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Things you should engage in the first year of marriage

Things you should engage in the first year of marriageYou have just done a wedding and just getting started in the first week of marriage. This first year can feel a bit surreal. At times it takes time to overcome the excitement of the whole wedding. And for some partners, they might feel like the first year flies by very fast. However, you should take advantage of the first year and bond well with your partner as you try to figure out your life as a married couple. Therefore, ensure you take the time to step back and instill it all in.

Regardless of the fact that couples are different, there are some things that couples can engage in to make their first year together unforgettable. Therefore, if you feel like the season of the wedding is slowly fading away and you now have to start thinking about the future, below are the things you can engage in on your first year of wedded bliss.

Create time for yourselves

When the wedding season has faded away, ensure that you are creating time for only the two of you. If you decide to go on a honeymoon straight away, the better. However, making time for both of you should be more than a domestic sense and not a vacation. Settling into life a married couple is an important bonding time even if you lived together before getting married. Stay indoors in the evening, and enjoy things that don’t have to necessarily incorporate things you did on your wedding day but your future.

Have a look at your finances

Although this is not a fun activity, it’s very essential during the first year of marriage. Weddings are very expensive and many of them go over budget. It’s easy to have loans and just assume but you don’t want to start your marriage life that way. You can rather sit down both of you and assess your finances including what you spent and ensure you put down financial plans for the future.

Host a dinner party

This is a great way to reconnect with your friends and family especially after the wedding. People coming over after your wedding is a treat, so enjoy it. You get to forget the wedding by just talking photos, meaning you are ready for the next chapter of your life. For others, that’s the best time to host a thanksgiving holiday dinner, just ensure you create an event that works for both of you instead of trying to please others.

Be easy with one another

Try to be easy with each other during the first year of marriage. Even if you feel like being tough, there is a reason individuals say the first year of marriage is tough. Be there for each other, communicate often, be compassionate towards one another and engage in activities together. This is the only opportunity you can use to set up your life as newlyweds though it’s easy to just let the first year pass. There are a lot to be done during the first year, it feels like a huge transformation but it can be an exciting one if you approach it as a team.

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