Learn to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides, and the guides are there to help you to make better decisions and to reach your life goals.

Everyone is said to have at least one angel and many of us have different guides that surround us.

We all have angels that will help us in our life or people that are our ancestors that have been there for us in a past life. These people are there to support us and to keep us safe.

Having relationships with our guides will help us to know them and we have free will and the guides can help you to be able to make better choices. You have to believe in these guides if you want to make sure that you have a connection with them.

Your guides are always there for you and they are there to help you, but they will never just show up and they will only be there if you ask them. Your guide might show up if you are in a life-or-death situation but other than that it is invitation only.

If you need help connecting to your guide, you need to learn to understand that when you communicate with your guide then you will be able to experience someone that is there for you in all situations and someone that wants to help and support you.

You can ask them for help and thank them for guiding you and for showing you the way to go on your journey.

Thank them for whatever you need and then thank them for helping you and for taking care of you. You can meditate if you need to feel them closer to you and you can do this, and you will feel them close to your body which can help you to relax and have peace.

Sometimes when you are still and relaxed, you will be able to hear their guidance easier and you will be inspired by their presence. You may find this happens more when you are writing, and this is a great way that you can reach your guides and talk to them.

Start writing in your journal and no matter what ideas flow through your mind, write them down. Draw pictures if you want to. You can ask your guides to show you if you are on a good path and whatever they tell you, just choose to listen and not overthink their answers to you.

When you ask your guide to show you the way, they will keep supporting you and they will help you.

You may feel your guides close to you and you might know that they are there when the electricity blinks or when you see signs around you.

Sometimes you will notice that small children are easier to connect with spirit guides than adults and that happens because they have not let unbelief come to them.

If you want to give your guides a name, ask them what their name is and when a name comes into your mind, do not question it. Sometimes your guides will tell you right away and you need to stick with that name and learn to trust your answer.

Trust your own gifts and know that when you have a relationship with your guide that you can go far in life. The universe has sent these guides to you to teach you a lesson and to help you have a smooth journey in your life.