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What It’s Like to Be an Empath

What It’s Like to Be an Empath

Are you overly sensitive and people are always telling you that you are? Do you get into a group and feel tired and exhausted? This happens because you have the ability to pick up their feelings and you know when someone is hurting or struggling.

If you have these thoughts and feelings, you are probably an empath. This can be hard, but you can learn to use your gift for the good and you can learn how this can benefit your life.

You can enhance your gifting and use different techniques so that you can tune into other people’s feelings in a way that is healthy.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that is very sensitive and can pick up the thoughts and feelings of those around you.

Empaths can relate to the pain and suffering that others have, and it can be tiring and sometimes they can even feel that pain.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are an empath:

  • Do people tell you that you are empathetic?
  • Do you get your feelings hurt easily?
  • Are you upset when someone you love is upset?
  • Do you get tired in crowds?
  • Do you have a hard time coping with emotions and with stress?
  • Are there times you need to be alone after social interaction?
  • Do people think you understand them well?

If you answered yes to more than two of these things, you are probably an empath.

Difference Between Empaths and Sensitive People

You might wonder if you are just sensitive or if you are an empath. Empaths are not just sensitive; they can feel the emotion and the pain of people and places.

An empath is over stimulated by loud noises and crowds and they have to have more time to recharge than other people. They are also very self-reflective, and they want to go out of their way to help others.

If you are an empathy have the ability to sense when subtle changes happen to other people. You are able to absorb their emotions and you are sensitive and have a hard time knowing if the feelings are yours or someone else’s.

Being an empath has its positives because it allows you to connect deeply with others.

What Does This Mean?

You have to understand that an empath has a good life. If you learn to keep yourself taken care of then you can learn to have the best friendships. You can connect with people deeply and you can help those that are hurting or afraid.

Empaths will often take on the problems of others and you have to know that it is not your job to heal these problems. If you are an empathy, you need to have your needs met and you need to take time out for yourself.


There are many benefits of being an empath and one of the biggest benefits is that you are able to connect with people on a different level.


You will know the feelings and emotions that those around you are having. You will be able to read their body language and what they are feeling and thinking.

This is a benefit to you because you are able to get closer to people and to understand them and what they are going through.

You will form bonds like none other and you will be a great lover. You will be able to read the emotions of others and you will have a heads up on your career, and you would make a great teacher or sales person because you could tell what the people you are serving are feeling.

Love and Compassion

Being an empath means that you have love and compassion like no one else. You will feel close to people and you will love others with everything inside of you.

You will have more joy than others, but you will also have more pain. If you fight with your partner, it will be hard for you and you will learn to compromise your needs and meet the needs of others.

Controlling Your Empathy

The benefits of being an empath are beyond measure, but you have to learn to be in control of your feelings and emotions. You have to learn that you have techniques that can make you stronger and keep you healthy.

Inner Critic

One thing that you have to do is learn to ignore your own inner critic voice. You cannot always be judging yourself and second guessing what you are saying.

The voice in side of you will tell you that you aren’t good enough and since you are vulnerable, you have to fight against this, or you will become insecure.

If someone tells you that you are sensitive or overly emotional, do not get into the habit of responding, just learn to love even deeper and quiet your inner critic. Learn to love who you are and not to be negative on yourself.


You have to learn to love who you are and have compassion for yourself. You have to give yourself the same love and understanding that you give others.

If you would treat someone with love, give yourself the same treatment. Be intentional with yourself and when you are struggling, work through it. Find out what you need and take time off to get better. If you are struggling, take a break and know that you are worthy of love.


If you want to have a good gift, you have to learn to be mindful of what you need. Take time to meditate and to pay attention to your feelings. Learn to regulate the way you respond to things.

You do not have to do any fancy meditation in order to refocus, just take time for yourself and gain skills to keep yourself strong. This will help you to be stronger and help you to get rid of negative thoughts.


You must learn to set boundaries with yourself and with those around you. Some people will want to take advantage of you because your love and compassion are so strong, but you cannot let this happen.

Always consider your boundaries and if you need to add more, do it. If someone is hard to be around, limit your social interaction with them or cut them off completely. Go away from people that make you feel bad or that are using you. You have to have a healthy life if you are going to help others.

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