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Remembering Your Past Life

Remembering Your Past Life

People have had a different past life.  They have a different body and a different time where they existed.  This is part of reincarnation.


The fastest way to understand reincarnation is that you can have a life on earth and that your life is part of your soul.  Your soul can be in a body but then you can be reborn to another body.

When you die, your body will pass away and be buried or cremated but your soul will keep living and will be born into a new body.

This is a cycle that happens again and again.  When your soul is reincarnated over and over again there is one goal and that is to learn new things and to learn lessons until you reach your highest spiritual state.

Everything in life has a new cycle and each night when the day is over, it is a new cycle.  The soul is no different and just like everything else in life, things are always changing and evolving.

Remembering a Past Life

Your past life can teach you about your soul journey and what path you are on.  The clearer you become the easier it is to remember your past life and to remember things that have happened.

A past life reading with a good psychic can show you more about your past life.  The psychic can give you understanding and use their gifts to tell you more things.

Akashic records is one reading and it can tell you about your past life and you present one.  Another way to remember this is through past life regression.  This is a practice where you go into a hypnotic state and you get more information about your past life.

Have you ever had dreams that were about places that you have never visited, and you can remember each and every detail?  Dreams hold information about your past life, and you should keep a dream journal and analyze your own dreams.

When you remember your previous life, it can show you meaning about your relationships that you are in now and can explain why you have fears and phobias.  There are skills that you have developed in your past life that you might have now, and you will understand these more and more.

Being able to recall your past life can help you to understand the mistakes that you have made.

Signs of Reincarnation

The soul will reincarnate over and over again until you reach your highest spiritual journey.  Here are some signs that you have been reincarnated many times:


If you have dreams over an over it can be telling you about events in your past life.  See if these places are recognizable.


Intuition allows you to balance your spiritual and physical life and can give you different ideas about where you have been.


If you have strange memories that come out of nowhere, these are not fantasies but can be a connection to your past life.


If you are an empath it means you can pick up the emotions of others.  This can be pain, anger, happiness and more.  This is a sign that you have went through many different reincarnations.

Déjà vu

This is a feeling that you have experienced something already.  This can be triggered by places, smells and sounds.


Precognition is the ability to know what is happening in the future.  This can come through dreams or visions or sensations.


This is being able to know information about past events.  These events can be from your past life.

Old Soul

If you are an old soul, it could mean that you have reincarnated over and over again, and things are beyond your age now.


If you love other cultures or times, it could be because you have been there before.  This could be a sign that you have had a past life.

Fears and Phobias

Having different fears and phobias could come from something bad happening in your past life like you are dying from being drowned or being bitten by animals.

Remembering Your Past Life

You can do things to help you remember your past life.  One thing is meditating.  Go to a quiet room and meditate on your past life.  Your memories can come form within and when you are meditating you can have endless wisdom.

Pay attention to what comes to your mind and what your experiences are.  Whatever comes to your mind will come from your soul.

Think of a place that is familiar to you and if you feel that you have met this person or been to this place before, it is a good sign you are being drawn to a past life.

Pay attention to your memories.  If a memory comes that you have no idea what it is, be aware of it and allow it to come through your body.


Past lives are mysterious and when you can find out about your past life it can give you an idea and an understanding who you used to be.  This can also help you to know who you want to be.  Keep exploring.

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