Recent Psychic Predictions for 2016 & Beyond


psychic-predictions-2011Below you will see psychic predictions for 2016 and beyond and some of them came true already! It is very incredible!


November 9, 2016: Understanding our wrong election predictions. There are a lot of reasons I got it wrong, not the least of which is I broke all my rules for accurate psychic predicting with this election. But the main problem was this: The psyche cannot see what is too onerous for it to see. And the prospect of a man like that holding the most powerful office in the world, was, and still is, too awful for me to imagine.

trump-630x315To learn how our inner visioning went off track, what we still know is coming, and what I’ve learned to make my visions more precise in the future – go here.

November 5, 2016 update: This is an election like no other, more like a war than an election. In a vision this morning I saw psychic a dust storm in front of the Statue of Liberty, a maelstrom of battling forces. I could not see who would win — only the symbol of Pluto dominated (God of Death, God of the Underworld, symbol of power) next to a flower, symbol of life and virtue. The forces of death are eroding the Republic, although over time new life will be rising up like shoots in spring. In my vision, an angel was present and the scales of justice were attending as well. That was reassuring. I can’t see who will win in the vision this morning although our many visions of the past favor Clinton. We learn from our mistakes and this enables us to evolve.

top-6-predictions-that-came-trueFINANCIAL MARKETS

I’ve put all the financial visions together so you can track them and decide for yourself. There is no guarantee that they are correct so consider them along with other information you have. However, market analysts have told me we’ve been accurate.

Markets show instability beginning in February 2017 and become more volatile in March, but do not crash, then they shore up, but become volatile again. August shows extreme volatility. The visions often reflect future headlines we will be seeing in the media showing worry, fears of recession, housing affected, a bailout of some kind, but no all out crash in 2017. 2018 shows more instability, and sometime between 2018 and 2020, there is a bear market like 0208. Market returns in 2028. I am wondering if the vision of a bear roaring in January is about a coming bear market, but it could also mean the Kremlin is flexing its muscles (the bear is both a symbol of Russian and of a downward market turn). Scroll down to monthly visions to see all of our financial market visions by month.


In the fall, the Collective is trembling with anxiety, fear and anger, a roiling cauldron fueled by shootings of innocent people and contentious rhetoric. Little of the discussion addresses the biggest challenge before us – an intensifying drought that is sweeping eastward across the country, continuing forest fires, species loss, and escalating storm disasters.
White House troubles begin in February 2017 but details are unclear. Increasing refugee crisis in Europe. U.S. and Russia relations worsen.

JULY 26, 2016 UPDATE

Since February, we’ve felt a planetary shift in energy. There’s great upheaval, but we also see a rise in maternal power followed by a more caring attitude emerging just as the old structure is dissembling. So, we may be in the middle of a scary unraveling, but something positive is coming up to take it’s place – like shoots popping up in Spring. This is how all natural systems operate. So hang in there everyone, and look for the new paradigm emerging rather than focusing only on what is unraveling. The emerging light won’t show up in the mainstream media. But it’s there.
Women Rising: For July 2016, I had a vision a year ago of a triple female symbol – ♀♀♀ — which I took to mean a female triumvirate of power. Whichever women it specifically applies to, women are rising in the world. In 2020, our visions show that the female power continues in the U.S. and the world, and becomes even greater in 2028. This doesn’t mean that men won’t be in power in the future, but a more maternal type of leadership may be rising, one that is more responsive to life, to people, to the earth.


While other areas of upheaval lead to a good outcome, the climate is still a question mark. For February 2017, I saw an escalation that shows we have passed a new milestone of surging heat and that our world is in the angels’ hands. Two of us saw a vision of stars coming down from the heavens at this point. Wondering if this is related to the male angel I saw standing on the January 20th, 2017 Inauguration platform looking somberly out at the throngs of people.

Wildfires: For 2016, some of us had seen unprecedented fires. While these are happening all over the globe.
Super storms. Visions we had for this summer show at least two big storms, after years without any. We had predicted the Florida Panhandle would be hit in late summer, early fall. As of late September, Taiwan has been hit with three major typhoons. We’d also seen extra attention to the Southeastern U.S. which occurred.
Surge in Temperatures: For three years, I’ve been feeling that a surge is upon us, i.e., a more rapid acceleration in temperatures and in global warming events such as large-scale fish and tree deaths, more rapid sea level rise due to glacial melt, ocean expansion, and droughts.
Sea Level Rise: Predicting minimum 20 (possibly up to 80) feet on the Atlantic seaboard by century’s end. The latest study led by former NASA scientist James Hansen concurs. The faster-than-average sea level rise of the Atlantic seaboard has been measured and explained by science.
Drought. A decade ago I had a vision that in the mid 2020’s there would be a severe drought in the U.S. Heartland and West. California is already in a 1000 year drought but people keep expecting it will end. This area will become a vast desert.
Trees in trouble: for August 2016, I had a vision of large swaths of forest with trees open at the top, exposed and in trouble due to drought. Sept. 19th this article appeared.
In 2022 and 2033, we see coastal properties being condemned at high rates. In 2024 we see nuclear power plants being threatened by sea water.
Below are all our visions by month.


Some visions are clear; others are more like scraps of visions. I post them all so that we can keep track and learn more about how psychic predictions work. You can help us by giving your own interpretations.
As with all psychic predictions, they do not all come true. Some predictions are right on the mark. Others appear to have come true, but it can be wishful thinking or connecting of the dots. A healthy skepticism is good.
I put visions in bold when they appear to have come true, usually with a link to media.


Market volatile but does not crash. (scary dip in market had people worried, but it recovered a month later) T
International Monetary Fund at impasse
New planet discovered (a planet the size of Neptune is discovered in January)
American politicians, debates fill the news.
Refugee riots in Europe. (violence breaks out at Greek/Macedonian border as Syrian/Iraqi/Afghanistan refugees try to get to Germany).
New England: not a lot of snow. (1/22-1/23 Huge snow storm in mid Atlantic states but New England just gets a dusting)
A very BIG storm (Biggest snow storm on record in Mid Atlantic states).
A crisis in the U.S. West and Heartland. Farms unworked.
A lot of elephants — Republican party – Too many presidential candidates. (media complaints of too many candidates)
Cold frigid winter (U.S.), Widespread power outages
Some strong seismic activity, stormy clouds, people staring at the clouds. (One scientist concerned about San Andreas fault due to high levels of CO2 in the air along the fault line.)
Middle East crisis/Southern Africa as well, animals slaughtered, drought worldwide, not enough snow.
Problem with turtles and ocean warming.(As El Nino sparks surge in temperatures and storms, sea turtles are among those disrupted.)


