Psychic Predictions Can Come True

Psychic Predictions Can Come True

Extraordinary psychic powers are a fairly rare gift. So, it should come as no surprise that many people don’t believe in such gifts. But it’s actually not all that rare for psychics to provide reliable predictions. Suzan Saxman, a famous New York psychic, has many interesting stories about some of the more unusual encounters she’s experienced through the years. One disturbing tale may leave you too scared to ever get in your car again.

A boy came to her for a reading, so she looked and told him that he should not ever drive a car. She foresaw a very bad car accident. So, she kept telling him that he shouldn’t ever drive. She advised him against ever getting a driver’s license, and should probably completely stay out of cars. About a month later, Saxman spoke to the boy’s mother, who said that he’d been killed in a car accident. His friend had been driving. The boy was thrown out of the car.

Saxman included many other creepy moments in her memoir, The Reluctant Psychic, which will help persuade you that spirits do still linger in the physical realm. “I see the things no one else seems to see,” she wrote.

Once when she was preparing for a reading, a woman unexpectedly showed up in her shop seeking advice. She hadn’t set up an appointment. The woman was extremely rushed and didn’t even want to take the time to go into Saxman’s reading room. She just wanted Saxman to tell her if she should accept a job offer or no. She assumed Saxman would be able to do that without having her go in and sit down.

Saxman asked if the woman knew someone named Howard, and the woman impatiently shook her head. “All I can see is Howard,” Saxman told the woman. “He’s not happy at all. He’s right beside you.” The woman was very confused. She didn’t know what Saxman was talking about, and insisted that she didn’t know anybody named Howard.

Saxman apologized and suggested, “Maybe you should make an appointment and come in when you’re not so rushed.” The woman left, and several minutes later, Saxman’s scheduled client arrived. And Howard came back. Saxman asked if she knew a man named Howard. “An old man in a green cardigan? He just died—”

The woman got very excited. “That’s my father!” she exclaimed. She explained that he always wore a green cardigan. “He never took it off. We buried him in it.”

Howard knew Saxman’s schedule. He knew when his daughter’s appointment was supposed to be, and he was not at all happy about the other woman trying to hijack his daughter’s appointment time. Saxman said she sometimes thinks that the spirits of those who have passed anticipate her readings more than those who are still living!

What would you want to know about if you consulted with a genuine psychic? Would you ask when you’re going to die? …The next set of winning lottery numbers? …If your significant other is being unfaithful? Which team will win the next World Series or Super Bowl?

The following stories involve accurate predictions provided by psychics who truly seemed to have insights into the future. The stories were first shared in forums on the social media platform Reddit. The usernames have been removed to preserve Reddit’s anonymity.

 “Your mother will be a widow.”

My parents went to a psychic medium when they were on vacation. The woman told them that my mother would soon be a widow. My father laughed and my mother thought it was just plain silly. But he died less than two years later.

I’m still a total skeptic, but my mother is absolutely terrified of psychics now. Was it just a crazy coincidence? Or did the psychic really know something?

A handy psychic physician.

My mother went to a psychic. All the psychic asked for was our birth dates. Later in the reading, the psychic gave my mother a list of things I could try that might help me with my throat problems. I had a lot of throat problems, which my mother never mentioned to the psychic. Some of the things the woman recommended turned out to be very helpful. That was quite interesting.

“You will have a lot of children.”

Obligatory “not me, but a friend.” The psychic told her that she’d have lots of children. This friend had been experiencing fertility issues for years, so she cussed out the psychic and stormed out. About a year later, the friend and her husband attempted in vitro fertilization. Three eggs stuck. Triplets! I had a hard time believing it, but it is a great story.

Psychics think she’s psychic, too.

I’ve met with three different psychics throughout my life. I should note that I’m quite a skeptic, and I believe science way more than wacky woo-woo stuff.

The first meeting: I was at a local carnival with a friend. She was too scared to go into the psychic booth alone. When I went into the booth with her, that psychic told me, “You so strongly have the gift that it’s obvious you aren’t here to learn things from me. I sensed your energy frequency before you came in.” Of course, I just laughed the whole thing off. But my friend went ahead with her reading before we left. That friend is convinced now that I’m psychic.

The second meeting: I was with that same friend on a trip out of state. We were eating lunch out on the patio at a restaurant. A random woman came up, sat down next to us and said directly to me, “Your aura appears very cloudy to me. How are you handling all the excess energy that surrounds you?”

I responded with, “Um…what?” She went on to explain that she perceived my energy, so she felt compelled to speak to me. She needed to tell me that I could let go of past guilt only if I cleaned my aura. She continued explaining that if I used my psychic muscles more, I would increase my talents while also eliminating negative and harmful energies from my aura.

The third meeting: I was telling those two stories at a party when someone told me that she had a friend who was just wrapping up an internship with a psychic. She called her intern friend over, and she asked me a bunch of questions, such as “Do you hear music as colors?” and “Do you see people as light energy?” She then tried to convince me that I’m highly psychic. Four or five people even asked me to do readings for them. I’m in marketing, so thankfully I’m able to BS like a pro and did readings for the ones who insisted. I gave each of them a good reading because I like positive karma.

The Page of Pentacles.

My mother is a tarot reader. Her readings have consistently been more correct than not. I’ve picked up a bit of it from all my years of watching her, but in no way am I an expert. In any event, this is one of my more memorable examples. I should start by explaining that tarot cards have four different suits. Determined by your individual personality, the King or Queen of one of these suits is used to symbolize you. The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes me, and the King of Pentacles symbolizes my husband. Each suit also has a page, which often represents a child (this is an important detail).

