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Why Sometimes Predictions Doesn’t Happen

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Here’s what people should know:

Psychic’s can just see POTENTIAL results and commonly there is more than one potential result as individuals are regularly being pulled into various directions. The psychic takes advantage of the strongest of the potential ways, reads it and deliver the message.

Now if you get two readings from two different psychics around the same time, each psychic may tap into different information. This means they may also suggest different paths for you. This doesn’t mean that one psychic is wrong and the other is right; it just means that you have more than one potential outcome to your situation. A psychic’s intuitive perspective comes from a number of sources. So you could get different answers to the same question. No two advisors work the same, even if they use the same tools.

It’s Complicated

psychic fail 2To complicate matters even further, there is usually more than one person involved in a situation and those people have their own potentials and choices. The ultimate outcome is a combination of all the different choices—the ones you make and the ones other involved parties make. The future isn’t written in stone for anyone. The question “When will this happen?” can be a difficult prediction to make. Accuracy is very important in a psychic reading but measuring psychic accuracy in strictly subjective.

Avoid Being Idle

Remember, you can’t reach any destination if you are not in motion. Usually just sitting and waiting is why opportunity seems to pass you by. So let’s say your psychic predicts that you will meet someone in three weeks. You’d be wondering who this person is, what they’ll be like and where you’ll be when you two meet. In the meantime, if friends invite you out, will you go? Gatherings, events, workshops, classes and clubs are all places to meet someone. You won’t meet anyone sitting at home alone. You do have the power to change your situation and make things happen.

Be an Active Participant

psychic fail 3In order to achieve the outcome you desire, you need to be an active participant in your life. If you like what your psychic has to say, focus on the positive outcome and move on the opportunities that come your way to help bring it about. If you don’t like what your psychic predicts, you still need to take action so that it doesn’t happen. Psychics want your readings to be positive and they want your positive predictions to come true.

As in life, you should participate in your readings. Ask straightforward questions if you want straightforward answers. This will ensure that you have a great reading. If you ask vague questions, you will get vague answers. And if the psychic ask you questions, they’re doing it to filter and fine tune the information their receiving from guides, angels, source, etc.

Psychic predictions are a wonderful way to help you make life decisions, but they don’t always come true. Now you know why and what you can do to get the outcome you desire!

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