Watching from space (There are numerous programs that watch earth from space as well as artificial objects circulating the earth in space. It’s unclear what particular event this vision was about, if any.)
Giant crocodile (might refer tragic and rare crocodile death of child at Disney World. The croc was not giant but it was strong enough to pull the child away from its father’s arms.)
Touring the bottom of the ocean NASA provides live video feed of world’s deepest ocean trench.)
Shipwreck (500 refugees drown in shipwreck off Greek coast).
Submarine deep sea ride (WWII Nazi submarine discovered at the bottom of one of the Great Lakes but later was discovered to be a hoax (New World Daily News, a fictional news outlet, issued a fake story that went viral claiming that a Nazi submarine was discovered in Lake Ontario near Niagra Falls).
War breaking out (probably war on terror) (War didn’t break out but in February Russian PM threatens that there will be a world war if Saudi Arabia and UAE follow through with plans to invade Syria).
Lil’ Abners mountain home (This is an odd vision for us to have: lol – A production of Lil’ Abner announced announced this month in local newspaper called Mountain Home News)
A lot of rain (U.S. east coast)
Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl (final score 24-12)
Heightened racism and phobias, backlash. (Trump rallies filled with racism, misogyny, and xenophobia.)
Big snowstorms, happy winter, fluffy snow, ice storms (first Northeast storm 2/5/16; second northeast storm 2/8/16)
Weather starts out calm then land is pounded once again with snow blizzards, people snowed in. (Two storms in the Northeast during the first week of Feb)
Cuba in the news. (Obama makes historic visit to Cuba in March).
AIDS news
New roots found for human being in Africa (Early hominins bone fossils over 2 million years old found in South Africa caves ).
Greece in the international news (Chinese buy Greek port, gateway to Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa).
Victory from a war, this is likely about military actions against ISIS (U.S. military touts win against ISIS).
Famine in Africa: emaciated cattle.
Peaceful, calm around politics, but deception under the surface
Vision of turmoil and fighting in another land signified with endless mountains – probably Afghanistan.
Great Lakes region emerging as important center (Attention on the Great Lakes for their water is emerging as due to water shortages in nearby communities).
Stock market dip then recovers (looks like a square root sign)
Great movie makes the scene (best picture announced this month – Spotlight)
Holland windmill on its side – sign of rising seas

MARCH 2016

Move over Vancouver (Reader Carissa W. suggested this vision refers to the City’s need to move its population away from the coast where North America’s largest fault, Cascadia, is due (one in three chance) for a catastrophic earthquake in the next 50 years.)
Contaminate water, more cases (Flint Michigan lead water poisoning)
Pope making a big statement (Pope makes big statement on marriage)
Famine in South America (Venezuela)
Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Inside (News about this on the weather channel).
Syria raids, military going in. (On March 1, Saudi’s say they will join U.S. & allies against Syria.)
War. U.S. involved. (see Syria raids above ).
Cloud seeding, toxic rain (California seeds clouds, spurs some fears)
Stock market volatility, stress in the markets
Egypt foundings (pyramids) (March 17 Discovery of hidden chamber in King Tut’s tomb).
Bullets – police—body camera – police shooting in the news
Basketball net in a barn, Calgary flyers
Upset in primary (Ohio on March 15 when Kasich beats Trump)
Fish – problems with seas (El Nino escalates sea warming and impact on fish; also reports of massive fish deaths around the globe).
Mass marches, movements
Holy people, vigils, people carrying lights and candles. (Rock star Prince’s death set off these vigils).
Deep snow, snow shoes (After dry New England winter, some heavy wet snow on March 21))

APRIL 2016

Economy, finances look good, stock market up
Talk of war in Europe. (After Brussels, more talk of allies invading Syria, which Russians have said would start WWIII.)
Climate fluctuating, more snow/spring flowers not sure what to do (In New England, warm weather followed by freezing and snow have killed off early flowers).
President signs gun legislation. Vision of Capitol Building and a big gun. [On January 4 President announced gun regulations that force gun sellers to do background check[).
Still cold (New England) (After March warmth, cold temperatures returned in April)
Farm animals sheep and pigs in shrink wrap (One reader, Lenka L., suggested that this vision might refer to livestock cloning for human consumption. Cloning factories in China might produce mass quantities of animal flesh.)
Secrecy/Israel knows of secret plans
The Beatles in the news. ( Sony buys rights to their music, McCartney on new tour)
Factory power (France offers Tesla Motors its nuclear power plant site)
Market correction – like square root sign (brief dip then recovery in April()
Bad, bad, bad (American political scene and how it affects the collective) (Trumps’s attitude and rhetoric arouses violence, racism, white supremacy at rallies)
Earthquake (Ecuador has devastating earthquake, many lives lost, Japan experiences two sizable quakes)
Coffee beans in the news (two breaking stories this month on coffee beans: counterfeit beans and lung-disease-causing chemicals in coffee plants).
Contaminate water, more cases (Flint Michigan lead water poisoning)
Caucasian fist/black convertible: (Trump ties to White Supremacists (symbolized by caucasian fist) in the news)

