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ritual Meaning Behind Waking Up at 3 AM

Spiritual Meaning Behind Waking Up at 3 AM

We have all had those nights when we awaken between 2-4 AM to see that it is pitch black and quiet. You usually cannot get back to sleep and may wonder what is wrong with you. Apart from the natural needs that sometimes occur, like a late-night potty break or other health reasons, there is a deep spiritual meaning to waking up at this time of night. During this two-hour window, the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms are the thinnest. With the door wide open, communication between the worlds is much easier and open.

Waking up at 3 AM is a signal that your subconscious mind is interacting with the spiritual world. These types of activities can become of such intensity that you wake up. In this awake state, the subconscious mind moves quickly, trying to move the conscious mind forward. This all happens as you stare into the darkness confused over why you are awake. There are three basic stages that we go through when this happens. These are shared below.

  • First falling asleep and the subconscious working with everything from the day – While the conscious mind sleeps, the subconscious takes over and sorts out all the daily information. This includes out thoughts, emotions, and feelings that is shelved in our inner warehouse as they are pushed into our aura. Tomorrow will begin anew which is why it is of such importance to clean yourself energetically before sleeping. You do not need the negative vibes in your system.
  • Next, the time between 5 AM until you awaken is when the subconscious mind has direct access to the information about your near future – This is when you need to pay close attention to your dreams, especially when vivid. Process them immediately with the conscious mind or they will quickly fade. If you do not understand their meaning, focus on your feelings about them. If you feel happy, greatness is coming into your life.
  • In the middle of the night/early morning, as it gets closer to 2 AM – During this time we fall into the ‘in-between’ time. This is a territory of transition when something has finished, but something new has not yet begun. Everything and every opportunity is possible because magic resides here. The barrier between the physical and spiritual almost dissolves and you can contact spiritual beings. Some examples include New Year as the clock strikes twelve when for twelve seconds the old has gone, but the new has not started or Halloween when autumn is nearly over, but winter can be felt. For many centuries the in-between time has been used for rituals and magic. The hours between 2-4 AM is known as the witching hour. The witching hour has been around since at least 1775 and black magic is thought to be the most effective during this time.

What Happens During the Witching Hour?

This is the time when it is much quieter energetically and physically. This makes it easier to get in touch with you while there is nothing else happening. You are also more receptive to subtle energy changes. The thinner the veil, the easier etheric beings can communicate. The soul can leave the body, still attached by a silver cord, and travel through space and time. This cord only gets severed if you physically die. So take the time to meet with angels, deceased loved ones, and guides to discuss how life on earth is going. You may be able to start working on your healing and if you are a starseed, you can spend time at the planet of your origin so your energy can be replenished. Lightworkers use this time to recharge which is needed after a long day fulfilling their life purpose. Before you go to sleep, ask the fire dragon to accompany you in case you stumble across a muddy astral area by accident. This may cause nightmares that wakes you up right away. Allow your soul to wander as the physical body rests. This helps you awaken fully refreshed. Sometimes the soul jumps back in the body so quickly you jerk awake. This is also the time you can talk to those who have passed and ask for forgiveness or have a true heart to heart. You can also talk to others who are separated by a distance.

The reality is that we are busier at night then during the day as your soul roams the universe. Let it happen and enjoy.

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