Your Birth Month Can Identify Your Personality


       You may not know it yet but your birth month can give you so much insight into your life and personality. Each birth month has implications for everything from your love life to your job prospects to potential health issues. By learning more about your birth month, you gain further insight into your personality traits, predispositions, and the future, for yourself and for your loved ones.


People born in January are often stubborn. They’re also lauded as being hard-working and ambitious, which leads to success in many realms of life. Though January babies are quick to criticize at times, they are also sensitive souls who know how to make others happy.


February babies are clever and intelligent. Lovers of freedom, these people are sexy and attractive but also temperamental. They often keep their feelings on the inside, such as anger and romantic thoughts.


If you know a dreamer who loves traveling and peace, chances are they were born in March. These trustworthy people make great partners as they are observant and good at returning kindness.


April babies tend to act both decisively and hastily, but are also prone to regret. Diplomatic and consoling, these people are good at solving other’s problems. They’re also fearless and brave, making them great adventurers.


Folks born in May have sharp thoughts and a strong tendency towards clairvoyance, making them some of the best online psychics. They’re beautiful souls, both mentally and physically, as well as understanding. They also tend to be very motivated.


Polite, sensitive, and soft-spoken, those born in June find themselves easily influenced by kindness. Their good debating skills and talkative personalities place them ahead in the world. They know how to make friends, but are also hurt easily.


People born in July are good to have nearby. They are fun and approachable. Still, they can be rather quiet. Studies have shown that those born in July experience nearsightedness more often.


Those with August birthdays make great friends, and they’re successful in the arts and music. They have poor resistance to illness, and they love to relax. They also make great leaders.


Lovers of leisure, sports, and traveling, September birthdays have great memories and are knowledgeable and clever. They often struggle to control their tendency to criticize, however. Many telephone psychics are born in September.


You probably have some great friends born in October. Though easily jealous, people born in October are fair, just, and always treat their friends with kindness and respect.


Along with the months, exact birthdays provide insight into peoples’ personalities. For November birthdays, this can guide one towards becoming a doctor or honing clairvoyant abilities. Those with November birthdays tend to be stubborn and romantic.


Generous, loyal, and sexy, those born in December are fun and exciting. As a result, they’re influential in organizations, but can act hasty and impatiently too.

The month of your birth affects everything from your personality to how you can succeed in your job and love life. It’s one of the first things in your life that sets you on a course for your future.