MAY 2016

Full moon with chains across it in form of Greek cross. (This may refer to the impact of the Turkish coups in July on the Greek Cypriots who have 43,000 Turkish groups on their island.)
Submarine, Greece, Syria
Much political bargaining going on in Texas – Republican party. (Party trying to unify under the presumptive nominee who so many party members dislike).
President signs something big into law (see above vision of new gun law) We made this prediction last year when it seemed highly unlikely that gun control would ever pass the U.S. Congress. However since the mass shooting in Orlando on June, there have been stand-offs in Congress, although nothing has passed, except in California and via federal regulations).
Massive fish deaths (widespread reports of millions of fish washing up in Vietnam, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile with explanations still unknown but possibly Fukushima, ocean warming from climate change, other pollutants)
Mountain range in collapse due to earthquake in Turkey
Easter Island in the news. (New study refutes old findings that humans caused the deforestation and demise of inhabitants)
Drought, corn fields dry (drought worsening in the U.S. Heartland)
Rockets launching into the air, two of them side by side. (This probably refers to increasingly popular proposals to launch chemicals into the atmosphere to solidify carbon so it can lower carbon levels and reduce greenhouse gases.)
People cheering, tickertape, B is for Bernie (Sanders draws big crowds at rallies)
USA knows of plans in Middle East that it is keeping quiet (along with Israel)
Europe and U.S.A. talks/strategizing (European Union in jeopardy).
Cliffs, dangerous ocean currents (Latest climate study shows warming ocean currents causing irreversible collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet)
Stock market crisis, wheel of down turning (EU exit causes markets to drop in late June)
Sorrow (usually this vision is due to loss of well known figure or highly publicized deaths that upset many people). Sudden death of musician Prince in May; could also refer to the massacre on 6/12 at Orlando nightclub).

JUNE 2016

Key hole and symbol of pisces. Keyholes are symbols of getting a glimpse at a new world we may be about to enter. Pisces is a sign of love and caring and spirituality.
Quill pen signing, founding fathers, a good month. (California passes gun control legislation)
Melting ice caps in the news. (June: Respected scientist predicts Arctic will be melted by end of summer 2016; Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking makes statement about melting ice caps and runaway global warming to eventual Venus like temperatures.)
Catastrophic hurricane, years have passed since this has happened. Typhoon bears down on Taiwan July 7th) (Note other visions of Florida Panhandle storm late this summer).
Hot summer (NOAA released data that June marks 14th month of record-breaking temperatures).
Statue of Liberty with head cut off, decay of democracy.
Asteroid makes the news in Arizona area. (Thanks to a reader for spotting this item in the news – on June 2nd, a fireball in Arizona , which was a likely 10 foot asteroid.
Warheads poised pointed, airplane, spying with field glasses (Research institute claims it has found North Korea nuclear missile site)
Women reproductive rights and women elevated (Hillary Clinton becomes the presumptive democratic nominee. Talk of women’s rights raised to new level.)
China Boycott-Kandahar is in the news
Sandwich boardwalk damaged (May 28 a 7.2 earthquake at Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic. Tsunami expected)
NASA, outerspace, new discovery, space travel
Short bald man at a podium, guilty, explaining.
Congress finally gets something passed. (In a rare bilateral accord, Congress passes sweeping chemical industry reform).
Immigration law breakthrough
Dictator power (There has been much in the press about Donald Trump’s admiration of strong dictators, such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Saddam Hussein, and China dictatorship for vanquishing their enemies. There has also been much written about Trump’s authoritarian proclivities.)
Republican party has leadership vacuum (vision of crowds of people with hole in the middle). (This started in early October 2015 when House Speaker resigned followed by his replacement dropping out of the running. This leadership vacuum continued throughout the summer as the Republican House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader, as well as many prominent Republicans found it difficult to embrace the Republican nominee as their standard bearer).
Giant Alligator (June 15 Alligator grabs and drowns toddler at Disney resort. Although we don’t know its size, the animal was too strong for the father to pry open its mouth).
Big hurricane (see similar vision above from different reader) (Taiwan typhoon July 7th, Florida Panhandle predicted for August/Sept)
Everyone (world) is in the dark about something going on secretly beneath the international stage. (This prediction may be about Putin secretly trying to influence the American election. Evidence came out in July when the Russian government hacked the DNC emails and published data harmful to the democrats.)
Planned Parenthood in the news again. (PP Ohio extends restraining order).y
Terrible drought
Feeling of waiting, everyone at a standstill. (US airport lines at a standstill due to greater TSA security measures and peak summer travel.)
News about a bad storm at sea.
Oil wells and problems with fish in the Arctic.

