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Understanding Telekensis?

Telekinesis is something that became vogue in pop culture in the 1960s. That was a time when people were talking about ESP (extra sensory perception) and all that came with it. Many today may not understand what telekinesis today is but it remains a topic of discussion.

What Is Telekinesis?

Simply put, telekinesis is the ability to use your mind to move things from a distance. These are typically small things but the ability to move an object without touching it has fascinated people for centuries.

One of the typical feats of those with this ability is to bend a spoon using only their mind. This was done on video and late-night talk shows in the 1960s and 1970s. Having abnormally large amounts of mind control was also the subject of the George Clooney movie “Men Who Stare at Goats.”

The film was based on a real-life CIA project during the 1950s to attempt to train people to use brainpower to do things like kill goats. It was thought this would be the weapon of the future.

People have been doing these types of things for centuries. Naturally, some were illusionists performing magic for entertainment and others were frauds and hustlers. Nevertheless, people have lifted people, chairs, objects, predicted futures, acted as mediums, and several other things that fall under what is called parapsychology.

The Scientific View

Scientists have long dabbled with the idea of brainpower although many dismiss the idea. The late Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist, and author thought scientific research into parapsychological phenomena should continue.

The same holds true for London Univerity of Cambridge retired professional Dr. Brian Josephson. He thinks there is enough scientific evidence to warrant more study.

Josephson believes the things like telepathy could be explained with the merger of theories on information and computation with the quantum theory of mechanics. Britain was always in the lead of this type of research and continues to experiment with these theories.

Telekinesis is perfect for scientific study because of its visible nature. It is easy to document and retest for evidence with controls. Princeton University’s Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR) studied it for 28 years before it closed in 2007.

While Britain and 30 other countries continue with experimentations on telekinesis and other unexplained phenomena, the U.S. is reluctant to participate. That’s because the scientific community is prone to criticize those in academia who promote such projects.

Experiments on college campuses ended in 1988, bring the subject to an end. The United States National Academy of Scientists put a seal on the death of 130 years of scientific research by stating there was no scientific evidence that this type of phenomenon exists.

The Future of Telekensis

Even though science has dropped its backing of looking into telekensis, the subject still draws fascination among those who study paranormal subjects. The fact that science was considered it a valuable pursuit adds intrigue.

The internet has documents related to government and college studies on the subject, although it may take some searching to find them.

It is uncertain exactly if telekensis is a natural gift of is something that can be developed, although most believe it is a bit of both. It would take some work to develop it to the point of actually be able to move an object and documenting the feat would take some equipment to study brain waves, along with video equipment and other controls.

It is also uncertain how such a gift would be effective in daily life or to the world, since it has only be recorded that small objects can be moved. That remains remains to be seen if those with this ability advance beyond the initial demonstrations.

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