Psychic Premonitions Defined


1179836Premonition means literally “a forewarning,” indicating that they often announce upcoming events that are unpleasant — e.g., a health crisis or a natural disaster. This is not absolute, however; premonitions may also foretell pleasing events such as a job promotion, the location of a parking spot, or even winning lottery numbers.

Psychic premonitions may also occur very casually. When the phone rings, you at once ‘know’ the caller without any reason. Premonitions may take the form of a ‘gnawing feeling’ which refuses to leave you in peace and prevents you from thinking about anything else.

The awareness of the premonitions may come in the form of ‘dreams, waking thoughts, waking imagery’ and so on. Sometimes, you feel very sad and then there is news that someone you loved dearly had died a short while ago.

The type of premonitions that a person is likely to get also depends on his profession. For example, a fireman may see fire in his dreams, and when such dreams occur repeatedly, they carry a message or a warning, ignoring which may cost heavily to the dreamer or those about whom he dreams.

imagesAn experienced psychic can view and draw fine lines between two seemingly identical premonitions. The latency period between his premonition and the actual occurrence of the event is usually quite small, ranging normally from just a day to a few weeks only. A psychic, being a blessed soul, has empathy, clairvoyance and he gets premonitions or foreknowledge just by seeing the face of the individual or the aura around him. He can see the imminent danger to the life of the person, if there is any.

A psychic can interpret your dreams that you have during the night or even the wakeful dreams that you have during the day. You may be haunted and tortured by strange thoughts or visions and don’t know how to analyze them. Visit one of our psychics and you will be surprised at the accuracy of his interpretations. He will trace the origins of your premonitions and relate them to your life here and in the past. He will identify ‘the people, locations, names, landmarks, shapes, colors, smells, temperatures, emotions’ that you are vaguely aware of.

Sometimes, when the coming events affect a larger section of humanity, the premonitions occur to quite a large number of psychics and their experiences and interpretations are almost identical. It is believed that quite a few psychics had a premonition about the 9/11 event. Dr.Hearne gave the warning of the 1995 earthquake in Japan in his ‘Out of This World’ program in BBC.  If only the world in general, and Japan in particular, had paid heed to his premonitions.

images (1)Premonitions are not a recent phenomenon. The psychics had them in the ancient times in various civilizations and cultures of the world. The histories of Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and India are replete with such premonitions. “‘Some dreams could be fulfilling prophecies” Dreams were considered ‘messages from gods’ and needed to be studied and interpreted seriously and intelligently. The ancient Greeks were deeply charmed by dreams. Aristotle thought that certain dreams could point to the impending illness.”