JULY 2016

A bear coming right in our door (feeling that Putin is up to something invasive to the U.S. DNC emails hacked by hackers associated with Russia; hackers were named “cozy bear” and “fancy bear”.
Fire trucks, fire. (In July Southern California fires lit up the skies of L.A.)
Chaos in England (Upset and chaos following the Brexit vote – thanks to Kendal for pointing this out).
Words, words, words — politicians. (Trump’s wife’s plagiarism speech caused explosion of media analysis of the words she chose.)
New NASA flight discussions star-trek (NASA gave new Hubble Telescope image a Star Trek theme.)
Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound). June 24th after UK decision to abandon the EU, markets fell sharply.
Celebrities doing an event (Brad pitt/George Clooney/Angelina Jolie) (This turned out to be a news story in which press surprised Clooney with question about Pitt/Jolie divorce. They were friends of his and he hadn’t known about the divorce).
Waterfalls/Niagra Falls in the news. (New World Daily News, a fictional news outlet, issued a fake story that went viral claiming that a Nazi submarine was discovered in Lake Ontario near Niagra Falls). Thanks to John B. for clarifying for us)
Children, babies in hopsitals, grief, lots of people in chaos. (Nice, France killings across from Children’s Hospital).
Black car with hood up. Men in suits and wearing fedora hats. (See images of Boris Johnson booed as he enters his car protected by police in fedora hats after Brexit vote.)
Healthy water (Flynt news?) (Flynt, MI to replace up to 250 water lines)
Hillary on the podium (at the DNC which is July 25-28) (Clinton gets the nomination and makes the keynote speech. This vision occurred two years ago.)
Tsunami in India, foul weather globally
Risky politics (this term is increasingly used to describe Trump’s line of attack).
Middle East, ISIS continues to strike. (Nice, France attacks)
Suspension bridge with cars, unsteady (see April vision of collapsed suspension bridge) Nepal bridge collapses killing dozens.
Big boats, ships, boats that carry cargo (Panama Canal in late June opened its $5 b expansion that enables it to hold mega-sized ships).
Middle eastern priests, white robe gold sash, “you all must die” – priests, young man with beard and moustache close short beard, maybe beheaded. (see similar vision one of us had earlier). (In July a French priest was murdered by a jihadist who fit the description above.
More military talks between U.S.A.and Europe and even Asian countries to defeat ISIS.
Abortion rights (On 6/27/16 the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down Texas regulations that severely limited abortion clinics for supposedly medically necessary reasons. Supreme Court found that the Texas regulations are illegal because prevent women from getting abortions.)
A coliseum, drones overhead (Unauthorized drones flew over Olympic stadium).
Hillary is the candidate with Bernie dictating to his supporters who they should support. (On 7/12, Sanders endorsed Clinton and asked his supporters to work and vote for her- this prediction originally made for September).
Parades/calm/cluelessness. People don’t know of what’s coming to them. (This is likely the Bastille Day celebration in Nice on July 14 that was disrupted by mass killing).
Fires, drought, widespread.
Supreme Court major ruling (in June Supreme Court knocked down Texas law that had limited abortion clinics)
College education finance reform (Clinton calls for college debt-free plan).
The planet Mars in the news. (NASA released 1,000 images of Mars).
Robot strength (Mars photos taken by NASA robot)
Refugees suffering, nowhere to go, crawling, turbans on heads, carrying their boat along sand.
People start to worry more. (after Orlando and Nice attacks, people getting frightened).
Battles – -the big fish goes down
Soviet Putin up to something secretive (in July Russian government hacked and published DNC emailsand used their findings to embarrass the Democratic Party. Some speculate they will try to throw the US election by hacking voting machines.)
Seismic readings off the charts in the heartland (Oklahoma authorities report a dozen seismic quakes in one week in July, 888 quakes last year, a 50% increase over the prior year due to fracking).
Everyone still at standstill (Airport security lines still at standstill).
Beaches deserted (After terrorist attacks on the French Riviera last year and now in Nice this year, formerly busy beaches are now deserted due to tourists’ fears, beaches also deserted near Florida Panhandle due to bacterial contamination).
New NASA flight discussions “Startreck”


Drought will worsen in New England (Drought worsens in New England).
Massive tree deaths in New England due to drought. (N.E. trees dying due to drought).
Plumed hats as in the musketeers, horse processions (Rio Olympics opening ceremonies).
Secret service – Security breach – all hell breaks loose (This could refer to the large-scale Kremlin email hack of the Democratic National Convention data that occurred the last week of July).
Focus on an island – remote, shores (Failed military coups in Turkey continues to affect Cyprus)
Belt tightening- fat man must cinch his belt
Bombing in Syria (Hospital bombed, 13 killed, five children; Aleppo besieged).
Court room with military presence (Trump’s recommendation that U.S. citizen terrorists should be prosecuted in military tribunals may have merit, says reporter.)
Boat people, Trump with downward arrow (Trump took strong stand against refugees being allowed into the U.S. The downward arrow may also refer to the downturn in Trump’s poll numbers that occurred in mid August after a series of gaffes, two involved his position against immigrants. )
Abundance of grapes (In some areas, it’s been a banner year for grapes).
Attention to the Southeastern U.S. (When I first had this vision of something popping up in the south eastern U.S., I thought it was a political issue, but now I believe it was about the Louisiana floods.)
African people – little is known (Video about the lost girls of Chibok released by Boko Haram captors. Still little is known.)
Camp fossils (3.7 billion year old fossils found in Greenland, may be oldest signs of life on earth, Washington Post 8/31/16)
Cyprus in the news – war (Turkey conflict puts war-torn Cyprus on edge).
Neon star, lion
Women in politics, becoming stronger, rising female power
Something landing in the ocean (SpaceX Falcon 9 launches satellite, sticks ocean landing)
Drought, fire in so many places (California fires from drought reach epic proportions; also Idaho is experiencing a major wildfire requiring firefighter assistance from multiple states:
Big waves (In August, scientists discovered and tracked deep waves in the North Atlantic that traveled through the earth to Japan, increasing seismic knowledge.)
Bone discovery (Oldest human bone found in Saudi Arabia).
World grief, some expression of grief (Image of dazed Aleppo child pulled from bombed building goes viral sparking public grief reaction for the fate of children of war.)
People crying, “Help us!” (Syrian nuns, aid workers, doctors cry for help.)
Hard, harsh time, people unhappy, too many problems (Syria)
Large Image of wi-fi (large geographic areas going wi-fi) (North Dakota company announced on August 16 that it’s providing Wi-Fi statewide.)
Nantucket in the news (Manatee out of place off Cape Cod and Nantucket makes news).
Not much rain in New England (severe drought announced for parts of Massachusetts in July and August).


