Why Some Psychic Predictions Don’t Come True


The majority of people who have gone to see a psychic have experienced situations where the prediction given to them does not unfold in the time frame specified to them or does not unfold at all.  Why?  The answer is two fold. The first is that there is such a thing called freedom of choice.  Contrary to what people want to believe, a psychic can only see a window into the future from the day they do the reading. They cannot predict the choices you make along the way.  So, anywhere from when the reading is done to whenever that time frame or period in your life you sought the help of a psychic for, choices you make will certainly change your path and that, therefore, can change the outcome.  One might think that the psychic ought to know if you are going to change your mind and go in a different direction but that would fall under ‘destiny’ rather than ‘free choice’. Psychics can generally pick up when someone is at a crossroads or is indecisive about something or if a change of heart is coming, but free choice is just that – freedom of choice.

Now, let’s look at a situation that many of you have experienced where a psychic gives you a prediction and it does not come true. You may wonder why that happens and is it a bad psychic reading? More often than it being a problem with your psychic it is usually that along the way you made choices that changed the outcome. So, it is important to factor that into things. We again talk about freedom of choice.  Without that, you wouldn’t be free to make the choices and mistakes that you often make. The way we all learn and grow is through our choices. Learn from your choices whether good, bad or indifferent; because there really are no mistakes – just detours. In the end, if a psychic is good at reading outcomes, they should still be able to predict the end result; even if there are several twists along the way.  Also, give the predictions time to unfold.  Some subject’s stories are much longer than others and the path for them are not always straight.  There may be several twists and turns while getting to the outcome, and sometimes clients think that the psychic is wrong – what they didn’t count on is that their stories might just take longer to unfold.  So, when you get a prediction, regardless of time-frames given, the first thing is to wait it out. Give it some extra time since time is very hard for most psychics to predict.  This may be hard to do of course because we already have our expectations, having heard these predictions from the psychics but no prediction happened simply because the subject was in a hurry.

Secondly, if you are not ready for a situation to play out – then there very likely will be delays. The Universe will unfold for you with your best interests at heart.  That isn’t always what you want and when you want it.  A good aura and good vibes also come into play so an openness for the unfolding of your story should be welcomed.  Be prepared that the unfolding of the story does not always include good things – as is the constant thing in life, there are obstacles.  That is often the most difficult thing to understand when life doesn’t unfold as you want it or as it has been predicted. People often keep things just out of their range; the very things they most desire because they are not ready.  When a psychic reads your energy they can feel it and sense it but it is up to the individual to allow it into their lives. Sometimes you need to let go of something before the next door opens. Other times, the timing just isn’t right. You might need to work through some issues or get clarity on something before it comes into your life.. So, before you blame the psychic for predictions that don’t seem to come true, look inward and if you are honest with yourself you may see that perhaps you weren’t ready or that you are pushing it away – especially if the prediction wasn’t something you wanted to hear in the first place.

The bottom line is, allow some time for the predictions to play out. In the end, if the psychic is generally accurate – the the predictions will unfold like they are supposed to.  Give it time.  But remember, your openness and freedom of choice do have a say on whether or not these predictions will come true.