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Chinese Zodiac

Understanding the Chinese Zodiac

There is an ancient system that the Chinese used in order to figure out the personalities and the differences in people. This was the Chinese astrology and other forms of astrology. Sometimes the astrologers would predict solar or lunar eclipse and other things.

Chinese Versus Western Astrologist

Similar to the western astrological charts, the Chinese horoscope is based on the year, day, minute and more of your birth. The western calendar is different because it shows different system and techniques. The Chinese use animals and mythologies that help with the systems.

The approach to the Chinese astrology is part of philosophy and it means balance and interaction. There are five elements of the Chinese astrology including: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

The elements will work for each of the controllers and will balance so that you will not be too weak or too strong.

Animal Horoscope

There is a 12-year cycle that is based on the animals and the orbit of Jupiter. There are different techniques that are hard to understand sometimes but the Chinese Zodiac was created to help people to be able to understand astrology easier.

There are different symbols and languages that refer to the animals and their qualities.

The animals of the Chinese year of your birth will represent you and the world. It helps you to understand the qualities and the animal signs will follow your animal year.


The Rat is one of the smartest signs. They are cleaver and they like to be sociable. This is someone that will adapt easy and be charming. They want to do something new and exciting.

The Rat has talents and can make complex calculations. They avoid overreacting and want balance in their life.


The ox is one that wants to have strong relationships. They see beauty in people, and they are fast to take on any opportunity. They seek to have the best life they can, but it is built around love and respect. They love naturally and want to have a good career.

This is a person that will be very loyal and committed in any relationship. They love their friends, and they are careful as to what they do to mess things up. They focus on caring and loving those around them.


This is an attractive animal that will be irresistible. They love sports and they are good at competing with people. They are enthusiastic.

People are drawn to this sign and they love each other. Tigers are often police or military people and they want to be respected and have authority. You will compete with other people and you will share your talents with others.


This is a very sociable sign. This is someone that enjoys being with other people but being independent as well. You hate confrontation and you enjoy love and friendship.

You are protective and powerful, and you will stand up to others when you need to. You will have luck when you are kind with others.


This is a beautiful sign and is surrounded by love and light. You express different ideas, and you do things to bring things to life.

What ever seems like a dream to you is something you will do, and you will want balance in your life. You will have luck when you express yourself and when you adapt to others.


The snake is a sign that is elegant and will give you details on life. They want to research things and wonder how things work. They bring ideas to the table and will do what they can to change things and make them better.

This sign is sexy and loves deeply. They are very sensual, and they express themselves naturally. They are lucky when they balance their questions with love and passion.


The horse is a sign that loves to work with others. They want to be successful in all ways. They want to have good friends and they make good leaders. They are a team player, and they have joy when they are able to do actions that give them a sense of self.

They take care of others and they want to hear everyone’s point of view. They are lucky when they are willing to learn and grow.


The sheep is a gentle sign, and they want to help others meet their needs. They are supportive and love their family and friends. They bring joy to the group. They love making decisions and they approach things peacefully.

When you look at a sheep, they cloth others and they are willing to give all of themselves to make other people happy and whole. They are lucky when they give others fulfillment in life.


The monkey is a challenging sign, and they want to keep up with others. They adapt themselves to be able to be in crowds. They want to have success and they are very curious.

They look at things and observe things and often are inventors. They do not like to be extreme or to take things very seriously, but they are great at solving problems.

They have luck when they realize that they are able to help others.


The rooster will be a person of action. They do things to make their career and their life happy. They will work hard and enjoy building a future. They are naturally talented at business and they growth in all things that they do. They are proud of themselves.

You might put yourself in a place where you work too hard, and you need to ask others to help you or be on a team. Luck comes when you are being attractive in all areas of your life.


The dog is a loyal sign and will make a great partner. They have strong relationships, and they protect everyone they meet. They are kind and loving and they will listen to your needs.

Luck comes to the dog when it is patient and kind to others and when they are being playful.


This animal means wealth and being generous. It is a goddess culture and represents birth, happiness, and fulfillment. This is someone that works hard and is very smart. They will work on a project until it is done.

You will have skills and talents that are rewarded, and you will do volunteer work when you want to have happiness and luck.

Chinese Animals and the Stars

The Chinese Zodiac helps you to see quat animal qualities that you have. You can call on your spirit animal to help you through things in your life and see how they relate to you.

Astrology is an important thing in many peoples lives and the planets and other things are responsible for what you feel and experience in your life. If you need to have more information, get a psychic to do an astrological reading with you so you can learn deeper things about yourself.

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