The U.S. collective is trembling with anxiety, anger, and conflict. It’s a roiling cauldron stirred up by election rhetoric.
World splitting in two. (U.S. in greatest divide since Civil War).
More widespread tree deaths. (Unprecedented massive tree deaths across the U.S.driven by climate change that could devastate our ecosystem)
Bernie Sanders still a factor. (With polls neck and neck, Clinton is calling on Sanders to convince his followers not to vote for a third party).
Wheat in the news, yellow fields, heat, tractors in the Midwest (Largest ever wheat crop in Colorado)
Europe uprising
Tornado warning. (There was a rare tornado in Concord, Massachusetts on August 21st).
Cape Cod, small boat (Manatee in the Cape Cod waters causes a stir)
Seismic stress along the Pacific coast of South America (along the Peru-Chili Trench of the Ring of Fire).
Male artist adrift at sea, storm broken boat window (September 19, 2016: It was a woman, not a man, who was stuck on a cargo boat for weeks when the cargo company’s boats could not dock due to bankruptcy.)
Small motor boat, (This might be the tragedy of Florida Marlins pitcher’s death in boating accident on September 25. The image of the boat overturned on a jetty dominated the news).
Mountains near Mexico, so long Ohio (Thanks to Carissa for noticing that this is about an Ohio zoo’s efforts to save the Monarch Butterfly by breeding and releasing them in hope that they will successfully migrate to the mountains of Mexico. Barbara Kingsolver wrote about this issue in her novel Flight Behavior)
Keyhole symbol again – sign of new world that we are entering.
Market roller coaster
Tree deaths in New England from drought (Drought stressing trees)
Child upside down tears in the collection (Video footage of child found upside down 17 hours after Italy earthquake).
Importance of the Great Lakes region.
Marathon tragedy in upstate NY
The polls: “The numbers go up and the numbers go down; what’s in a number?”
Hillary and Bernie campaigning, still Trump (Bernie campaigning for Hillary)
Major hurricane in Florida panhandle (September 1, first hurricane in 11 years hits Panhandle, then Labor Day weekend travels up east coast of Atlantic.)
Caesar’s troops on the march
Foot of Eiffel tower (Terrorist activity nearby)
Drought bad then market drops, then up
Green Party, failure of a plan (Green party candidate Jill Stein had hoped but failed to get the 15% vote to be in the presidential debate.
Pre WWII vintage plane dug up (Norwich England WWII plane dug up in August)
Increased consciousness, spiritual awakening permeating the mainstream
Airplane wings (In August, Australian officials announced that a wing found near Tanzania is likely that of missing Malaysian fight MH370. Next a team of scientists has floated six wing flap replicas near the the found wing to track their float paths.)
Madagascar gets torrential rain and floods, heavy tornadoes in Indian Ocean.
Paul McCartney truth revealed. (Huff Post revealed that Paul and then wife Linda had made a Simpson character become a vegetarian as a condition for appearing on the show.)
Bull’s head – a sign of bull market.


The wings of Mercury the messenger god (communicating to all). (Astrologers make big deal that the planet Mercury has gone direct, meaning expedited communications)
Nuclear bomb goes off somewhere (not on this planet) (North Korea detonates nuclear bomb underground)
Money sign with a downward arrow (DYX – dollar index down, which boosts stock market)
Protest parade; Revolutionaries with megaphones and black hats, Easter Island statues. (People protested an Aurora Indiana parade float showing Obama depicted in black face as an Easter Island statue and Trump executing Hillary Clinton who sat in an electric chair.)
Belgium, rain, trams, subways, power of two people leading
Bernie and Hillary campaigning hard (Bernie and Hillary campaigning hard together).
Focus on a whale (29 whales wash up dead on German beaches due to plastic in their stomachs – brings focus to ocean pollution.)
Airplane wings (finding from a lost plane) (In August, Australian officials announced that a wing found near Tanzania is likely that of missing Malaysian fight MH370.)
Crazy market, market drops steeply then bounces back part-way.
Hillary ahead
High tension power lines in the news (Millions without power due to Hurricane Matthew downing high tension power lines).
Tuscon heavy rains (This happened in August)
U.S. Navy submarines protecting our waters, on a mission
Big-horned antelope over the capitol (symbol of bull market?)
Jellyfish. (Series of articles about protecting power stations from jellyfish swarms)
Big drought
Hillary, cheering, feeling victory (Polls show HC far ahead)
Bernie Sanders/grassroots strong, attempting to steer his base to Democratic vote. (Bernie editorial for Hillary)
Food poisoning, mushrooms (L.A. school children consumed wild poison mushrooms).
New York skyscraper buildings in the news (Tallest modular building in Brooklyn in the news).
The issue of a river flowing into U.S. from Canada (The North Dakota Access Pipeline proposal sparked Native American protesters who want to save the river).

NOVEMBER 2016 – We’d thought these visions meant Clinton would win the presidency, but we see now they were from pre-election appearances and that she did win the popular vote).

Carousel – everything becoming looney.
Suffragettes dancing in the streets (Women at the polls are dressing like the original suffragettes)screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-8-10-12
Extra large donkey on its front hoofs, with rear end kicking high in the air. It’s a mighty Hee-Haw. (This happened in late October with so much Trump bad press and Republicans defecting, but it reversed election night).
Seething and celebration
From joy to rage; jubilation: reserve/calm/despair
At first everyone (democrats) are celebrating and then it turns to disappointment.
Obama pumping fist in victorious gesture and saying, “Yes!” (this happened during the campaign)
Hillary Clinton gets out of a limo in a black pant suit – feeling of victory. (This happened a week before the election when polls predicted she was winning)
Map of U.S. Hillary Smiling, Trump grimacing. (this happened before the election when polls showed she’d win).
Hillary waving flags, fists in the air, saying change is going to happen. (happened during campaign)
Donald throws in the towel. Very angry (angry, yes, but no towel).
White donkey — democratic win (no win, but Hillary and many women wore white in weeks before election to honor the Suffragettes) .
Women rising (before the election)
Blue jay (A likely symbol of democratic victory)
Family values emphasized in election decision (campaign rhetoric)
Religious leaders, angry mix of politics and religion.
Celebrations, flower (a woman president)
People holding hands, people are happy (momentarily)
Beauty Pageant – women rising (This is reference to the national press about Alicia Machado, 1996 Miss Universe winner who came out against Trump for publicly calling her names for weight gain. It’s thought that it will cost Trump women and Latin votes).
Excitement, crowds, speechifying
Hillary wins, Hillary on podium (wrong, did not happen)
A woman gets massive vote. (she won popular vote but not electoral college)
Candidate who is blue on the outside, red inside wins. (Right leaning Democrat)
Fight to the last vote, polling numbers extreme
Republican Party looking to Congress for their power. (House Speaker Ryan pulled away from Republican nominee and focuses on congressional races.)
Cactus – symbol of drought – election shrouds real issue which is deteriorating climate.
White dove flies across full moon. Combat. U.S. soldiers in camouflage inside large sphinx like statue
Horse, looks like a chess piece, falls over
Military, ammunition, war afoot.
Concrete steps in Washington, rallies, Jimmy Carter
American civil war – images of the 1860’s– the mood among Americans is getting like the Civil War
Cobra on the attack, not believing scriptures is against God (down south) (probably this is a terrorist attack.
Elderly people legislative bill so that they are warm and cared for.
Hail, Sleet,skies turn very dark
Tumult, anger, angry crowd shouting (riots in California post election)
A candidate is chosen who makes an impact on international affairs.
Green fight
Rockport harbor bus in the news.
Turkey plague
Scary terrorist attack close to the election
Map of U.S. with Texas as the funnel of a tornado
One-eyed teddybear (According to reader Kevin S., the one eyed teddy bear is a UK national symbol to help children in need)
Sonic waves and fish, especially dolphins, shales and sharks, as well as birds affected.
Bomb goes off – big one – high into the sky; nuclear bomb buildings blow away as from a big wind (Hoping this was the North Korea underground nuclear bomb test in September)


