Ms. Jasko to the door taking her out of the house.