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Understanding the 7 Psychic Gifts

Understanding the 7 Psychic Gifts

Everyone has some level of psychic abilities. Some people may not feel psychic, but we are all born with some abilities even if it remains untapped. Remember, we are eternal, spiritual beings so it makes sense everyone has some form of spiritual connection.

Seven psychic gifts are available to humans. While everyone doesn’t have all the gifts, most people have at least a few. How many do you have? Check below to identify your gifts.


This is the ability to see events in your mind. You use your “Third Eye” and can see events of the past, present, or future.


This is when you hear messages from God, the Holy Spirit, or spirit guides. This is heard within your head and not externally but the voices are distinctive from your voice and imagination.


This call is called intuition but is better defined as divine knowledge. You just know things without really seeking answers. Some people call these “downloads” because the information comes in a rush of items.


People with this gift can pick up on all the emotions of someone without really trying. They are great for advising people.


People with this gift get smells through their spirit guides that relay a type of message to others.


This uses your taste to receive messages from spirit guides. This can help show someone who lost a loved one that their loved one still exists because you can describe their baked cake or favorite dish.


Clairtangency is also called psychometry and includes picking up energy from an object held in your hands or keeping close to you.

Which gifts do you have? Whether it’s one or all seven, be sure to find ways to practice and cultivate your gifts to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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