Democrat in the White House
Civil war brewing in France.
Bad weather (New England)
Monk burning self in front of a large cathedral
So much happier; positive attention on the Great Lakes region
Slow Christmas season, not as many people shopping
Black limo, cool coats, church leaders
Colder winter than 2016, more snow
Image of cactus – U.S. Drought
Multiple oil rig fires.
Elton John in the news
Cowboy in a ten gallon hat – death of a celebrity?
Stories about families kept apart
Tree roots in the news
Bright cheerful holiday season, economy okay
Harvard University. J. Edgar Hoover
Calm after storm, shock (Election results leave many in shock)
Some happy, but not truly happy, liberals feeling like they settled
Whales in danger
Melt off in poles
European Union makes unexpected announcement
Good days for stock market, some people will be really happy, buying opportunities,
Market down then up
Batman ends up winning
Christmas sales down further.
The drug cartels in the news.


Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means a lot of emotion and attachment to emotional points of view.
Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.
Cloud seeding or atmospheric seeding to release chemicals to make it rain or to block the sun or to cause atmospheric carbon to solidify and fall out of our atmosphere, but they do not succeed.
Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles.
Huge cyclone Texas panhandle. (August 31 to Sept 4 hurricane/tropical storm Hermine, traveled from panhandle to Florida up east coast.)
Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals
Light – sunrise as more people embrace change.

VISIONS FOR 2017 (not by month) SEEN BACK IN 2014:

An epic storm, many dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
The frog (Frogs symbolize change, so this could signify a year of great change, frogs are also sensitive to environmental change and may become a concern). (Story just released on frogs in trouble)
Stock market volatility
Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction, Detroit fires.
Guns, shooting still an issue.
Water rising in NYC.
Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.


January 2017 – Note: I’ve removed all the visions of Hillary winning since she did not win. Some were probably visions of her pre-election appearances that we wrongly thought were about the Inauguration. (see my post on how we screwed this up). However, post election violence, anger, economic turmoil, that we’d predicted has already come true.

A male angel stands on the Inauguration platform looking out at the people; Lightening striking, Hillary on the platform, Trump off to the right, in the dark, wielding an a Roman fascis which looks like an ax but is the symbol of Fascism. Another member of our group saw Trump off to the side in the dark holding a hammer or wrench but but Roman fascis looks like cross between an ax, hammer, or wrench). Two others also saw him in the dark, glowering. (One reader speculated that perhaps he was really holding the hammer/sickle symbols of the Soviet Union.)
Elderly couple in back of limo (look like Frank and Eleanor Roosevelt); man wears a white hat.
Trump still in political scene talking.
Obama shaking Hilary’s hand. (Shots fired Hilary ducks-no injuries-not literally but more verbal rage towards her) Obama is fixed in place
White Haired man (probably Pence).
Five readers saw Trump on the platform having won (none gave specific details)
Plots in the Midwest.
Hillary and the nation of feeling down
Hillary with dark eyes, like she was sick. Trump reaching up to her at a pulpit with white gloves on.
Arctic discovery, near North Pole
Bear is roaring – Bear market beginning?
Terrorist activity actually heightens
No Snow
Politician arrested in handcuffs.
Nationalism disappointment
Fires in Nevada.
Supermarket difficulties, particularly about meat
US/Russian relations a big issue
Scandal in Congress
Not all men are created equal. A new political party. (White Nationalist – Supremist movement)
More images of drought

February 2017

A battle in D.C.
Cold weather, and Trump won’t go away
Big fat black bear (Putin or market bears?)
Pelican perched on a harbor post. Financial markets upset. Agitation, anxiety in the U.S.,
Cactus (symbol of drought) even taller
Severe snow storm in Europe
White House severe problems
Economy down, stock market down
Stock market activity in the news, instability
Anxiety in the U.S. rising.
A problem with the state of Texas.
Disaster in country, feels like a 9/11
Trains, gas tank, pidgeons
Notre Dame, (September 2016, car found near Paris Notre Dame filled with gas canisters, traced to radical islamists) Tower of London
Ice flow – ice breaking up (poles and climate change)
Totem and an arrow pointing to eastern half of U.S.
Norway in the international news (may be related to climate change)
Ice caps melting at alarming rate, polar bears losing battle to survive.
Surge in climate change terrifying
NYC traffic jams in the news
Horse and donkey (democrats on the move)
Change in world, political shift, post U.S. election, new president
Red scorpion, dragon – China and Soviet Union?
First American female president on the scene
Fresh energy in Washington
Terrorist attack
Drought in the American West worsening.
Storms, climate chaos
Fights for power continue, opposition leaders fighting
Texas lone star state acting independently of the rest of U.S.
Mexican immigrants an issue
Focus on Alaskan pipeline in danger
Problems in White House
March 2017

Loss, all Hell breaks lose, an era of serious conflict begins
Earthquake, Californa
Uprising in the U.S.
People exiting a concert (after hoopla) almost like a herd
Markets going crazy (not good), but no crash (see last bullet in next section).
NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull) – so earlier market volatility ends in bull direction.
Press conference with Hillary
Egypt, warfare
Freezing rain (in New England)
Dark responsibility
Texas – Statue of Liberty – Texas wants liberation
Hillary stressed out of her mind
White picket fence, bicycle, soccer ball
Image of Volcano eruption (heard the word Vesuvius)
Stars coming down from the Heavens.
Euripides was right. [Euripides was ridiculed by his peers for being too liberal. He also wrote: “Expect the unexpected. What mortals dream, the gods frustrate; for the impossible, they find a way.” He was anti-war, against slavery, pro women, and critical of traditional religion.]
People digging a ditch, grave
Football scandal
Midwest rains
Looking up from inside a well (probably about drought)
New talks with world leaders, United Nations.
Scandal in White House, Hillary having to defend herself.
Congress coming apart
Snowshoes, it’s hard work moving forward in the snow
Chinese premier in the news
Canons shooting/secrecy, lies revealed with government
Epidemic/health/farm animals (Africa?)
Medical breakthrough with ALS (In August 2016, Harvard scientists identified key instigator of nerve damage that may lead to treatment of this incurable disease, rendering this prediction more likely to happen by March 2017)
People from Arab countries kicking/knocking the U.S.