During this particular reading, I wanted to find out if I was pregnant or not. The Queen of Pentacles card was on the table, and I began shuffling the rest of the deck. One card slipped out of my shuffle and landed face-up on the floor. It was the Page of Pentacles. I picked it up, put it back in the deck, and continued to shuffle. When I turned the top card and laid it on the table—guess what. It was the Page of Pentacles.

My daughter just turned two years old.

“You’ll meet a very emotional woman.”

One evening when I was in the military, I was bored so I asked my friend to do a tarot reading for me. I thought it would be a fun way to waste some time.

He laid out a spread and told me that my girlfriend at the time and I would get married (we did), that we would have a son together within a year or two of our wedding (we did), and we would not stay together for very long (we did not).

Those predictions all felt pretty far off in the future, so I didn’t really believe any of them. But it kind of blew my mind when he predicted that within a week, I’d meet a highly emotional woman. Just a few days later, a woman was relocated into my company who just cried all day and literally would not stop for any reason. So, in the end, my friend was 4-for-4.

An accurate Indian astrologer.

Let me preface my story by saying that I’m very skeptical of supernatural psychic-type stuff. Anyway, I was recently in India, and one day I went to see a fortuneteller there. He only asked me for my birth date, then proceeded to spend about 15 minutes browsing through the thousands of lines and columns in a weird old book. The whole time, I was thinking, “Dude, couldn’t you just go out and buy yourself a nice computer and make a big old spreadsheet?”

He finally closed the book. Then he stared at the walls (which were plastered with pictures of cats) and started telling me about my past. He told me several things that were actually true, including:

  • The year I met my first boyfriend (causing the cute Indian guy that was translating for me to laugh [because yes, we were on a date at the time!]).
  • The years that what he referred to as two significant events happened in my life. The years were the dates that I moved to a different state—the first time as a young child, and the second as a teenager.
  • The number of siblings that I have. He said that I have two. I said that was wrong because I have just one brother. He insisted that there was another one—maybe I had one that had passed when I was so young that I never was told. Then I remembered that my father just had a baby girl with his new wife, so even though he’s a half-sister, she still counts!

I was pretty freaked out by this point. So, before we let him start telling us about my future, I asked my date to stop translating for me, and just write it all down on a piece of paper instead so I could read it later. Like in 10 years or more.

Unfortunately, I did pick up on two things he said. He predicted that I’ll die when I’m in my 80s (ugh, I think that’s too old), and that I’ll have two kids (I’m quite insistent that I’ll never give life—it’s way too big of a commitment for me).

He also predicted that I’ll have issues with my digestive system in the future, and wrote down some advice for me on how to deal with that all.

A potential crash.

Not only did a psychic accurately predict some of the most important occurrences in my life in the next year, but he also offered me helpful advice, some of which probably saved my life.

I’d previously seen two other clairvoyants. They both turned out to be utter nonsense. But this most recent one was amazing. My friend also saw the same guy, but he didn’t get anything helpful out of it.

It was a pretty amazing reading for me. The psychic kept wanting to tell me about things he could see in my future, but he had to keep pausing because all he could pick up on were spirits’ voices warning, “Don’t go to sleep, don’t go to sleep.” After he told me this, he asked me to be quiet for a bit so he could try to receive some context. After a little while, he saw a dark-colored car that was completely wrecked along a country road. I’m sure you’ll understand when I say this made me very careful. I started being extra cautious that I wasn’t driving while I was tired.

Several months later, I was working to clear out my family’s old house on the other side of the state with my girlfriend at the time. The task was taking a lot longer than we had planned. We finally started heading back home after 3 a.m. We always took turns driving and sleeping on our long car trips together. She started out driving, so I settled in for a nap.

Later, in the middle of nowhere, it suddenly came to me—tired, don’t sleep, wrecked car! Argh! I roused myself awake and started paying closer attention. My girlfriend was so tired that she was driving as though she was intoxicated. I said I’d take over, but she insisted that she was fine. I decided to stay awake so I could keep a close eye on both her and the road.

Then it happened. She dozed off, and the car swerved sharply. I immediately seized the steering wheel and screamed. Amazingly, she was able to pull over safely. We were fine, but I drove the rest of the way home while she slept. I’m certain we both could have been seriously injured or even killed that night.

Other things the psychic saw in crystal-clear detail were my stillborn baby sister, some information about my grandfather’s estate, the woman I eventually married (she was a friend of mine at the time of the reading), our specific shared interests and happiness level, the names of a few professionals colleagues, and details about an illness and physical disability, which I keep very well-hidden.

I want to go in for another reading with him, but I must confess I’m actually a bit intimidated! I used to be such a skeptic.

They can read minds.

I’ve never visited a psychic before, but my mother and I can both read minds to some extent. It’s fun to be at work and tell people that I know what they want before they place their order. I can also tell people what they’re thinking about with a pretty high degree of accuracy. I’m incorrect sometimes, but I never make vague statements.

Messed around with oracle cards.

I haven’t ever consulted with a psychic, but I sometimes messed around with a deck of oracle cards when I was in middle school, around the time when the first “Charmed” series was cool. I still have my oracle cards, but I don’t ever use them anymore.

From what I recall, most of my readings came true. The most notable one was when my friend asked me to do a reading for her related to a boy she was crushing on. Based on the cards, I could see that the boy was thinking about asking her out, but he changed his mind at the last minute. I told her that she should give up on him. Just a few days later she found out from one of his friends that the boy had been interested in her, but in the end, he decided not to ask her out.