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Your March 2017 Astrological Guide

Ever wonder what this month brings you? The 26th of February brought this Rabbit leaving the Forest month and the symbolism is just so perfect. It’s a time to be agile, aware and in touch with your warren/family—those who love and protect you. It’s also a time of great opportunity. Recognize what serves you as part of a loving group, both at work and at home.

Amazing and Confounding

You’re facing a constant barrage of information that is amazing and confounding at the same time. Sorting through what matters and what doesn’t is essential. However, what’s also crucial is grounding yourself in nature as the human animal that you are. That helps you remain true to yourself while you address each day.

Focus Deeply

March 28 brings the Dragon in the Whirlpool month. While life is still being fired at you point blank, focus on a special point—someone or something that you love deeply. Then, assert your commitment to that objective. Live the best aspects of your animal and you’ll enjoy this month.



As the Granary Rat on March 2, you’ll talk sense into others. Sometimes a “mostly good” thing is the best choice. As the Rat on the Crossbeam on March 14, you’re viewing major changes in relationships and feeling confident. You also have a view of the choices that face you as the Rat on the Mountain on March 26. Focus energy on what inspires you.


On March 3 you’re the Ox in the Byre. This means that a forensic look at finances is helpful, along with soul-searching about your sex life. You also experience a powerful pull to action as the Ox on the Road on March 15. A clear-headed approach makes your love life spectacular. You recognize new beginnings as the Ox by the Gate on March 27.


March 4 brings curiosity as you’re the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. This means that creative words work. However, your life and thoughts are intensely attached to nature as you’re the Tiger Crossing the Forest on March 16. Use your intuition. As the Tiger Standing Firm, you certainly face some confrontational ideas on March 28. You’ve got this.


Pursuing big dreams serves you well on March 5 as the Rabbit in the Burrow. Generosity closes the deal. March 17 is the Rabbit Leaving the Forest Day and Month. However, you’re feeling quieter and in harmony with yourself. As the Enlightened Rabbit on March 29, you establish new means of communication.


Sensitivity to emotions serves you as the Rain Dragon on March 6. March 18 is a day of intensity with the potential for brilliance. However, you should keep your bearings as the Dragon in the Whirlpool for success. You’ll certainly be powerful as the Dragon in the Sky on March 30 in this Dragon in the Whirlpool new month.


Align mind, body and feelings as the Snake in the Field on March 7. You’re certainly feeling feisty on March 19 as the Snake Leaving a Hole. Communication brings success. Therefore, be smart in planning your moves as the Snake in the Pool on March 31. Keep health in mind.


Manage mundane tasks on the morning of March 8 as the Horse in the Clouds. You’ll start noticing inspirational, sexy opportunities by afternoon. You’re certainly focused on being active and healthy on March 20 as the Traveling Horse. Personal vitality and kind words will also serve you.


Loving action rules the day as you’re the Serious Sheep on March 9. In your quiet way, you show leadership skills. New ideas feel right and words create reality on March 21 as the Lost Sheep. Therefore, you find your way by looking within.


March 10 will be a much-needed fun day as you’re the Mountain Monkey, so relax and enjoy the beauty in the evening. However, you should hold off until the evening to take action on March 22. As the Independent Monkey, you’re feeling inventive, building toward your future.


Enjoy a dreamy, relaxed day on March 11 as the Rooster of Solitude. Calls to action can probably be handled next week, but preparation works. On March 23 you’re the Cock Pecking for Food. When others are stubborn, charm them with your wit.


Examine your emotions and health on March 12 as you’re the Mountain Dog. You’ll certainly feel a release afterward by sharing those feelings. On March 24 your energy is high as the Temple Dog. New personal and spiritual heights are available.


Keep your footing on March 1 as you’re the Pig Traversing a Mountain. However, others will be temperamental. You’re also feeling loving as the Monastic Pig on March 13. Enjoy the beauty surrounding you. You’re the Farmer Pig on March 25 and your energy is directed toward nurturing what grounds you.

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