April 2017

Hillary problems, not good.
Confronting a harsh reality, lines of conflict are drawn
Men made of rocks
Injured people; waves made of rocks, also sunny
A swimmer making the news,
Markets still volatile, Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on money), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction)
All good things must come to an end.
World leaders getting together/summit
Markets roiling over a map of the U.S., big waves
Market numbers /housing down
Stock market correction and later a rebound. (image of square root sign).
Rainbow, peace, car race
Russian tanks, feels like a cold war
Germany crisis with refugees
Humid, very warm (New England)
Awakening, blue sky, good sign
Church leaders coming together
Shocking celebrity death, an American male, played a cowboy
Worst nightmare
People asking, “What’s happening? What’s going on? — Something involving the state of Texas
Hillary addressing the country over an issue
Fire, smoke, American flag, U.S. soldiers
Undergrads with no jobs
Homelessness on the rise
Media reporting that economy is sinking
Elderly people bill
Lightening strikes the housing market
Sailboats in calm waters
Coffee, mountain restaurant
Some calm in White House but only temporarily
Grave, mummy or body, grave diggers.
Big snowstorm buries New England
Climate shift, then flooding rain
Talk of war
New role of a woman seen
Half of Americans are happy, half are so disappointed.

May 2017

Farmers upside down (agriculture in trouble)
World stops
China, inner political strife
Multiple births
Big explosion, Southwest U.S.
People are afraid
Barbeques, wheel barrows
More of the same solutions to the puzzle.
Welfare benefits for children & families
Economy wavering
Many Americans disillusioned
Earth burning, agriculture and trees in the news.
Crisis but Washington (Congress) is tiny, distant, and useless while crisis ensues.
Prince marriage

June 2017

Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)
Struggle in U.S. economy, including stock market
Real estate slowing down
Stock market down, dip in economy
Fireman’s hat looms large; appealing to Congress
Propeller driven airplane (Amelia Earnhardt?)
Layoffs/slow summer, people are cautious
Water rising; whales at risk
Ocean, Cape Cod, calm
Israel protecting
Marijuana legislation milestone
New baby for royal family
Statue of Liberty – water going over the top, seas rising in NYC
Map of U.S. with pioneers traveling in covered wagons
Baltimore Oriole (the bird)
Doing it like Lincoln (probably about governing with country so split). Sort of a democracy
Focus on Europe
Buenos Aries Christ Statue, children
Military attacks, air strikes, western world attacks adversaries
Sacred cow (Social Security) in the news
People in pain, begging to be helped, crowded at a platform
Forest fires (June-July) West coast
Talk of depression in America
New resolution – compromise
The strongest will win
Image of hungry baby birds, dying, parched.
Washington D.C. as the new Gotham

July 2017

Anxiety in the collective
NYC business’s booming in Manhattan
Hot, anxious, disturbance, troubled
Shaky economy
Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers etc. making less money
Boston is okay but rest of country is shaky
Zika hybrid, mosquitos
Abraham Lincoln in the media
Texas drought, gun shells upside down
June-July forest fires West Coast
Fish in trouble
Colonial maritime costume & ship
The museums in the news
Things are starting to settle down again
Trouble in the Capitol, ruling party’s opponents deciding to wreak havoc, throwing tantrum, bringing down the house.
Trees blown over in rows as if from a blast.
Celebrations are canceled or carefully monitored.
Fighting in Europe, in Germany?
A middle aged woman coming undone. She’s in a white suit and she’s on the ground facing out, clothes, dignity coming undone. Unsure who this is but it’s in the news.
Laurel and Hardy in the news.

August 2017

Extreme market volatility
Market drop. This may start in August, but worse in September.
Uh oh (probably a reference to the market)
Economy down
More stock market volatility – down, then back up
Fear of another recession
Rental market slow
The Capitol under so much stress, fighting, no agreement, just a bunch of selfish bickering people who do nothing to lead a country, let alone a world in trouble.
Nuclear bomb explodes somewhere, maybe not on this planet.
New DNA advances
Crabs in the news.
American fields/farmland in the news
Scientific breakthrough, moral controversy.
Waves crashing, whales
Folk festival extravanza
Radio microphone
Seismic readings high in the countryside.
Vacation accident, murder famous family
The International Monetary Fund in the news
Strong female brewing, like a witch
Mountains, Arab men with staffs gathering
Big change, new movement, new wind.
Fish hanging upside down- symbol of fish in trouble
Continued drought
British Isles in the spotlight

September 2017

Market drop then rebound.
Recession, market drop
Landlords lowering rents.
Housing sales down, American flag down
Financial markets wild, image of capitol building in the background not doing anything to help.
Hillary upset; people are disappointed in her.
France in the headlines.
Major disaster, people hurt.
Stability, U.S. and West getting control of Iraq/Eqypt’s middle eastern areas where ISIS is.
Tall ships, square rigger.
Camp David (the president’s country retreat) in the news.
A large fish coming straight out of sea which is too hot for it – problem with too warm oceans for fish we eat.
Focus on night time in a logging camp. Full moon, truck with logs on it.
Somewhere on Eastern Europe Santa Domingo escape (what could this possibly mean LOL?)
Education, student rights
Stars, peace agreement
Fires (widespread)
Many men with guns lined up, soldiers, women waving – not the U.S.
New winds brought new seeds, evolution, prosperity.
Something going on at Camp David – president retreating?
Drought, whole U.S. heartland.
Somebody golfing finds gruesome dead bodies.
New t.v. coming out – new way of broadcasting.

October 2017

Batman to the rescue. (We need him for moral support).
NASA makes great discovery.
Children’s entertainment in America, amusement projects in the media.
Water and the Miami high life.
Heroin use epidemic.
Hawaii restaurant fire.
Political disappointment, “business as usual.”
Humanitarian aid to Africa
People are depressed
Imperfection/scandal in White House.
Death penalty abolished, many reforms.
Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
Market rebounds.
New science appears, cure for cancer?
More drought in U.S.

November 2017

Toilets and teapots.
Ghost towns out west, perhaps Montana.
Oscar Myers, hot dogs, etc. industry in the headlines.
Tired calm
Can’t control sadness
Image of windmill, the traditional Dutch kind.
Housing market down.
Heroin epidemic.
People not happy with Hillary in office (probably this is a released of favorability ratings).
United Nations human rights issues emphasized.
New tax law created, not passed.
Religious breakdown, people are suffering
Crowds with arms, patriotism, not the U.S.
Trouble with fish due to climate changes – with deep ocean waters floating upwards are too warm for some fish to breathe.

December 2017

Brexit issues arise
Real estate is down, home sales values lost.
Political strife in Europe
Leadership with strength
Fighting invasion of one place from another.
Image of an alligator with a woman inside.
Oil rig on fire
Capitol building on its side along with a map of the U.S. (A Congress that doesn’t function).
Norse men crossing. (Probably referring to historical information about Vikings)
Significant rift in the stock market.
Not a good Christmas financially
Hillary in media (intensely)
Star of David (Jewish) and lotus (Buddha)
Big explosion – a huge facility/industrial plant
Hillary feels sense of failure amidst calls for resignation
Washington helping the homeless
Lawyer corruption
Capitol building glowing red hot with conflict, rage, asserting itself

January 2018

Town with tall steeples, then big fissure, earthquake.(see vision below that later in the year the fault line of the western U.S. is accentuated with the name San Bernardino).
Symbol of elongated V (I don’t know what it means, will update when I figure it out).
Market volatile, much movement.
Farms struggle
Ducks, geese
Animal extinction at the North Pole especially polar bears
Korea: Health issues with Kim Jong-un.
Attention on North Pole: ice is gone.
Middle East problem and peace
Spirit consciousness shift
Hunger on various fronts
Grey clouds above quiet city
People drinking fancy drinks at bars
Female leadership
Big agreement signed
Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S. for the future (probably due to drought elsewhere and abundance of fresh water).
Hunger, poverty
War, genocide.
Many storms in the U.S.
Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project.
An island country swamped, barely alive
War, genocide.

February 2018

Hummingbird in the news
Piñata/Mexican fiesta
Concern about new insect infestation

March 2018

Elephants and Rhinos in the news – build an arc (An open range poacher-free zoo planned for Western Australia will save endangered species.)
Wendy’s hamburgers in trouble
Good fortune, winnings

April 2018

Plague of yellow caterpillars
Baseball slow ticket sales at Fenway
Fool on a Hill (the song)

May 2018

Map of U.S. western fault line accentuated, San Bernardino accentuated.
Gorillas/chimpanzees, or orangutans in trouble.
Old fire engines with very shiny fireman’s hats on hood (have no idea what this is about lol)


Stress in the markets, serious volatility
Market moving
“I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).
Women called upon to lead us out of so much trouble.
Spain – in for a big surprise involving the bull fight
New technolgocial discoveries bridging quantum physics
Lighthouse tragedy in Scotland
More peace in Middle East; U.S. is safe from attacks
Things picking up.
People disappointed in Hillary, she feels the need to prove herself
Everyone’s talking about Texas, not good.
People know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take over.
People living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash (in 2016 in Venezuela this is happening after economic collapse; shades of future to come elsewhere?).
Western part of U.S. under great stress due to drought.
Elephants and other beloved exotic animals disappearing. Build an ark!


Coastal properties condemned at massive rates
Seals in trouble

Markets continued distress
Nuclear power plants by the sea in trouble.
For visions from 2020 to later in the century, check here, here, and here.



Jan.- Market volatile but does not crash. (scary dip in market had people worried, but it recovered a month later)
Feb.- Stock market dip then recovers (looks like a square root sign
March –
Stock market volatility,
stress in the markets,
Economy, finances look good, stock market up
April – Brief dip in market then up, Economy, finances look good, stock market up
May – Stock market crisis, wheel of down turning (EU exit causes markets to drop in late June)
July – Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound). June 24th after UK decision to abandon the EU, markets fell sharply.
Stock Market up and down,
Bull’s head – a sign of bull market.
Crazy market, market drops steeply then bounces back half-way (this happened in October)
Money sign with a downward arrow. (This refers to the U.S. dollar index (DYX). The dropping DYX usually corresponds with market rise, which it did).

A bear roaring – sign of bear market coming.
Stock market activity in the news, instability.
March – April
At first markets going crazy (not good), but no crash.
Later – NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull) – so earlier market volatility ends with continued in bull market.
Markets still volatile, Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on money), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction)
All good things must come to an end.
World leaders getting together/summit
Markets roiling over a map of the U.S., big waves
Market numbers /housing down
Stock market correction and later a rebound. (image of square root sign).
May 2017 – Economy wavering
June 2017
Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)
Struggle in U.S. economy, including stock market
Real estate slowing down
Stock market down, dip in economy
July 2017
NYC businesses booming in Manhattan
Shaky economy
Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers etc. making less money
Aug 2017
Extreme market volatility
Market drop. This may start in August, but worse in September.
Uh oh (probably a reference to the market)
Economy down
More stock market volatility – down, then back up
Fear of another recession
Rental market slow
Sept 2017
Market drop then rebound.
Recession, market drop
Landlords lowering rents
Housing sales down, American flag down
Financial markets wild, image of capitol building in the background not doing anything to help.
October 2017
Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
Market rebounds
Nov 2017: Housing market down
December 2017:
Brexit issues arise
Real estate is down, home sales values lost.
January 2018: Market volatile, much movement but crash not quite yet.
Bear market – markets drop down steadily like in 2008.
Stress in the markets, serious volatility
Market moving
“I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).
2924: Markets continued distress
2028: Bull market – recovery